Spring 2021 Wardrobe Challenge: Week 4

4 Weeks to a Better Wardrobe - Part 4 - The Well Dressed Life
Four Weeks to a Better Wardrobe - Week 4 - The Well Dressed Life

Happy Friday, Ladies!

Today we wrap up our last set of challenges. We’ll focus on discovering new outfit combinations you already own, making sure you have what you need for all aspects of your busy life, and creating a strategy for going forward.

But before we jump in, I have to thank everyone for participating with such enthusiasm!

This week is going to wrap up the challenge, but not the process. 

Remember, it takes time to put all this into practice. That’s why so many women do this challenge every season. 

Once you figure out what you need, it’s time to do the work to not only find those items but figure out how to translate all those gorgeous inspiration pictures into an outfit that will work with your lifestyle, budget, and body type.

If you are new to our community, I encourage you to ask specific questions and request posts covering different topics. Our readers influence every post we create for this site. The recommendations, tips, and advice I share are based on everything I know about you.

Use our archives while searching for inspiration. Every style post is filled with inspiration and guidance, and advice and offers recommendations for all sizes. 

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Week 4: Create New Outfits and Write Your Wish List

If you haven’t completed week 3, please do that first. Do not stress out if you are just starting, or feel like you’re running behind. This is suppose to be fun!

If you are having a hard time letting go of some of your items, read this post about the mindset shifts we need to make in order to gain control of our closets. 

And take your time if you need to! There is no rush. These posts will remain on the site for you to reference. If you use Pinterest, you can pin these to a board for easy access.

Challenge #1: Create New Outfits

Spend some time in your clean and organized closet.

Doesn’t it feel so good?

With the clutter removed you might be amazed at the outfit combinations you never noticed. Every time I go through this process I always find a new way to wear something, discover an old favorite, or simply get re-inspired. 

And there is just something so motivating about a clean, tidy closet. 

To guide you, use your curated Pinterest boards and your lifestyle diagram. Try to recreate a few of the looks for each of your categories. 

The idea is not to replicate each look. Instead, be inspired by them. Look at the color combinations, pattern pairings, layers, and accessories. Those are the essential elements. 

Here’s an example of how I recreate a look: 

I pinned this image of Victoria Beckham because I love how it mixes casual elements with a touch of glamour.

But there is no one on earth LESS like Victoria Beckham than me. I’m about a foot taller, probably a hundred pounds heavier, and our lifestyles and budgets are, umm, different. LOL.

The challenge inspired me to get out of my rut and pull together a look for a quick lunch out with my husband last week. 

It’s not the same outfit. It’s inspired by the pin, which is likely made up of pieces from her own collection and other brands I can’t afford.

Instead, I pulled out my favorite dark skinny jeans (not sure how they still fit), an inexpensive white blouse from J.Crew Factory, my camel coat from H&M and heels, yes, heels. Don’t want to wear heels yet? Go with neutral flats instead. 

I felt fantastic, like my pre-pandemic self. And I was able to get dressed quickly and easily. 

Now, I can use this look as a base and swap out the blouse for a striped long sleeve tee, replace the pumps with crisp white sneakers and as the weather turns, replace the wool jacket with a camel trench. 

Another example

Here’s an outfit I “found” after I did this challenge last January . I wore it on one of our last date nights right before the world shut down.  


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🎉How many unknown outfits are hanging in your closet?? . 🥂For date night I gave myself 2 challenges: . 1. Find an outfit I didn’t know I had, . 2. No jeans! . 🤚🏼So many of us go to jeans all the time. . I know I do because my life is super casual and jeans just fit me better. . I’m THRILLED with this outfit. . I had both pieces in my closet and never thought to put them together – and this is what I do for a living! . It shows how important it is to have an organized closet (you have to see your stuff!) and you have to give yourself a minute to look through what you have. . I love a monochromatic moment that combines various textures like the knobbiness of the sweater and the shine of the silk skirt💕 . And, this outfit was so affordable. The sweater was under $30 and the skirt was on clearance for $20. . So carve out some time and see if you can find the hidden looks in your wardrobe! . Swipe to see tagged retailers in picture. . 👼Photo-bomber just turned 14 months and is fresh out of the bath💕

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This outfit really delighted me. Because my closet was cleaned and organized I immediately noticed these two pieces and how the colors were a near perfect monochromatic match. Before that I had NEVER thought to wear them together. And, again, I’m using affordable pieces, a H&M sweater, and J.Crew Factory skirt. 

Remember to use your entire wardrobe. Break up “sets,” and incorporate pieces you are saving for a schedule special occasion.

Pro Tip! Take pictures of your outfit options and keep them on your phone so they are at your fingertips when you need a reminder.

Challenge #2: Write Your Shopping List 

As you work through your wardrobe, creating new looks, jot down what you need to create more outfits.

Could you use a different style pant?

Maybe an updated shoe would pull several outfits together.

You might need something as simple as a cami so you can start to wear a lightweight sweater.

Write down anything that would add more life to your existing wardrobe.

Keep this list with you (I keep mine on my phone) and only purchase from the list!

By doing so you will stay focused, and your wardrobe will become more functional. If you buy things that are not on the list, you’ll end up with a closet full of items you don’t need all over again.

AND share your shopping list in our FB Group. I use all of the conversations on that feed to help create posts for each season.

Enjoy your new space and the fresh start!

Your closet won’t always look this great. Life will get busy, and you’ll need to regroup. The good news is it will be so much easier to keep it tidy now that you have a system. I follow this process twice a year, only it doesn’t take four weeks; it takes about an hour to get back on track.

Remember that your wardrobe is ever evolving.

You’ll never be “done.” There will always be something on your shopping list, an item that needs to be replaced or a new look you want to try. I hope that after this exercise, you start to hold your purchases to a higher standard and realize you don’t need so much, you just need the right options for you.

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Spring 2021 Wardrobe Challenge: Week 4

19 thoughts on “Spring 2021 Wardrobe Challenge: Week 4”

  1. This process has been wonderful for me to determine who I am with regard to image. Thanks for sharing your talent and insight.

  2. I love clothes! My closet is splitting at the seams, I’d guess you’d say I’m shopaholic! What I’m going to do with all of the pieces that I need to get rid of? I’ve taken a lot to consignment a store, I need to stop buying! HELP!!!

  3. I would love a capsule wardrobe list to stick to….keep it simple stupid for me 🙂
    I get tired of wearing jeans/tennis shoes (needed for arch support and to fit my custom orthotics) and would like some other casual pant options that make an aging, ie pancake backside flattering.
    I think limiting myself to the capsule would feel liberating and I would not always be looking at something unnecessary, outside of the ‘sule’ 🙂 I do have a closet full of things I don’t wear or don’t know how to pair.

  4. What happened to the “Facebook LIVE Q&A on Wednesday, October 23rd from 7:30 – 8:30 EST”?
    I looked all over the place for it at the time. I’ve never participated in such an event but couldn’t figure out where it was. Did it happen? I was really disappointed to miss it. If you could next time leave instructions with the date/time on how to get to it that would be very appreciated.

  5. I can’t wait for the capsule wardrobe list! Super easy. One for casual mommy-ing and one for professional work days would be amazing!

    This process has been one worth doing. I feel like now that I am in my late 30’s and have two small children I need to get rid of that dress I went dancing in when I was 21 and heels I can’t even walk in anymore and trade up for a pair of spanx leather leggings and cute top. I really appreaite your insight on how to pair items together and the links to purchase. Very helpful for the women who hates (and I mean HATES) to shop.


    • I can relate! I’m 37 and have an eight month old. I got the Spanx “leather” leggings about six months ago and I love them! Hot top, they run small. I’m usually a size 8-10 and I wear a XL. They are great under a short casual dress or a long sweater. Another hot top, thrift stores are bursting with great clothes right now. Everyone is getting rid of good stuff. I go in looking for baby clothes and usually come out with a few pieces for myself as well.

  6. I loved this assignment!! I was feeling in a rut with my outfits, but after perusing my Pinterest boards, I quickly came up with 7 or 8 new outfits from pieces I already have! I can already tell just from those 7 or 8 outfits that they will inspire even more! <3

  7. This has been great. The big eye opening moment was when I realised that my wardrobe didn’t look anything like my Pinterest boards. The result of shopping without a plan, looking to brighten my self up and the dreaded “it will do” purchases. Time for the heavily patterned tops to go and in comes the more classic neutrals as per my board.
    Thank you for giving me a plan.

  8. THANK YOU for leading us through this exercise! I had let myself fall into a sad routine of wearing the same things every week instead of actually making outfits with my capsule and accessories. After taking a look at my wardrobe, I realize that I am actually in good shape. I need a new pair of white sneakers and I really want to add a pair of red side-zip pants to the mix or perhaps red jeans might work better since mostly I wear casual outfits that I can take to more polished with accessories. The pants would work with both my winter base of black and my summer base of navy.

  9. Love the idea a searching for “one piece” on Pinterest for outfit ideas. I don’t need anything new, I just need to figure out what to do with what I already have in my closet!

  10. Here’s another tip for searching Pinterest – by adding an extra descriptor, you can narrow the search results; so you can search “black jeans outfits over 40” or “black jeans outfits plus size” or “black jeans outfits curvy” or something like that to try and get more specific results.

  11. My closet looks so great and now it is easy to find everything. I even got organizers for my bras and underwear…amazing how good it feels!
    Thank you for being so helpful and encouraging!

    • Everyone who answered all of the membership questions have been approved. All questions need to be answered so I can make sure we do not allow spam accounts into the group.

  12. Every thing you read, it says your colours change once you let your hair go gray? Could you do a article on this. Do you go deep, lighter in your colours. Enjoy reading your daily newsletter. Thank you


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