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The Well Dressed Life Wardrobe Challenge Spring 2022!

The Well Dressed Life Wardrobe Challenge Spring 2022!

This Spring may be the first time in a long time when we all feel like our old selves.

You may be going back to the office, finally taking that big trip, or planning family celebrations. But, no matter your plans, I beat you need some new clothes.

And it’s more than clothes, right?

It’s probably time to turned your attention to yourself after the past few years of hyper-focusing on all the external things happening. Our lives our different, our needs have changed and what we have hanging in our closets might now work anymore. 

The Well Dressed Life Wardrobe Challenge is our free, four-week-long community program designed to help you define your style, edit your wardrobe and get ready for the new season.

Before we dive into details, here’s the deal:

This challenge is truly for everyone. Women of every age, budget, lifestyle, and season have participated.

I’ve been hosting this for years, there is no fee, and it’s a fantastic opportunity to get yourself ready for the new season.

To participate, all you have to do is follow along for the next four weeks. Starting this Friday, April 1. 

And to be clear, this is NOT The Well Dressed Woman Workshop, which also happens on April 1. The dates are overlapping so I can keep everything in season. But they are very different. 

The Wardrobe Challenge is a free, weekly set of challenges shared in our Friday posts to help clean out and set up your wardrobe. I host this three times a year at the start of the New Year, in Spring and Fall. I encourage newer readers to participate, however, most readers participate every season as a refresh. 

The Well Dressed Woman Workshop – Zoom workshop hosted by me! where we take a deep dive into the fundamentals of getting dressed and building looks with a LIVE Q&A. Registration for this will close tomorrow, Wednesday at 3 pm EDT.

The Well Dressed Life Wardrobe Challenge 2022

The Well Dressed Life Wardrobe Challenge is truly the cornerstone of this site, creating a community of women from all walks and in all seasons of life, bonded together by our love of classic style and our desire to look and feel our best. 

This Spring Our FREE Four Week Wardrobe Challenge starts on Friday, April 1st.

The challenge is based entirely on the system I created when I worked with private styling clients. 

I break each week down into a series of activities designed to help you:

(1) define your personal style,

(2) edit and organize your wardrobe, and

(3) begin to build a wardrobe of clothes you love.

This can be your first or your tenth time participating; it doesn’t matter. Each time you complete the process, you’ll have made a discovery and gain further clarity around your style.

AND, you’ll force yourself to tidy up your closet 🙂 

But don’t take my word for it, see what some of our participants have said of their experience, taken directly from our Private Facebook Group:

Praise for The Well Dressed Life Wardrobe Challenge:

The Well Dressed Life Wardrobe Challenge

How GREAT Does that Sound?

If you follow the process, by the end of the four weeks, you will:

  • Clearly understand your personal style. 
  • Have a well-organized closet.
  • Know what you need to create new outfits.
  • Receive TONS of personalized support in our Private Facebook Group.

Here’s How it Works:

The challenge starts on Friday, April 1st!

Every Friday, a new set of challenges will be posted right here, on The Well Dressed Life, and in our Private Facebook group. Within the post, you will find two style challenges to be completed before the next week. 

Each week, we focus on a specific goal: 

Week 1: Define Your Personal Style 

Week 2: Edit Your Wardrobe

Week 3: Get Organized

Week 4: Create New Outfits and Your Shopping List 

We move fast on purpose. It keeps you engage and helps you make decisions quickly.

PLUS – Every Friday during the challenge at 11am EST I host a Facebook LIVE to go over each weeks challenge, give advice and personally answer your questions. 


It’s Helpful to Have:

1. A Clothing RackI use this under $50 one from Amazon

2. Slim Hangers: You may also consider picking up some new hangers, so you have them on hand when we start to clean up your closet. I recommend these flocked slim hangers are my favorite.

3. Also, sign up for our email. If you receive an email from The Well Dressed Life in your inbox every day, you’re all set. To get on the list, fill out this form here

4. Join our community: For even more support, join our private Facebook group and answer the membership questions for fast approval. You can also follow along for extra inspiration on Instagram

And remember, if you’ve already participated, do it again!

You’ll be AMAZED by how much you learn each time. 

A Little About Me (In Case You’re New!)

Under $20 Holiday Ready Sweater

For the past 20+ years, I’ve helped women get dressed for their real life, first as a retail buyer, then as a personal stylist, and now as the founder of The Well Dressed Life

After graduating from college with a degree in Marketing, I started my retail career as a women’s clothing buyer for large chains and private boutiques. Before starting my first company, I was a buyer for the home-shopping powerhouse, QVC.

In 2007 I left that position to start Kristel Closets, Inc., an image consulting and private styling firm that operated three offices on the East Coast in Philadelphia, Northern New Jersey, and Washington, D.C.

Our company quickly became a leader in the industry, serving busy women who wanted to look and feel their best.

While our clients wanted to look modern, classic, and pulled together, they didn’t have the time or energy to do it themselves.

That’s where my team and I stepped in.

I’ve personally helped thousands of women navigate the often overwhelming world of fashion and retail, working with all body types and budgets.

A few years ago, I stepped away from our 1:1 services to focus on building our online business. 

Today, running The Well Dressed Life is my full-time job, providing expert advice, recommendations, and insights in our daily posts and through these challenges.

I use my experience as a former buyer, personal stylist, and busy modern woman and mom of three to frame all of our content. I like to keep it real, practical, fun, and kind. 

It’s About You

I encourage you to use the next four weeks to focus on YOU.

Dive right in, ask questions, and get to know your fellow participants, who you’ll quickly discover are the friendliest and most supportive group of women. 

The challenge aims to give you a clear understanding of what you like and what will work for you so getting dressed becomes an expression of who you are and not a chore. 

This challenge is for all women with all body types and budgets who appreciate modern, classic style and want a guide to get them there.  

Why is it Free?

I get asked this all the time!

Because community is the key to building a successful business. Getting to know all of you, and anticipating your needs allows me to create our content.

This challenge has always and will always be free. There is no up sell at the end, no BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!

That’s not my style. I believe running a business based on good will,  filled with integrity has a lot more staying power 🙂

All I ask is if you enjoy our site and find the challenge valuable to please share it with your friends! 

It’s really that simple.

So, who is in? 

The Well Dressed Life Wardrobe Challenge Spring 2022!

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Pamela Johnson

Wednesday 30th of March 2022

I'm in!

Peggy Savage

Tuesday 29th of March 2022

Yes Please, I'd love to do this. Unfortunately we are in New Zealand and going into Autumn then winter but I know this will be a very good help for me to sort my wardrode / style/ image out

Linda Marcyniak

Tuesday 29th of March 2022

I am so excited about joining this challenge

Rose Caputo

Tuesday 29th of March 2022

I am a new follower and so far am learning a lot. I am looking forward to finding my new style. I am retired but run a business. I need to be comfortable but pulled together.


Wednesday 22nd of December 2021

Just turned 28, excited to accept that I’m in my late 20s & need to mature my style

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.