The Well Dressed Life Wardrobe Challenge 2021: Week 3

The Best Products to Organize Your Closet

This week’s challenge is all about getting your space organized! I am a big believer in organization. It makes life easier, saves money, and allows you to manage your time and energy better. I worked with private clients for over a decade. I know this for sure: a messy, unorganized closet space is one of … Read more

How to Clean Out Your Closet in an Afternoon

How to Clean Out your Closet in an Afternoon

Let’s talk about how to clean out your closet. Really clean it out. Get in there, get it down to the barebones, and rebuild it with a wardrobe you love and want to wear every day.  It can feel like an overwhelming task, but, if you follow my steps (the same ones I used with … Read more