Outfits in Real Life: Talbots

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Now that we are finally out and about in the world, wearing real pants and such, I thought it was time to bring back an old favorite series: Outfits in Real Life. Here, I highlight looks I wear in my daily life, with pieces you’ll be familiar with from the blog, and new recommendations. 

As a reminder, I’m so uncomfortable in front of the camera, but it’s hard to find over 40-year-old women, with “normal” bodies and budgets online so here I am. For context, I am 41, I’ve had three babies, am 5’10, and wear a size 10.

I’m apparently called “mid-size.” 

Anyway, we’re starting our series back up with Talbots, who was nice enough to partner with us on this post.

Long-time readers know I love Talbots. I feature them frequently because I appreciate everything they offer. Their inclusive size range, fit and quality keep me going back 

Below I’m featuring three outfits I wore this week, with Talbots items as my key piece. 

Lunch Meeting


Have you ever put on a piece of clothing and just felt right? That’s how I feel in this blazer – like my best self. Done in a cotton and linen blend, this blazer is lined and available in Missy, Petite, Plus and Plus Petite. I’m wearing it in a Missy size 10 and it’s an absolutely perfect fit. 

I paired it with an inexpensive white bodysuit, light-washed straight jeans and an old pair of bone colored pumps for a casual work lunch. You can also swap out the jeans for a pair of white trousers. 

Drinks with Friends


We met friends last Friday night for drinks outside and I wore this popover top with a simple pair of white jeans. The top is great because it’s more polished than a basic tee or tank but super lightweight. You do have to wear a cami underneath since it’s slightly sheer. It’s available in Missy, Petite and Plus size. I’m wearing the Missy in a large. 

Date Night 


Finally, Bri and I can only pull off midweek date nights these days since the weekends are packed with our kid’s busy schedules, so I try to get dressed up to make them feel a bit more special. I picked up this pretty red dress with a subtle palm tree print and paired it with simple neutral-to-me strappy sandals and a straw bag. It’s available in Missy and Petite sizes. I’m wearing a large, and it fits well. Bonus points for it having a lingerie clip in the straps, so your bra stays in place.


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13 thoughts on “Outfits in Real Life: Talbots”

  1. These outfits are all awesome – I’ve not shopped from Talbots much in the past, but these items are beautiful and more youthful than I expected from Talbots! I’ll remember to look there from now on 🙂

  2. I love this series I’m glad you have brought it back. You really should not be camera shy, you are beautiful and the clothing always fits you beautifully.
    I really like the dress and will see about getting it for myself.
    Thank you for everything you do for us !

  3. Talbots is one of my favorite stores for basics, which always fit me well and last a long time. Their striped Breton style tees and sweaters are some of the most reached for items in my closet. You have no reason to be camera shy; you are absolutely gorgeous!

    • Aw, thanks! They are an old pair from Via Spiga, I look for them every spring and haven’t found a replacement for them yet.

  4. I love this series – you do an amazing job ‘keeping it real’! And, I shop frequently at Talbots, so this series helps me see how to put together an outfit. I’m always looking for new ideas, which is why I enjoy your column so much.


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