Wear to Work: Navy and White Uniform

Navy Uniform

Blouse, $178; Skirt, $89; Sandal, $100; Clutch, $178; Earring, $25

Uniforms are my jam. I attended Catholic school for 12 years. Despite my early love of fashion, I never had any deep-seated interested in expressing my personal style during the school day. Now, with a busy family of my own, I thank the heavens every morning that my girls wear a uniform. It gets us out the door almost always on time, except when they can’t find their tights, then all the wheels fall off the wagon.

Over the years I’ve developed a uniform of my own. Long time friends and readers know my go-to is a striped shirt, sometimes I break out my chambray button down, and of course, there is my comfortable tee shirt and blazer, all paired with dark or distressed skinny jeans. When I feel like dressing up, I wear a wrap dress, and when I work with our corporate clients, I either wear a black Theory suit or a slim sheath dress. Getting dressed in the morning and packing for trips is always super easy.

Recently, I decided to add a few more separates to my work wardrobe. In thinking about what I could add that would create some much-needed variety, and still be in alignment with my classic style, I found inspiration in the above photo. A classic yet modern blouse and a pencil skirt not only work beautifully together but pair back to my existing wardrobe.

If you find yourself wearing a lot of button down cotton shirts to the office, consider swapping it out for a faux wrap blouse. It serves the same purpose but is a more updated take on a professional shirt. In this look, a classic pencil skirt is made a bit sexier with a side slit. I could get away with it for an after work event, but I would go more conservative working with corporate clients during the day. Use your best judgement.

Accessories are really simple, just an elegant pair of pearl studs, and simple, and wearable ankle strap heels. Perhaps my favorite item in the look is the python embossed monogram clutch by GiGi New York. It’s currently on sale at Saks with their friends and family event. I featured the navy but ended up ordering the pink, which is a lovely, trend-right blush, for myself.

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Client Pick! ED by Ellen DeGeneres

Norana Slip-On

You can take a casual outfit from hot-mess, to intentionally sporty with a few simple updates. Think of the one woman in your neighborhood, who always looks cute, even when she’s just driving the kids around and running errands. The one you bump into at Target and wonder how she has it all together. Here’s the deal, looking like you have it all together, and actually having it all together are two very different things.

Chances are girlfriend is exhausted and overwhelmed just like the rest of us. I’m sure her recycling bin has more wine bottles than water bottles end of every week (just me?). But, she has the right pieces on hand to pull a look together with ease. That’s the only difference between her and the rest of us.

One of those pieces is a casual yet still polished shoe. When I found these while pulling for a client last week, I lost my mind, in a good way. Creating a fuss free outfit that can take you from the kids school, to a mid week lunch to Friday night drinks at your neighbors requires a little bit of thought. Your go-to sneaker can be appropriate, but not all the time and most slip-ons are a little too … I don’t know … stuffy? They never look quiet right.

Wear to Work: Army Green

Army Green Work Outfit

Taking an edgy, highly styled look and recreating it in a more practical and wearable way is the reason I started our weekly Wear to Work posts. I make the assumption that everyone’s work looks different, so I try to present a variety of ideas so that even if you are not going to an office, or have a less than traditional career, you can get a little inspiration. I would wear this outfit to meet a client, grab a coffee with a colleague or even for a girls brunch on Sunday.

The elements seem straightforward, but some subtle nuances make it modern. Let’s start with the pants. I’ve had a few clients want to try a version of the high-waisted-tie-cargo-pant, and each time the experiment ends in hysterics. It’s a tough look to pull off. There is a lot of fabric, the tie belt gets in the way of everything, and they give you droopy butt syndrome. If you know you can pull it off, give these by Trouve a try, if you want the toned down version, these cargos by Joie serve the same purpose. I wear them all the time.

Spring Picks at Henri Bendel

Henri Bendel

There’s one thing that will get me out of bed and at the mall before it opens on a Sunday and that is Brunch at Henri Bendel. This past Sunday Lauren hosted another shopping event at Henri Bendel in the King of Prussia mall. It was just what I needed after a professionally busy and personally crummy week. As I walked through the quiet mall, I could hear my best friend Neen’s distinct Australian laugh (you can’t miss it). Once there, a lovely young man handed me an oversized mimosa, and as I inhaled sipped it, I felt instantly better.

Fashion Friday: Under $100 Ladylike Handle Bag

Ladylike Bag

Our first collection featured a few well priced, casual, faux leather handbags. The entire inventory sold out in a day, so did the reorder, and from the third reorder, only one cross body bag remains. When I started our spring buy, I knew I wanted a few more handbags and was THRILLED to find these simple, ladylike bags, made of real leather, for well under $100 price point.

I bought them in classic black, red for a pop of color and white. I like white in the springtime. It reminds me of being a kid on Easter and my mom dressing me up in a bonnet, white gloves, and a tiny white bag. Today you could wear it to any shower or brunch event on your calendar. It would look especially lovely with this floral dress we featured that many of you ordered last week.

Wear to Work: Preppy Meets Feminine

pleated skirt and button up blouse

Classic professional staples + a feminine skirt = a fresh and polished look for work. Transition dressing from winter to spring can be tricky. You want to look finished, not bare too much, but don’t need all the layers you maybe were wearing just a few weeks ago. For this look, I took pieces you may already own and paired it with a skirt that is specific for the spring.

Simple pieces, paired with a little thought, can look so gorgeous. I needed two key elements to recreate this look: the button down shirt and the skirt. You have a few options with the shirt; I went with LL Bean. Their items are affordable and high quality, and they also have a size range that includes everyone: petite, missy and plus. For $50 it’s an easy piece to pick up. If you have a version from Brookes Brothers or J Crew, they would work as well.