How to Fix Damaged Hair in 5 Easy Steps

Could your hair use a little love? If so, today I’m going to share how to fix damaged hair, at home, in five easy steps.

The day PA started stay-at-home orders, I was scheduled to get a cut and full highlights, which obviously, was canceled. That means it’s been over four months since I’ve had anything done to my hair. 

That may not seem like a long time, but when you’re an unnatural blonde – it’s an eternity.

I go back and forth with the idea of coloring my hair at home, something I haven’t done since I was in my early twenties. For now, I’m holding out hope that we are just a few weeks away from our salons safely reopening and I decided, instead, to focus on getting it healthy. 

My hair takes a beating, between the color and all the hot tools I use, this is probably a needed break. 

If you’re in the same boat, I thought I would share what I’m doing to help repair the damage from decades of abuse that’s making a big difference. 

* My heart breaks for small business owners and entrepreneurs right now who are unable to work. You are the backbone of our country. Unless you’ve put everything you have into a dream to be a business owner, you have no idea the stress, strain, and devastation they are facing. If you are a salon owner or stylist, we are all praying you to get to go back to work safely as soon as possible. Hang in there, friends. 

How to Fix Damaged Hair in 5 Easy Steps

How to Fix Damage Hair in 5 Easy Steps

I do this every Monday morning in the shower and it takes no time at all. This process is really easy to incorporate into your morning or evening shower routine. 

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How to Fix Damaged Hair in 5 Easy Steps

Scalp Scrub, $42 

It’s well documented that I love this salt scrub. Taking care of your scalp is the first step in healthy hair. Aside from this feeling like a spa treatment (it’s especially glorious after a sweaty workout) it removes all the residue, dead skin cells, and excess oil on your scalp. 

Use this in the shower instead of your regular shampoo. It’s a bit expensive but a little goes a long way. 

Hair Towel, $30 

Hair Towel

Finish up in the shower, jump out and wrap your head in a towel. Get your hair to just damp before you apply the hair mask below. 

I love this towel because it absorbs quickly, and doesn’t damage or leave it frizzy. I have straight hair but all my girls have very curly hair and this is wonderful for both of us. 

Hair Mask, $38 

amika the kure hair mask

This hair mask is incredible. INCREDIBLE! My hair was so fried the ends were breaking. A stylist friend recommended this to me and after the first time I used it I saw a remarkable difference. 

Once you have your hair damp, put this on, covering from your roots to the ends. Work it through with a wide-tooth comb (below) and then let it sit for 5 minutes.

It’s only 5 minutes – so it takes no time at all! I always put on my Caudalie Instant Detox Facial face mask, too, since that takes the same amount of time.

Make your bed and hop back in the shower to quickly rinse it out.


Wide Tooth Comb, $37 

I am a big fan of Mason Pearson hair brushes and tools. They are more expensive then something you would pick up at the drugstore, but they are high quality and last forever.

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We have a few of their brushes (in various sizes) that I bought almost a decade ago and they still look and work like new. 

This wide tooth comb I use for my hair and on my kids to help get all the knots out without breaking their hair. 

Hair Oil, $15 

moroccanoil hair treatment

Finally, style your hair. Most days, I let it air dry (with the help of the towel above) OR I’ll quickly hit it with my hairdryer. Either way, when it’s almost dry, I add some of this Moroccanoil to my ends to keep them smooth and protect from split ends.


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How to Fix Damaged Hair in 5 Easy Steps

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    • I go back and forth with shampoos. I like everything from Living Proof and Alterna’s Caviar shampoo, they are both on the expensive side but you actually see a difference in your hair. I also really like the OGX brand, especially their Argan oil collection – which is under $6 at Target!

  1. Great post! I’ve been doing a mask on Sundays as a way to try make the weekends special. That salt scrub looks amazing!

  2. I’m excited to try these products I purchases them last night. I decided to not get my hair cut , I’ll wait to see how these products make my longer hair feel
    Than get a cut! I may decide to keep my hair longer than usual ,,, if these products work!


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