Old Navy White Long Sleeve Tee

Basic Building: Long Sleeve White Tee

Basics are the foundation of our wardrobes.  If you struggle with pulling looks together, you may want to see if you have all the basics you need because having the right ones will make getting dressed a breeze. Like today’s feature, the long sleeve white tee, they are not always

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five work blouses

5 Fresh Workwear Blouses for Fall

Mock neck blouses are popping up across retail, providing a welcomed change in the sea of your standard v-neck tops. These overtly feminine pieces are an attractive option for work, especially if you only dress from the waist up. They bring attention and color to your face, which is all

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expressie Quick-Dry Nail Polish on three different skin tones

Beauty Review: Essie Expressie Quick Dry Nail Polish

Need a hack to save time and look “polished”?  Paint your nails on-the-go.  Manicured nails are one simple yet impactful element of being well dressed, but we don’t always have time to sit and wait for them to dry. That’s where Essie Expressie comes in. Simply swipe some color on

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14 Years

Dear Friends, This month marks the 14th anniversary of the beginning of my life as an entrepreneur and business owner and four years since  The Well Dressed Life became my full time job. I was 26 when I walked out of my corporate job and I started my first business,

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