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Outfits in Real Life: Coated Jeans

When our girls were little, we had no expectations for them to become athletes.

I mean, absolutely zero. 

Of course, they played rec sports to have something to do and meet friends, but that was it.

Maddie, our oldest, was very much not into it.

We have a picture of her literally picking daisies in left field. She was sweet, earnest and loved Harry Potter and Hamilton, so my money was on her becoming a theater kid.

When Ava, our middle, was little, she had a natural ability but was never the best kid on the team, so we figured we’d see where it went and not go crazy. 

They were both quirky girls who walked to the beat of their own drum. 

Fast forward to today, Maddie rows for one of the best high school programs in the country, and Ava is one of the top travel pitchers in the state.

And I have NO IDEA how we got here, with two extremely competitive, gritty athletes.

But it proves my long-held belief that kids declaring their sport at eight years old is silly. 

We showed them all their options and let them figure out what they loved. 

Of course, once they found their passion we went all in.

There are daily practices, trainers, specialized coaches, and private lessons, and then weekends are spent driving all over the state for two-day tournaments and regattas.

They both have tremendous opportunities because of the work they’ve put in, so I’m grateful we can provide them with all this support. 

But this fall has been intense

The challenge is basically, how can two people with two careers and an almost four year old be in three different places, and how are we getting any work done? 

Bri and I have been two ships passing in the night. 

So when we had a rare Friday night with no sports, and the girls didn’t feel like hanging out with friends, we immediately grabbed a reservation and headed out. 

Outfits in Real Life: Coated Jeans

Coated Jeans, $40 | Turtleneck Sweater, $25 | Slingback Flats, $90 | Earrings, $65 | Woven Bag, $45

If we don’t make plans and have a proper “date,” I’m absolutely no company after 9 pm.

So physically leaving the house is important for us. Otherwise, I’ll stress about one of the dozens of things on my never-ending to-do list.

It’s also nice to get a little dressed up. 

For this look, I grabbed our Reader Favorite Coated Jeans from Banana Republic Factory instead of my usual dark-washed pair. 

At this point, everyone might already have these. They are so stinking comfortable and a steal for under $40 in sizes 00 – 20. 

You have two options here. 

Above I am wearing their curvy slim-coated jean, on sale for $32 plus an extra 15% off. I have a bit of a booty, so the curvy fit is fantastic for me. 

I’m wearing the size ten, but I could have done the 8, so if you are between sizes, go down one because they will stretch.

I also have a pair of slim-coated jeans on sale for $40 plus an extra 15% off.

They are the same fabric but have different style number.

I bought a size 12 in the tall option, and they fit well. For reference, I am 5’10 and wear between an 8 – 12, depending on the cut. 

I like having the extra length I get in the tall because the hem sits right over my ankle, and I can tuck a sock boot in the pant hem for one long line. 

You can pick between regular, tall, and petite in this style. 

For some color, I added this red turtleneck sweater from H&M (featured in our round-up)

It’s soft and only $25, available in five colors in XS – XXL. 

Above I’m wearing the medium, and it’s full, I would probably size down to the small, and I’m not usually small in anything anymore. 

I tucked the bottom of the sweater into my waistband and turned the turtleneck over instead of under, giving it a cleaner finish. 

Then, a pair of slingback flats. I’m wearing an old J. Crew pair from a few seasons ago, but this option from Cole Haan gives a similar look and is on sale at Nordstrom Rack

My flats have little studded details, so I mimic them with the Soho Earrings from Julie Vos

Finally, I grabbed this chic little woven bag from Amazon. It doesn’t fit a lot, but there is plenty of room for your phone, keys, card case, and lipstick. 

And we were off to have a quiet grown-up dinner where we talked about the kids the whole time. LOL

Outfits in Real Life

Outfits in Real Life is our weekly series in which I share my outfits made up of recently featured and new items.

I share photos entirely unfiltered, with zero photoshop and no airbrushing. I’m not working professional hair and makeup – clearly, and no one is steaming my clothes. I

’m getting dressed amid chaos like everyone else to reinforce the point that you can pull together classic and chic outfits with a bit of guidance from The Well Dressed Life. 😉

This post is not sponsored or gifted. I buy everything myself so that I can advise with no strings attached. 

Outfits in Real Life: Coated Jeans

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Megan Kristel

Megan Kristel is an entrepreneur, working mom, and former personal stylist. Tired of the one-dimensional portrayal of women online, she founded The Well Dressed Life as a resource for other professional women.

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Tracy Gray

Wednesday 9th of November 2022

You look great in the Coated Jeans! I love your entire outfit! I have been looking at the Costed jeans for several weeks and for some reason I can’t just order them. I don’t know why. I keep going back and forth!

Karen Weitzman

Wednesday 9th of November 2022

I love your outfit! You are such an inspiration. I wonder if you could advise on how to wear ankle pants/jeans in the winter. My booties are not tall enough not to show a gap between them and my pant leg and I don't care for the look. I am wondering if I should put ankle jeans away for the winter since I am not sure what else to do. It's not a problem in the summer when I primarily wear sandals or sneakers. I don't go out very often to wear dressy shoes with them like you are wearing above.

Jayme Murray Chick

Wednesday 9th of November 2022

Megan, Thank you for your advice! I always look forward to seeing what you have come up with plus I get lots of compliments on items I’ve bought bc of your suggestions.


Wednesday 9th of November 2022

Thank you for sharing a snippet of your real life. As a working mom of three kids I was wondering how others juggle it all. And you look gorgeous.


Wednesday 9th of November 2022

This is one of my favorite series! It's helpful to see just how easy it can be to throw together a chic look from our closets. I have those coated jeans (LOVE them!) and just bought a super cozy turtleneck sweater last weekend.. your outfit is inspiration for my upcoming trip to Chicago!