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10 2024 Fashion Trends That Are Wearable 

In the world of fashion, trends come and go.

While some become classics that endure for years, others are simply unwearable and fizzle out quickly.

Before diving in, let me say you don’t have to follow trends. You can keep on wearing what you are wearing.
It’s just that each year brings new trends to the fashion scene. Keeping up with these trends can give your wardrobe a fresh look.

Trends are necessary because they are what move style and fashion along.

However, choosing wearable trends can be challenging.

From the top fashion designers to the most popular stylists, people are making trend predictions left and right. And, not to brag, but I am good at it.

So, let’s look at the 2024 fashion trends that anyone can wear, in some way, big or small, even on the most basic days.

10 2024 Fashion Trends That Are Wearable 

10 2024 Fashion Trends That Are Wearable

Below, I highlight the ten most wearable fashion trends of 2024, spanning all four seasons.

Think of this as a high-level conversation. We’re just dipping our toes in.

Over the next week or so, I’ll dive deeper into each aesthetic.

What I find most fun about evaluating and breaking down trends is seeing the crossover.

For example, you’ll notice the “girlhood” vibes of 2023 are moving right into 2024, giving us even more uber-feminine pieces and, of course, your choice of pinks.

We’re also seeing a continued focus on ballet flats and, as I predicted last year, the rise of the slingback.

So, of course, you’ll see these styles in pink with extra pretty details.

THIS is the kind of “stuff” I could talk about all day.

Quiet Luxury

2024 Fashion Trends That Are Wearable
Cotton Merino Cable Turtleneck, $168| Woven Ballet Flat, $138 | Shirt Dress, $85 | Faux Leather Baseball Hat, $29.99|Hoops, $14 |Shoulder Bag, $69.99 |

Quiet luxury was a trend in 2023; we saw it everywhere, from shows like Succession to street style, and it’s moving right into 2024.

Now, real quiet luxury is based in stealth wealth. Think of brands like Loro Piana, Max Mara, and Brunello Cucinelli, which brings about an entirely different conversation.

For today’s purposes, though, we’re focusing on how mainstream retail is marketing the look of quiet luxury.

You’re already playing in the quiet luxury aesthetic if you like classic lines, neutral pieces, and rich fabrics that can be mixed and matched to create numerous outfit combinations. 

Look for richly detailed knits, like this turtleneck from Everlane, or basics in lux fabrics, like this faux leather baseball hat from Express. 

Preppy Accents

Preppy Accents fashion
Emilie Sweater, $138 |L.L. Bean Tote, $39.95 |Veja Cyprus Sneaker, $175 |Polo Dress, $148 | Ikat Dress, $128 | Crystal Ball Huggie Hoops, $48 |

If you’ve been hanging on to your favorite polo shirt, hoping it would come back in style, you’re in luck.

Preppy accents are on trend for 2024. The biggest names in fashion have debuted new collections featuring polos, button-up shirts, boat shoes, and pleated skirts.

Miu Miu even dared to bring back layered collared shirts.

Interestingly, prep returns to the mainstream as quiet luxury takes over much of the sartorial conversations.

It’s like quiet luxury is the mother of prep. So, of course, there will be a lot of cross-over here.

I straddle the two styles, wearing my clean neutrals in the cold months and unleashing my inner prepstar during the summer.

To bring this style to life, pick up some preppy accents, like the timeless LL Bean Tote, a new pair of Vejas(the green is SO cute), and peruse the new arrivals on Tuckernuck.

 I recently bought their Ikat dress (above) and received a dozen compliments when I wore it in Florida last month.


Metallics fashion trend
Silver Denim Skirt, $32 |Post Earrings, $38 |Woven Mini Bag, $108 |Jeffrey Campbell Linques Sandals, $130 | Metallic Jeans, $75 | Silver Tank, $80 | Foldover Clutch, $30 | Gold Block Heel Boots, $132

From silver and gold and even ice blue, metallics are having a moment this year, and it’s a trend that is surprisingly wearable, probably because it crosses over to preppy seamlessly.

Metallics instantly elevate any outfit, whether you don metallic clothes or accents. 

Feel free to mix metals, too. There are no rules with this trend, at least not anymore!

Where to start with this one?

Try The Drop Women’s Southampton Zipper Foldover Clutch in metallic silver (above).

Or the reader’s favorite, Jeffrey Campbell Linques Sandals. I have these in black and neutral. And I also just ordered the Abercrombie denim midi skirt in silver for only $32. 

Feminine Touches

Feminine 2024 Fashion Trends That Are Wearable
Feather Trim Top, $198 |Tulle Top, $46 | Tulle Sleeve Top, $98 | Bow Earrings, $13 |
Pearl Clutch, $25| Pointed-Toe Knot Sandals, $97 | Lace Midi Dress, $187

The ‘girlhood’ aesthetic began appearing in 2023 and has only increased in popularity. On runways, femininity was showcased through bold florals and exaggerated bows. 

And pink, the color of girlhood, is everywhere. Designers work with all shades of pink, from Millennials to Barbie.

I love mixing this trend with your basics, like pairing a feather-trimmed top with your favorite jeans. I have this black tulle-sleeve top from Tuckernuck – it’s adorable.

These sweet bow earrings are also easy to get started; they cost only $13, or you can get this pearl-covered clutch for $25.

I’m also searching for a place to wear this tulle one-shoulder top from Express.


Suits fashion trend
Pink Suit | White Suit | Purple Suit | Ice Blue Suit

Another trend in 2024 is the return of monochromatic-suited pieces, especially pantsuits.

This look combines the corporate core aesthetic with a fun and feminine spin. Wear it to the office (you’ll know if you can) or an event like a networking meeting, baby, or bridal shower.

So go head-to-toe in a bold color, or be brave and rock a cream or white look; more on that below.

Well-Tailored Looks

Along with suits, we’re FINALLY moving away from dramatic, oversized clothing and opting for more tailored silhouettes.

Focus on well-tailored pieces. The silhouettes will graze your body, so nothing skin tight and, thankfully, nothing that looks like you’re wearing your husband’s suit coat.

All White Or Cream

All White Or Cream fashion
Ivory Blazer, $220 |Bag, $178 | Pearl Earrings, $78 | Sweater, $118 | Dress, $99 |Sweats | Ballet Flats, $120

Whether it’s a bold winter white suit or a sporty cream athleisure look, all-white/cream will be wildly popular in 2024. 

Frankly, this look has been around forever. It’s very Elizabeth James from The Parent Trap, a personal style icon of mine.

You can be as dramatic as you want with this, from a full suit to sweats. I plan on mixing creams and bought this pretty sweater to wear with light cream-colored jeans.

Sling Backs Flats and Oversized Bags

Sling Backs Flats and Oversized Bags
Ballet Flat, $145 | Oversized Metallic Clutch, $128 | Silver Slingback, $132, | Black Slingback, $103 |Slouchy Bag, $98

Ballet flats are a classic that became trendy in 2023 and will continue to be popular in 2024. 

And just as I predicted last year, ballet flats lead to slingbacks trending.

Here, we’ll see more crossovers with pale pink ballet flats and metallic silver slingbacks.

Oversized bags are a trend that constantly comes and goes but never totally disappears. They’re back yet again, which is ironic given that tiny and even micro bags enjoyed their brief moment in the limelight. 

Given that it seems pointless to carry around a bag that is barely big enough to hold your lipstick, we’re happy to see that more oversized bags, or so-called mega bags, are back in style. 

The bags on the runways were massive and impractical, but in the real world, you can incorporate something like this gorgeous Rebecca Minkoff clutch or this slouchy under $100 bag from Anthro.

Voluminous Bottoms

2024 Fashion Trends That Are Wearable
Red Twill Pants, $54 | Black Trousers, $110 |Pink Elastic Back Pants, $28

If you love wide-leg pants, we have good news: volume is in for 2024. 

We’ll pass on the barrel-leg jeans (so bad), but you’ll spot us wearing wide-leg jeans and trousers. 

Pair your full bottoms with more fitted, structured tops. You can pick them up in a classic color, like these black trousers from White House Black Market.

You can also use them to bring in a pop of color, but don’t spend here; colorful bottoms are a fun buy, not an investment.

Which 2024 wearable fashion trend are you most excited about?

We would love to hear your thoughts on these 2024 fashion trends that are wearable. Which ones are you excited about? Which trends will you pass on? Share in the comments!

Then, head over to the blog for more fashion tips, style inspiration, and outfit ideas.


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Megan Kristel

Megan Kristel is an entrepreneur, working mom, and former personal stylist. Tired of the one-dimensional portrayal of women online, she founded The Well Dressed Life as a resource for other professional women.

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Friday 16th of February 2024

Glad tops are getting more tailored since bottoms are getting more fabric. The all over baggy look isn't very flattering. I am also liking the slingback trend. I've been eyeing some the last few months to update my dresser outfits for those rare times I am not working from home.


Thursday 15th of February 2024

Love your article on wearable 2024 fashion trends. I am all for quiet luxury and preppy. Love the metallics and the wide pants, the ballet flats and sling backs. I think I will pass on the oversized bags and the overly girly look though. I try to stick to classic and elegant now at 55! I do adore the all cream look with the cosy jumper and cream jeans, it’s so timeless. Down here in Australia although we are the opposite season I still take my inspiration from you!🙃🙂 Thanks for all the help xx


Wednesday 14th of February 2024

Love the tailored, feminine, timeless looks and so glad it’s going to be “in” for 2024. I’m totally here for the ballet flats and sling backs, all shades of pink, and feminine details. I love love love ivory and white monochrome looks and think it can be elegant, classy.


Wednesday 14th of February 2024

Love the quiet luxury and preppy trends as well as ballet flats and metallics. Also glad clothes that actually fit are replacing the oversized look. I never wear pink, girly clothes, and sling backs don't stay on my feet. Now if if they would just get rid of "high water" pants and go back to wearing nylons.


Wednesday 14th of February 2024

I love seeing all the girly pink. I am so glad God made me a girl & I want to look like one