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2022 Wardrobe Challenge: Week 4

2022 Wardrobe Challenge: Week 4
4 Weeks to a Better Wardrobe - Part 4 - The Well Dressed Life
Four Weeks to a Better Wardrobe - Week 4 - The Well Dressed Life

Happy Friday, Ladies!

Today we wrap up our last set of challenges for our Fall 2022 Wardrobe Challenge.

We’ll focus on discovering new outfit combinations you already own, make sure you have what you need for all aspects of your busy life, and create a strategy for going forward.

But before we jump in, I have to thank everyone for participating with such enthusiasm!

This week is going to wrap up the challenge, but not the process. 

Remember, it takes time to put all this into practice.

That’s why so many women do this challenge every season. And everything you share in our Private Facebook Group helps me create content to better serve you.

Once you figure out what you need, it’s time to do the work to not only find those items but figure out how to translate all those gorgeous inspiration pictures into an outfit that will work with your lifestyle, budget, and body type.

If you are new to our community, I encourage you to ask specific questions and request posts covering different topics.

Our readers influence every piece of content we share. I base my daily recommendations, tips, and outfit formulas on everything I know about you.

Use our archives while searching for inspiration. Every style post is filled with inspiration and guidance and offers recommendations for all sizes. 

Simply type what you’re looking for into the SEARCH box on the ride side bar of our homepage.

Week 4: Create New Outfits and Write Your Wish List

If you haven’t completed week 3, please do that first.

Do not stress out if you are just starting, or feel like you’re running behind. This is suppose to be fun and support is available in our Facebook group no matter where you are in the process. 

If you are having a hard time letting go of some of your items, read this post about the mindset shifts we need to make in order to gain control of our closets. 

Challenge #1: Create New Outfits

Spend some time in your clean and organized closet.

Doesn’t it feel so good?

With the clutter removed you might be amazed at the outfit combinations you never noticed.

Every time I go through this process I always find a new way to wear something, discover an old favorite, or simply get re-inspired. 

And there is just something so motivating about a clean, tidy closet. 

So now it’s time to build some outfits. 

To guide you, use your curated Pinterest boards and your lifestyle diagram. 

The idea is not to replicate each look. Instead, be inspired by them. Look at the color combinations, pattern pairings, layers, and accessories. Those are the essential elements. 

Use your Lifestyle Diagram as a guide and try to create 1 -3 looks in each category. 

Mix and match pieces, repeat a basic, see how far you can take it. 

You may be please with what you can make with less, OR you may need to begin rebuilding your wardrobe. 

Here’s an example of how I recreate a look: 

I pinned this image of Victoria Beckham because I love how it mixes casual and elegant elements.

To be clear, there is no one on earth LESS like Victoria Beckham than me.

We have very different body types, she’s petite, I’m a foot taller, probably a hundred pounds heavier, and our lifestyles and budgets aren’t even in the same stratosphere.

It’s not the same outfit.

Instead, it’s inspired by the pin, which is likely made up of pieces from her collection and other brands I can’t afford.

Instead, I pulled out my favorite dark skinny jeans, an inexpensive white blouse, my camel coat from H&M, and heels.

If you don’t want to wear heels, wear neutral pointed flats instead.

I would put this in my Social category; I’d wear this to lunch or a casual meeting.

Then I would swap out the blouse for a white tee and add a pair of sneakers and put in my Mom-ing category.

So you can see how elements of one outfit will carry through multiple categories.

Do not try to recreate looks, be inspired by the feel.

*We’ll cover this in more depth in our Well Dressed Woman Workshop on October 7th *

Challenge #2: Write Your Shopping List 

As you work through your wardrobe, creating new looks, you’ll start to notice what is missing. 

Jot down what you need to create more outfits.

  • Could you use a different style pant?
  • Maybe an updated shoe would pull several outfits together.
  • You might need something as simple as a cami so you can start to wear a lightweight sweater.

Write down anything that would add more life to your existing wardrobe.

Keep this list with you (I keep mine on my phone) and only purchase from the list!

By doing so you will stay focused, and your wardrobe will become more functional.

If you buy things that are not on the list, you’ll end up with a closet full of items you don’t need all over again.

AND share your shopping list in our FB Group. I use all of the conversations on that feed to help create posts for each season and will use many suggestions in our Outfit Formula series. 

Challenge #3: Your Three Words

Now that you have some clarity, how would you describe your style? 

Come up with three words and keep them with you as you make decisions going forward.

Mine are: Timeless | Elegant | Current

Timeless because my core wardrobe pieces are fresh versions of classics.
Elegant because I prefer clean and fluid shapes and silhouettes.
And Current because I like to incorporate trends and new ideas to keep my look modern.

Challenge #4: Where Do You Make Your Mistakes?

Now that you are wrapping up the challenge, take a minute to think about where you are making your shopping mistakes. 

I realized only recently that I have two BIG areas of improvement. 

The first is when I panic shop before a vacation. I end up not liking/needing/using 80% of what I buy.

So I know I have to be more organized before a trip. I need more time to pull outfits together and not wait until 48 hours before a flight.

The second is discount stores. I need to stay away from them. I buy the dumbest stuff because I fall into “oh, it’s on sale” and get all impressed with myself, like, look, I can save money!

But my truth is for what I spend on a visit to TJ Max or Off Fifth, I could have bought one or two investment pieces that would better serve me.

Think about your areas of improvement; they’ll be different than mine. And consider solutions to avoid them in the future.

Enjoy your new space and the fresh start!

Your closet won’t always look this great.

Life will get busy, and you’ll need to regroup. The good news is it will be so much easier to keep it tidy now that you have a system.

I follow this process twice a year, only it doesn’t take four weeks; it takes about an hour to get back on track.

Remember that your wardrobe is ever evolving.

You’ll never be “done.”

There will always be something on your shopping list, an item that needs to be replaced or a new look you want to try.

I hope that after this exercise, you start to hold your purchases to a higher standard and realize you don’t need so much, you just need the right options for you.

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2022 Wardrobe Challenge: Week 4

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Friday 23rd of September 2022

Not finished with my closet cleanse but I will finish and move on the week 4!! I've been doing this for several years now and love the results!!!

Megan Kristel

Tuesday 27th of September 2022

Awesome and love hearing this. Keep going!

Jeannie J

Sunday 24th of April 2022

I did not receive my Sundays Sales email. I went to Facebook and saw it posted there. Is this the new process?

Megan Kristel

Sunday 24th of April 2022

You did not receive the email because you unsubscribed from our email list on April 22nd.


Friday 28th of January 2022

I love how you've made this so easy to follow and accomplish within 4 weeks! I've started muy list and am looking forward to move back into my home after renovation. That means my closet will be already done! Thank you too for giving me a boost into really looking at my true style since I'm retired. I'll be ready for anything by this spring/summer. Keep posting and again thank you so much. B

Kaethe Pittman

Sunday 26th of September 2021

I, too, would really welcome a capsule wardrobe guide/column/tip sheet. And I love the outfit you "copied" from Victoria Beckham -- your version is nicer and much classier!


Saturday 25th of September 2021

What’s going on with the front of the dress?

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