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What to Buy at H&M

What to Buy at H&M

H&M has been my not-so-secret resource for trend-right pieces and wardrobe fillers for years. I can always depend on them to have a few things to create interesting, modern outfits every season without breaking the bank.

And this time of year, when we transition from winter to spring, they have many chic, timeless options.

In every What to Buy at post, I reviewed each stores new arrival; in this case, over 600 items. 

That’s the challenge with H&M; the sheer volume is overwhelming.

But in the sea of bizarre items and some oddly styled looks,  you’re left with many chic, fun, and easy to incorporate pieces that anyone can wear. 

If you haven’t considered H&M before, take a look at our curated line-up of top picks. And PLEASE do not think that you are somehow too old to shop here. You can shop wherever you want.

What to Buy at H&M

What to buy at H&M in February

A few things to remember before we get started.

1. Be sure to look at the image of just the item, not the outfit. Otherwise, it is almost impossible to break down their styled looks to see if something is wearable in your real life. 

Also, please read the reviews; they can help you decide on the correct size. 

2. I avoid their bottoms for the most part because there are better options available at other retailers. I also shy away from many (not all) of their dresses. 

3. Where I think they do an excellent job is knits, blouses, jackets, coats, novelty pieces, and accessories. 

4. You’ll be surprised by their quality and fit. I have several pieces in my closet from the past few seasons and am always impressed with how they wear. 

5. If there are young women you have to dress in your life, this is an excellent resource for her, too. I can find things for my daughters, ranging from almost 15 to three, with no drama. 😉

In terms of sizing, they run true, but if you are in between, go up one.

I don’t love how they handle plus and petite sizes. They DO offer inclusive sizes, but it’s a little confusing. Most items are available in XS – XXL which is about an 18 – 20. Then some pieces go to 4X, but they are a different item number. 

There is a plus size category and petite options too.

Below, I add the additional sizing in appropriate versions when available.

Let’s go shopping.

Fitted Shirt

H&M Fitted Shirt in white


Fitted Shirt, $24.99

This blouse is beautiful. They are calling it a “fitted shirt”, and while it certainly fits closer to the body it’s not tight. The drape is just gorgeous, and it’s a great length to tuck in full, half or leave out. You can wear on its own, or layered under a sweater or vest. 

I needed to go up one size for the best fit. 

Available in XS -XXL.

Oxford Shirt

H&M Oxford Shirt in Blue

Oxford Shirt, $24.99 

By now you know that an Oxford Striped Shirt is one of my recommended wardrobe staples. I like them in every iteration, from fitted to oversized. This one is cut full and looks fresh paired with straight leg jeans and loafers. 

For only $25 it’s an easy piece to stock up on if you find you reach for it every few days. 

Available in white, light blue and stripe (above) XS – XXL.

Plus size white only. 

Crop Turtleneck Sweater


H&M Crop Turtleneck Sweater in Pink

Crop Turtleneck Sweater, $25 

Before you skip over something called “crop,” take a look at how it fits. This one is short and looks fantastic with high-waisted bottoms. It creates a balance and modern silhouette. 

Available in tan, grey and pink (above) in XS – XXL. 


H&M Hooded Jacket and Jersey Joggers in black

Hooded Jacket, $19 and Jersey Joggers, $13 

I have a real problem with matching sweatsuits because when I see one, I buy it. And this one was hard to pass up, considering it’s under $40 for both pieces. The quality is incredible for the price. It has a very high-end cut and feels.

Available in light pink, beige, white, and black. I ordered black and white – don’t be afraid to wear light colors; if I can do it with a toddler, anyone can 😉

Sizes XS – XXL. Hooded Jacket here, $17 and Jersey Joggers here, $11

Plus size hoodie here, joggers here

V-Neck Satin Blouse

H&M V-neck Satin Blouse in white

V-Neck Satin Blouse, $25 

If you don’t love a button-down blouse, this Satin V-Neck is a wonderful alternative. I love the subtle high/low hem, which makes it so easy to pair with faux leather leggings, or any slimmer cut bottom.

And it’s a steal at $25.

Available in XS – XXL. 

And plus size here. 

Cotton Cap

H&M Cotton Cap in Tan

Cotton Cap, $13

I live in baseball hats in the spring, especially on weekends spent standing on sidelines at games. And a simple, cotton cap, in a neutral, somehow elevates a sporty outfit and makes it feel intentional. 
Plus, how nice is it to not have to do your hair. 🙂

Available in black, tan and green.

Tie Belt Coat

H&M Tie Belt Coat in white

Tie Belt Coat, $80 

I am a broken record at this point, but I can’t stop singing the praises of H&M. The are fabulous! 

The fact that this coat is under $100 blows my mind. It’s just a lady-like fashion focused coat at a can’t beat price (and it’s not even on sale!).

Available in XS  – XXL.

Oversized Faux Shearing Jacket

H&M Oversized faux shearling jacket

Oversized Faux Shearing Jacket, $50

An oversized shearling jacket has my name written all over it. The color combination really sells it for m. Layer over workout clothes if you go to an early morning class, or pair it with slim jeans and sneakers for a chic an comfortable travel outfit. 

Available in XS – XXL.

Patterned Scarf

H&M Patterned Scarf in white and red

Patterned Scarf, $25

Finally, a simple scarf in a modern and updated print adds a pop of color to your look at an affordable price. Tie this around your neck, or loop it on the handle of your bag. 

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What to Buy at H&M

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Tuesday 8th of February 2022

Your comment about the baseball hat reminded me of something I'd love to request - how to look pulled together while out watching those sports games. I also spend my weekends at my kids' games, but I'm just never sure of what to wear. I love the concept of athleisure, but sometimes it's just not feeling pulled together enough. Suggestions would be so welcomed!

Megan Kristel

Wednesday 9th of February 2022

Aw, yes, welcome to every one of my weekends in the spring :) I try to keep it simple and practical. I LOVE layering a vest, like the amazon essential one, or a denim jacket over a hoodie, cute sneakers, fun sunglasses. It's the details that will make you feel pulled together. :)


Monday 7th of February 2022

Learned something I was not aware of today, so thank you. I did not realize H&M, carried petite sizing, so good for me and I appreciate pointing out that information. Any time I have been in the store I have been impressed with their options. Thanks.

Megan Kristel

Monday 7th of February 2022

I'm glad it was a helpful tip. I do hope that they continue to expand their assortment in both plus and petite, but it's a good start :)


Monday 22nd of November 2021

I took your advice in the Spring and shopped (online) at H&M. I was really impressed with the quality of the pieces I chose, and I love that you have featured them again. You make my shopping so easy and I really appreciate that!

Megan Kristel

Monday 22nd of November 2021

So happy to hear that Judy! Thank you!


Thursday 12th of March 2020

I just found your website and find it helpful, except for a couple of points. Those of us who are not a size 4,6,8,10,12 cannot copy your capsule wardrobes or what to buy where easily. Also, those of us over 60 AND having challenging weight issues can't either. If you don't plan to address these readers, it would be really helpful to know that. We don't all have your measurements. At this time, I'm not aware of any over 60 plus size style blogs. Do you?


Wednesday 9th of February 2022

@Megan Kristel, it's great that you're doing this--thank you. I do want to support Lynn in what she said, because within minutes of joining here I realized it's not a good fit. I read a few of your posts and felt invisible, the opposite of included. I'm sure you're not doing this on purpose. The truth is that that doesn't end up mattering to the person on the other side. I'm just over 60 and I'm not at all interested in trends, but rather in quality classics which look good on most women and which aren't likely to end up in landfills for a long time. I hope you'll take in what Lynn said and what I'm saying. For the record, I don't feel dismissed by retailers. But I'm quite happy if H & M wants to dismiss me (which clearly they do). There are so many details in these clothes which don't fit with adult women living practically, getting lots accomplished, being badasses. I realize H + M is working hard on sustainability, which is great. I wanted to like them. After seeing a post about them in a Swedish FB group I follow, I came here to give these recommendations a second try. But no. Again, thanks for providing tips for the women in the same niche market as you. It's a generous thing to do.

Megan Kristel

Thursday 12th of March 2020

Lynn, I'm just a woman, doing my best, sharing tips and advice, for free. I don't claim to be a site specifically for plus size women over 60. What I do claim is a pure intent to help women who share a similar style as me, navigate retail and find pieces that make them feel confident. Your frustration should be directed at the decision makers in stores, not a one-woman show trying her hardest every day to do something positive.

If you spent any time on this site you would see that the overwhelming majority of my posts include as many sizes as possible and almost always include plus and petite options. In fact the Spring Wardrobe Capsule goes up to a 3x.

Additionally, this post features H&M because they offer sizes up to 3X and petites.

I receive dozens of emails a week from women well over 60, with all different body types (and all women feel challenged by their bodies) thanking me for being inclusive. Maybe you just need to read through our content more. I would encourage you to join our Private Facebook group where you'll met hundreds of other women who share similar frustrations and find this site helpful.

These kind of outwardly aggressive comments are so unfortunate and discouraging, especially when I put everything I have into building this community and so much thought into our content, but I'm going to assume it's because you feel dismissed by retailers, and I hope you'll see that I'm trying to do the opposite of that and try to include as many people as posible.

Meg H.

Wednesday 4th of December 2019

Thank you, Dawn—good ideas! Congrats on “rounding the end of menopause.” That gives me hope!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.