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The Best Tote Bags for the Office

Looking for a new bag to take to and from the office?

We carry our lives (figuratively and literally) on our shoulders, so our bags need to be just right.

They must be a manageable size. You may like a lot of compartments or none at all.

So to help with your search, we rounded up six of the best tote bags for work that will take you to the office or anywhere you need to go, looking chic and organized with many options for all your needs, starting at $40.

The 6 Best Tote Bags for Work

Top to Bottom: Dagne Dover Signature Tote, $209 (on sale) |  BEIS East West Tote, $108  |  Gigi New York Jessica Zipper Tote, $450 | Lo & Sons O.G.2, $378|  Waterproof Laptop Bag, $38  |  Barrington Gifts, $220

These are traditional tote bags made for daily life, commuting to and from work and travel days.

All will fit a laptop, but double check measurements against the size of your laptop to be sure.

Dagne Dover Signature Tote

Dangne Dover has been a reader favorite for years, and for good reason. 

It’s an ideal work bag. I like that it doesn’t over-compartmentalize so you can use it however you see fit.

The quality is outstanding, the price is fair, especially when it’s on sale, and the design is timeless.

Available in three colors, including black, graphite (below) and a soft tan they call “bleeker blush.”

Fits most 15″ laptops.


Signature Tote

Dagne Dover


BEIS East West Tote

We’re fans of the entire BEIS travel and luggage collections.

They are simple, stylish and well priced for the quality.

And their East West Tote is made of all lightweight recycled materials, with zipper compartments galore and a removable strap.

Available in black or beige for $108.


East West Tote



Gigi New York

If you’re looking for some glamour without the $1000 price tag, consider the Jessica Zip Top Tote from Gigi New York in embossed python leather.

This is a straightforward tote, with minimal compartments that has enough structure to help it keep it’s shape.

It’s strikes a nice balance of casual and professional.

Still a considered purchase at $450, but the craftsmanship is beautiful, and, you can have it monogrammed – always a plus in my book.

Available in stone (below) or black.

And if you want some more organization inside, add this felt organizer from Amazon.


Jessica Zip Top Tote

Gigi New York


Lo & Sons O.G. 2

10/10 – highly recommend.

If you need an indestructible work bag for travel, look no further than the Lo & Sons O. G. bag.

An airplane could run this over and it would still look and function like new.

I used my for years and years, and only retired it because I stopped flying weekly when the pandemic started.

It has everything you need for work and travel.

Your choice of medium and large, with options to customize lining and hardware.



Lo & Sons


Waterproof Laptop Bag

If you’re looking for an inexpensive, functional bag, with clean lines, you’ll like this waterproof, zip top, laptop bag on Amazon for under $40.

Available in a range of colors, it has almost 10,000 five star reviews.

I ordered this last year to check out the quality, and can say it’s compact, so you can’t shove a bunch of stuff in it, but better than I expected:).


Laptop Bag



St. Anne Zipper Tote

Finally, if you want something on the preppy side, I love the totes at Barrington Gifts.

They are completely customizable. I went with the St. Anne Tote.

I’ve used it almost every day, for the last three years and let me tell you, I abuse this bag and it still looks great.

I stuff it with everything I own and fling it in the back of my car.

It’s lightweight, and slim, but fits a surprising amount of stuff.


St. Anne Zipper Tote

Barrington Gifts

The Best Tote Bags for the Office

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Megan Kristel is an entrepreneur, working mom, and former personal stylist. Tired of the one-dimensional portrayal of women online, she founded The Well Dressed Life as a resource for other professional women.

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[email protected]

Friday 10th of March 2023

Just curious what you would recommend for attending our niece’s wedding in April. The couple are young professionals getting married in Houston at a resort. Their colors are navy and gold. I’m a size eight, 5’6” / I usually love a good sheath dress and Tahari is my go to for events like these. I’m currently planning on a satin olive green halter, but I would love some more options. Thank you for all your hard work and great suggestions. Cindy


Friday 10th of March 2023

I own a version of #5, the waterproof laptop bag, and love it! Great, size, lots of pockets, holds my laptop, folders, purse, and water bottle, plus all kinds of small odds and ends I might need when I commute to the office two days a week. Everything but my lunch! (It would be too heavy with much more!) Highly recommend.

Deb De Luca

Friday 10th of March 2023

Hi Megan.

Hope you are doing well and enjoying your busy life. Our youngest is 8 weeks from HS graduation and it is a time filled with great joy while also realizing that a chapter in our life is closing. I will soon miss those over the top crazy days and knowing he is in his room (even though the door is shut ALL THE TIME, lol). I am an older mom (had him when I was 43) and still a practicing attorney, vertically challenged with a small frame. Looking for pieces that are age appropriate and comfortable. Would love to see your thoughts on some of the more expensive travel and leisure items that seem to pop up on my FB feed. Are they good quality, legitimate and work the splurge? Frank & Eileen and Eric Javits are the newest feeds. Thanks so very much.


Friday 10th of March 2023

Great post!

What are your recommendations for reasonably priced belts? I haven't worn belts in years but am trying to accessorize better. Is there a particular style of buckle or width of belt I should be looking for?


Saturday 20th of August 2022

Personally, I love my Madewell large Essential Tote. I have it with and without the zipper. I use it for work and travel. Because they are leather, I tend to store in the summer and use my smaller non leather bags.


Sunday 12th of January 2020

Megan, on your recommendation, I purchased a Lo & Sons bag and it is one of my favorites. I don't remember if it's an OG, but it's a perfect overnight or weekend size that holds its shape beautifully. Thank you for introducing me and your readers to this company. I would also like to second the Everlane bag. I have it, and one of their Form bags and am in love with their minimalist approach. I share all three with my sister when she travels and she agrees.

Christina Bryant

Wednesday 8th of January 2020

I needed to see this post today to get me in gear to buy a bag for work. I am still carrying a diaper bag. It is a stylish diaper bag but it is still a diaper bag. I cannot pass up all the storage and pockets.

Megan Kristel

Wednesday 8th of January 2020

I know so many friends who carried diaper bags well passed the baby phase because they were the most organized inside! You might benefit from the Lo & Sons bags if you need compartments :)


Wednesday 8th of January 2020

Hello do you know of any others that are good but less than $100 thx 😊

Megan Kristel

Wednesday 8th of January 2020

Hey Gina, The Street Level Reversible Tote at Nordstrom was one of the top bags we featured last year and is $50. It's basic, but it does the trick - I think that's why everyone liked it so much. You can see it here. :)


Wednesday 27th of February 2019

I LOVE my Dagne Dover bag I got when you did a similar post in the past! And now 2 of my coworkers got the same bag also!! It’s so great for my laptop, giant water bottle, and all the other things I need for a typical work day. Plus it’s beautiful! Thanks for the great suggestions!

Megan Kristel

Wednesday 6th of March 2019

Thanks Alison!

Denise Accuardi

Wednesday 27th of February 2019

Hello! This is a great article! Could you maybe do another on roller tote bags? I carry too much stuff for a shoulder tote and the roller bags I've seen are more for airline travel than everyday "go to work".

Love your posts, I look forward to them everyday!

Warm regards, Denise


Wednesday 27th of February 2019

Live the fossil totes and laptop bags, too!