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The 2022 Wardrobe Challenge: Week 1

The 2022 Wardrobe Challenge: Week 1
Four Weeks to a Better Wardrobe - Week 1

Ladies, today is the day we begin to get your style and wardrobe in order!

Whether you work in or out of the home, have little kids at your ankles or grown adult children, are getting back in the workforce, are blissfully retired and focusing on your passions, or are coming out of a jogger -wearing Covid fog, you deserve to look and feel great during whatever your season of life.

This four-week series is for real-life women, of all shapes, sizes, lifestyles, and budgets. If you want to discover your authentic style, where to find it, and how to wear it, you’re in the right place.

Participating is easy.

Just follow our Friday post for the month of September, starting today.

Here’s How the Wardrobe Challenge Works:

The Well Dressed Life Wardrobe Challenge

It’s important to take your time with each Challenge. I recommend giving yourself the time to complete each set of challenges in a week, but don’t worry if you can’t. 

Just be sure to finish each Challenge in order before moving to the next.

I  designed this Challenge to build upon the tasks of the previous week. 

You can follow along with the group (join our Private Facebook group to interact one-on-one) or go at your own pace. 

And these posts live here on The Well Dressed Life so you can come back to reference them whenever needed. 

Trust the process, commit to the journey, and do this for yourself!

Week 1: Finding Inspiration and Your Personal Style

In the early years of Kristel Closets, I would meet clients in their closets. We talked about her clothing challenges, likes, and dislikes. And I noticed that almost every client had trouble describing their style. 

It didn’t take long for me to realize that we needed a visual to articulate each client’s unique personal style.

So I created a series of pre-work for them to complete before our first appointment, designed to help the process move smoothly and efficiently.

I was always aware of our private clients’ investment when they chose to work with us, so this was a way to ensure we got on the same page as quickly as possible and spoke the same language.

Pull Inspiration Pictures

A big part of this pre-work was pulling inspiration pictures. 

I can tell you that the clients who took the time to complete this task had the most success. And the same goes for our readers who take this challenge seriously. 

Do not skip this part. 

Many of you are looking to streamline and simplify your wardrobe; others mentioned that they recognize style in others but have difficulty translating it for themselves. 

And an overwhelming majority of participants say they simply have too much in their closets.

Without a clear understanding of your style, you will not be able to edit down your wardrobe.

We can create a filter by organizing inspiration pictures to help you purge your closet and shop better. And you will begin to recognize what you like quickly. 

We recommend Pinterest to help organize these images, especially for this challenge. It’s a great place to search for and share ideas. 

Above is a snapshot of my personal board.

Pinterest Image Exercise

1. Log into/ Set Up an Account on Pinterest.

2. Create a Board called The Well Dressed Life Wardrobe Challenge. 

3. Begin to search for images. When searching, type in words like classic style 2022, workwear 2022, casual outfits 2022*

4. “Pin” those images onto your board, at least 20. 

5. Share your board in our Private Facebook Group.

*Adding the year to your search word is super important, so the most current images show up in your feed. 

For now, do not think about your body type, budget, or whether it’s appropriate for your life. Pin anything you like. 


Our lives are continually evolving, but our wardrobes tend to stay the same.

If you have changed jobs, got married or divorced, had a baby, had another baby, left the workforce, retired, or if you’re just coming out of Covid, this exercise will help you get clear on your needs.

To get a visual of how and where you spend your time, create a Lifestyle Diagram.

It’s easy; draw a circle on a piece of paper to create a pie chart. Now, break down your life according to percentages totaling 100%.

Include work, activities, travel, date nights, anything you spend time doing. It’s essential to see how you are spending your time.

You might find you’re buying a lot for work but have nothing to wear to go out in. 

When I first did this exercise, I didn’t have enough options for social outings and date nights. Today, I need more sporty, casual pieces for life on the sideline. 

Tip! We have had some participants take this very seriously! They went so far as to create an Excel spreadsheet and pie chart to capture their percentages.

Here’s My Lifestyle Diagram:

Post your charts and Pinterest Boards in our Facebook group for everyone to see! 

Complete both of these challenges before you start the next round of challenges in Week #2.

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The 2022 Wardrobe Challenge: Week 1

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Sunday 25th of September 2022

Do you know of an on-line app that I could take pictures of all items in my closet that would automatically make outfits for me? I struggle with putting outfits together and seem to always wear the same thing. I have recently retired from a very conservative line of work where I wore suits and need help with day to day semi conservative age appropriate outfits. I know my closet is full, I just can't put outfits together without help. Thank you.

Megan Kristel

Tuesday 27th of September 2022

I don't personally use it but many readers like the Stylebook Ap. :)


Friday 2nd of September 2022

I'm excited to try this out! I'm just struggling with my age (mid 50s) and my tastes (mid 20s) plus much more work from home and much less office. I still prefer my office clothes so need to find my wfh style. Almost makes me want to re-join facebook, but not quite. :-)


Saturday 2nd of April 2022

I’m so glad I decided to try the Wardrobe Challenge! At 62, you would think I would have some idea of what types of clothes I should be wearing to make me look my best, but, nope. I have had a Style board on my Pinterest account for years, and the things that I have pinned are still the looks I gravitate to, but in my real life (I am retired, care for my granddaughter part of the week, do some light yard work) my main goal when getting dressed is usually to be as comfortable as possible. On Pinterest I did the searches you suggested, and right away I saw quite a few things from my closet that I can consign or donate. I am excited to continue on and see what happens! Thank you for making this available.


Friday 1st of April 2022

Hi! I’m excited to try your challenge:-) I’m a teacher and a hockey mom 3/4 of the year so need ideas for staying warm without bulking up. For teaching; I do like combining jeans with somewhat nicer tops and comfy shoes are a must! I occasionally wear dresses or skirts, and will change after work, but other wise like outfits that can go from the classroom to the carpool and wear a lot of the same things on the weekend. This all probably makes up 80% of what I spend my time doing. As my kids are getting older, and CoVid is ending, I’m starting to spend time going out to lunch, to museums or to dinner. I also like to be able to go for a walk or even a bike ride without having to change. I’m happy with my yoga clothes and PJs, already. I noticed on some pie charts, people named a style for different parts of their time…I definitely don’t have the vocabulary to quickly describe what I like. Maybe casual with a little trendy or dressy edge thrown in?

Christina Mills

Friday 1st of April 2022

I hope I am registered for Aprils challenge. Excited.

Megan Kristel

Friday 1st of April 2022

You don't have to register! Just follow the post every Friday, starting today.

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