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Classic Fashion, Style, and Beauty for Women Over 40

We’re redefining what classic fashion, style, and beauty look like for women over 40.
No more feeling overwhelmed when shopping, intimated when getting dressed, and worrying about being “age appropriate.”

At The Well Dressed Life, we help you love your wardrobe, feel confident in your choices, have fun with fashion and save precious time and money.

We share practical and approachable daily recommendations, including shopping lists from your favorite brands, guidance and inspiration, outfit formulas, personal style tips, and more.

The Well Dressed Woman Fall Workshop

 Learn Practical Tips to Finally Build a Classic, Modern Wardrobe You Love!

52 Outfit Formulas

52 Outfit Formulas

Every Thursday we post a new outfit formulas, using popular items featured here on The Well Dressed Life and show you the blue print for wearing them, along with recommendations.

Dress for Your Body Type

Discover how to determine your body type, tips to highlight your favorite features, guidelines for dressing well and feel empowered and confident when making dressing room decisions.

Latest Fashion

Let’s get dressed! But let’s get dressed thoughtfully, with your personal style top of mind. The Well Dressed Life differs from other fashion sites because we work alongside you. Our daily posts take you on a journey. We start each week with What to Buy at, highlighting a popular retailer and sharing our top picks based on everything we know about our community. Then, we take a top seller and style it in three ways in How to Wear it, using previously featured reader-favorite items so you can see true mix-and-match wardrobe options.

And throughout the week, we share tips, real-life outfit inspiration, and our popular “Outfit Formula” series every Thursday.

Meet Megan Kristel

In 2006 Megan Kristel started Kristel Closets, Inc., a full-service personal styling firm with offices and clients across the east coast. It quickly became one of the most successful firms in the country, with hundreds of clients ranging from stay at home moms, professional women and retirees.

With years of hands-on experience dressing women of all shapes, sizes, and lifestyles, Megan transitioned from working 1:1 with clients and founded The Well Dressed Life. [Read more]

What to Expect

Classic Style, Fashion and Beauty Advice and Inspiration for the Modern Woman Over 40.

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Latest Beauty

Stay current with our simple, practical, and effective skincare and beauty advice for women over 40 with our best tips and recommendations, including drugstore-to-designer brands.

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Simple, easy-to-implement tips and tricks to create a lovely, peaceful, and organized home on any budget.