What to Buy at J. Crew

What to Buy at J.Crew Mid Summer

Before COVID, J.Crew planned to take their Madewell brand public and pay down much of their long term debt. Then the world turned sideways, they shelved the IPO and filed for bankruptcy to restructure. Since then, dozens of retail brands have followed suit, including Ann Taylor brands (insert sobbing emoji).

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At Home Microderm

An At Home Personal Microderm That Really Works

If your skin feels dull, looks red, and generally lacks that natural glow from your youth, you should consider microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion is a deep exfoliating process, designed to “sand” your skin, removing the tough outer layer and exposing new, fresh skin. When done regularly, it reduces fine lines and wrinkles,

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$30 Wrap Dress from Amazon

The $30 Wrap Dress I’m Living In This Summer

Lately, I have not been feeling great about my body. As a creature of habit, I thrive in routine. Four months of stay at home orders took its toll on me mentally and then physically.  Fitness-wise, the accountability I get by going to group classes and the scheduled time out

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Easy Ways to Shop Your Own Closet

How to Shop Your Closet

On Friday, I shared my best tips to clean out your closet in an afternoon. So today, we’re going a step further and breaking down how to shop your closet. Shop your closet! We see the headline frequently, on blog posts, scrolling Pinterest, and in magazines, but what does it mean?

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