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Happy Monday, Friends!

Today is a big day.

I am so thrilled to open our Summer 2020 Well Dressed Life Insider Membership to you!

And don’t worry, I’ll be back to our regularly scheduled posts tomorrow 🙂 

For years, I’ve wanted to create an online offering that reflected the process I used when working with my styling clients.

It’s been challenging for women to shop long before recent events. I built an entire business helping women navigate retail in the best of times. But as retail emerges out of 2020, the landscape will be entirely different and even more frustrating. 

Being able to get help from a trusted expert is going to be the new way women shop.

After speaking with many of you about your struggles finding a wardrobe that makes you feel great, now seems like the right time to bring this you.

And can I say, I have never been more proud of something I created. I built every piece of this program by hand, from scratch

I designed every line of code, every page, every image, and sorted through thousands of products to curate a list of recommendations based on everything I know about our readership.

This has been a real labor of love, and all of our loyal readers are at its heart. 

If you’re already familiar with the program, and ready to sign up, simply click the button below to register (price is less than $20 per month!) 

Become a Summer WDL Insider


Here’s how it works:

The Insider Membership mimics the 3 – Step Process I created for clients back in my styling days, but at a fraction of the cost.

It’s designed to help you create a classic and chic seasonal wardrobe.

Membership is seasonal, for three months at a time. The 2020 Membership includes July, August, and September, with wardrobe offerings reflective of the season and year-round basics.

(Fall Membership will include October, November, and December, etc.)

With membership, you’ll receive access to our new password-protected ad-free member portal.

You’ll find a seasonal shopping list, a wardrobe capsule, and over 50 outfit combinations.
The shopping list and capsule work together, and each month I’ll add a few new items and outfit combinations so you can continue to build your wardrobe. 

Plus! I’ll host LIVE monthly style coaching sessions on Zoom so I can personally answer your questions and provide guidance. 

Once in the portal, you’ll follow three simple steps:

Step 1: Shop Your Closet

First, you’ll download our Summer Wardrobe Checklist and head into your closet.

I want you to shop your closet first. No need to have to buy a whole new wardrobe.  

The Well Dressed Life Summer Wardrobe Checklist

Many of the items are pieces you already have. They don’t have to be an exact match, the checklist was specifically designed to be flexible.

For example, our Summer 2020 Capsule features a red detailed top (see below). Maybe you have something similar, use that instead of buying new. 

Step 2: Shop 

Next, go to our Shoppable Capsule. Here you’ll find recommendations for every item on the checklist, including petite, plus and tall options when available. 

Let’s say you don’t have a red top. Simply click the image (above), and you’ll be brought to a new page with several size inclusive options, including the feature item.

Links will be regularly updated throughout the membership as items sell out. 

Step 3: Get Dressed

Finally, it’s time to get dressed! 

Need some ideas on how to wear your new red top? 

Go to the Outfit Formulas, and you’ll see all the ways to wear the top with all the other items in the capsule. 

Below is a sample outfit.  

Every item in the capsule is used in the outfit formulas. There are currently over 50 outfit ideas, with more being added. 

Ready to Become a Well Dressed Life Insider?

Become A Well Dressed Life Insider

When you become a Well Dressed Life Insider, you will receive access to our password-protected Members only portal filled with exclusive content.

You purchase per season (not per year).

This is for Summer 2020 Membership: July, August and September

Become a Summer WDL Insider

Insiders Will Receive:

At the heart of our program is our Summer 2020 Wardrobe Capsule, created exclusively for members.

Every item is hand-selected by me, with size-inclusive options, to help you create a seasonal wardrobe. Price points are similar to what we feature here on the blog, focusing on where to save and where you can spend a little more.

Do you have to buy everything?

Absolutely not!

That’s the best part. You can use the capsule to shop your closet (in fact, I bet you already have many of the pieces), use it for inspiration, or purchase from it directly. 

You’ll then have access to over 50 outfit ideas, so you can see all the ways you can wear the capsule. 

And! Because I want this to be a personal experience, I’m including monthly LIVE group style coaching video chats via Zoom.

Because this is new, I’m keeping Membership small and only promoting the Summer Membership to our WDL readers and Facebook followers. 

Membership begins Today!  July 13th and ends on September 14th.

Become a Summer WDL Insider

A Well Dressed Life Insider Logo

Here’s what you need to know:

The WDL 30 Day Wardrobe Challenge will always be FREE. It’s such a fun exercise!  I look forward to it every year. Our next one will be in September.

Our FREE Private Facebook Group will continue to be a priceless resource for our readership. If you haven’t already joined, sign up here, please answer the three membership questions, and you’ll quickly connect with some of the nicest women on the internet. It should be your first stop if you have a style question – it’s FILLED with tips and advice, and you’ll probably make some friends along the way. 

Finally, the FREE content of The Well Dressed Life Blog will remain exactly the same, except our seasonal capsules will now be published for members only, in greater detail, with even more resources. 


Each season may be purchased for $59.95. | Space is limited.

Registration starts today, July 13th, and closes on July 27th.

Become a Summer WDL Insider  

Membership begins today, July 13th and ends September 14th.

And Save the Date: Fall membership will be available to purchase in October. 

Thank You!

I’m so excited to take this step with you. Over the years, this community of women has been so good to me, and after the last few stress-filled months, I’m even more grateful for your support and kindness.

If this is something you’re equally excited about, please consider sharing this with your friends before registration closes next week. 











Become a Well Dressed Life Style Insider Today!

22 thoughts on “Become a Well Dressed Life Style Insider Today!”

  1. Does the capsule wardrobe include handbags? That’s something I always struggle with. I want a few classic pieces that last but don’t cost a lot.

  2. I am so excited about this, Megan! I was using Stitch Fix before I found you and was disappointed with their offerings. I have been so happy with your suggestions/ postings and have made some great purchases based on your advice. I have recently re-entered the work force after a long hiatus and was, frankly, at a loss for a work- style until I found your site. I can’t wait to become an Insider!

  3. Hi Megan, what a great concept and I cannot wait to join. I discovered your site in March and love it, having used your guidance to purchase some basics. I am 60+ and have used lots of different stylists (Trunk Club, SF, etc) and often they seem too trendy or designer heavy. I am in my last professional position before retirement so I still need good basics for work but love nice, casual pieces for weekends. I ‘ve especially liked that you also use a lot of brands that I have not looked at for ages (Old Navy, BRepublic) and my purchases have been great. Looking forward to the new offering!

  4. Best of luck with your new venture. Being on the other side of the Atlantic I don’t have access to the shops you mention so joining up to your new service won’t be for me. I will still enjoy your other posts.

    • I know! Me too. Hopefully as I grow a team well be able to incorporate them. Thank you for following along! xxx

  5. Hi Megan, like Stella I’m also not from the USA so I wish you great success in your new venture and will continue to be part of this great Facebook community. I’ve never felt so supported.

  6. Hi Megan! I just signed up and really love the capsule you put together. It’s very easy to navigate and I especially love your suggestions for outfit ideas. Curious if you will add any outfits for the navy joggers (I didn’t see any but might have missed it)?

    • Hi!! Thank you so much for signing up!! And YES, I’m actually loading those images now. Should be up today 🙂

  7. This is so exciting! What I love about your content is not only do you present great pieces and styling options at different price points but you’ve also introduced me to several brands that I would’ve never discovered on my own. Thank you! I’m hoping that I’ll continue to find that if I join your insider group. I’m also really reevaluating my wardrobe and trying to see where I need to invest in better quality pieces Instead of having a bunch of jeans for example that I don’t wear.

  8. Hi Megan,
    I am in the UK or I would sign up in a heart beat! I love the well dressed life and really wish there was a ” UK Megan”.
    I wish you every success in your new venture.

  9. This sounds like such a great idea but as I live in Sydney Australia everything will be the wrong season. Sadly I will not be joining the group for this reason. Best wishes

  10. Hi Megan
    Your program sounds fantastic. Just wondering if you think it would work for a 70 yr. old, out of shape, still working with 2-3 year old children, who wants to dress age appropriately, but not frumpy woman. I love the red top in the article but I think it would be better for a younger (by 10+ yrs.) woman. Do you have a section that would work for an older audience?
    Thanking you in advance.


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