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American Eagle Side Lace Cardigan

Side-Lace Sweater, $50

The other morning I was up early, headed to my car for a 6:00 am work out.  It was still dark out, the cicadas were buzzing, and the fresh air had that very subtle hint of fall.  I don’t know what it is about the chilly, crisp air that makes me so happy.  I just get so filled with optimism and motivation. Hence, the 5:30 wake up call.  I’m always excited for the fall.  In  just a few weeks our schedules will reset, getting up before 6 am will be the standard, and, halleluiah, the kids will be back to school.

Summer breaks on the east coast are too long. I have friends in Illinois and Texas whose children boarded the bus yesterday. Meanwhile, I’m pretty sure my kiddos are completely short-circuiting. Camps closed weeks ago, sitters are back to college, and mom and dad need to get back to focusing on work. So I’m getting our little gang ready for a busy fall, in the hopes that we can start a school routine now.

I spent some time cleaning out my closet this week, and noticed the one hole in my casual wardrobe were a few updated sweaters. I don’t need anything fancy, or expensive, just a couple options to wear to walk the kids to the bus stop, go to meetings at school, or just run errands. Lauren found this adorable side tie sweater from American Eagle, and it’s just what I wanted.

Wear this with jeans. Throw it over a tank (I like the tanks from BP in Nordstrom they are $12, size up), your favorite dark jean and a pair of ankle boots and you have a lovely, thoughtful outfit in no time with little effort. The side tie elevates the style, but it’s not precious. There are so many tops out right now that look like bows and ribbons attacked them, and they are a small fortune. This one is $50. If you get it now, you’ll get a ton of use out of it all season long.

I imagine wearing this on chilly days when I work from home, early Saturday mornings driving the girls to whatever game they have, and not have to get changed if we stop by a friends house for a casual get together later in the day.

Shopping Note: For this particular sweater, size up one. Available in three colors: oatmeal, olive or light gray, in sizes XXS – XXL.  I bought the medium.  

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P.S.  There will not be a post tomorrow or next Friday 8/26.  Instead, we are spending that time finishing a cool new feature we’re launching in September.  Starting in September, we’ll be back with content 5 days a week.