What to Buy at Sephora’s Spring Sale

If I could walk into one store right now, it would be Sephora. It’s the only retailer I prefer to shop in person. I am an online shopping connoisseur, but I love the in-store experience at Sephora.

I can spend hours getting lost walking up and down the aisles. And don’t get me started on the pure joy that is their checkout line, that snakes around, wrapping you in sample sizes of everything you never knew you needed.

When I leave, with my glossy black bag filled with goodies, I’m convinced for a brief moment that when I use these new products, I will emerge as a better, more beautiful version of myself. lol.

Right now is their Spring Savings Event. It’s marketed as a sale for “Insiders.” 

What does that mean? 

Nothing special, you just have to sign up for their rewards program. If you’re not an insider, sign up on their site before you start shopping. It’s easy, it’s free and they don’t bug you about anything. 

This sale is different in that the discounts vary based off  your Insider level, and your Insider level is determined by your annual spend. 

If you’re just getting started you’re called an Insider and get 10% off, if you’re VIP  you get 15% off, and if you’re what they call Rouge you get 20% off. The more you spend annually, the great the discount you’ll receive. 

Regardless of which level you are, use the code SPRINGSAVE at check out. 

My Favorites 

For today’s post, I literally stood in my bathroom and looked up all of my favorite products to see if you can grab them on sale. Most of these you’ve heard me talk about countless times, others I started using a few months ago and am happy to recommend. 

Please note, unlike all of my other posts, I am not including the price of these because the sale price will vary based on your discount and part of our regulation as bloggers is that if I post the price, it has to be as accurate as possible. 

Also, I hope this goes without saying, while I do spend on better beauty products, I don’t buy all of these at once. Some products I have to replenish every month, most require only once or twice a year.

Below, I broke this down into Skincare, and then Makeup, Fragrance and Tools.

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What to Buy At Sephora's Spring Sale

If you’ve been following for any amount of time, you know I spend a lot of time focusing on healthy skin. I’m 40 years old, with sensitive skin, and dealt with terrible cystic acne – as an adult – for many years.

Skin issues profoundly impacted my self-confidence. It wasn’t until I got my skin issues under control that I felt confident enough to put my face on the blog, so I am more than happy to spend here and save in other areas.

Now, my skin has never looked better. (Another reason why I’m so loyal to these products.)

Sephora’s Spring Savings: Skincare 

Drunk Elephant Jelly Cleanser  – I’ve been using this for two months, and it’s fantastic. You only use it at night as a way to deep clean your skin from daily pollutants and grim. Right now, I’m using it every few nights because we’re staying home. It’s also great after a sweaty workout. I imagine, as we get back to normal this summer, it will feel wonderful rinsing off sunscreen and grim from the day. 

Tatcha Oil Cleanser  – By far my favorite gentle cleanser. It quickly removes makeup, and cleanses skin without stripping it of moisture. For sensitive skin, it’s a dream. I’ve been using this for years. 

Drunk Elephant Waterfacial Mask – I was looking for a new night cream when I discovered this  “Waterfacial Mask.” It’s not a mask at all, rather, it’s a thick (but not too thick) ultra hydrating cream you put on right before bed. It’s not sticky, it doesn’t clog pores, it just leaves my skin looking and feeling soft and smooth. Search is over. 

Drunk Elephant Night Serum – When I ordered the above cream, it came with a sample size of this “Night Serum.” Not one to ever let a product go untested, I followed the directions and applied it to my skin before bed, layered right under the “mask.” It has helped even out my skin tone and softens some acne scarring. My skin looked noticeably brighter the very first morning after I used it.

Drunk Elephant Sunscreen – A simple sunscreen for your face with SPF 30 that absorbs quickly and doesn’t mess with your makeup. 

Dr. Barbara Sturm Eye Cream – The upfront price of this is steep, BUT, it lasts almost a year which is just about when it would expire. This is another long time favorite of mine. After consistent use, the lines around my eyes are minimal, and what is there has softened. 

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Goop Morning Skin Super Powder – I put two of these packets in my water every, single morning. It’s filled with vitamin C and E, CoQ10, and a bunch of other ingredients that are good for your skin and general health. I actually buy them from the Goop website and have them on auto delivery. I know, I feel you rolling your eyes, it’s okay, I know. 

Beautyblender -Beautyblenders are expensive (usually $20 for a little sponge), so if you use them, or are hanging onto one that you know you should replace, pick a few up now.

Caudalie Detox Mask – This is the one mask I go back to time and time again. It’s affordable, gentle and effective. I use it a few times a week because it only takes 5 minutes to do, so you feel like you indulged but you didn’t waste any time. 

Makeup, Fragrance and Brushes

What to Buy At Sephora's Spring Sale

One of the many benefits of focusing on skin health is you don’t require much in terms of make up. You’ll never see me “baking” or conturing to an inch of my life. I like to see my skin come through, freckles and all.

You have seen all of these on here before. These are my everyday, go-to, 5 minute face essentials. 

Sephora’s Spring Savings: Makeup, Fragrance and Tools 

Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick – I use this foundation stick every day. What’s great about it is that it isn’t heavy, or cakey. You can build for the kind of coverage you want (use a BeautyBlender for easy application). The best thing about Bobbi Brown is the array of skin tones. It’s truly inclusive. You can be pale as a ghost like me, or have deep and dark skin and get precisely what you need.

Sephora Collection Brush Set – They call this the “uncomplicated brush set.” How perfect is that? It’s under $50 and has everything you need to quickly get the most out of your application. 

Benefit Hoola Matte Bronzer – I have been using this bronzer since I was in my twenties. For my skin tone, it looks natural. If you just want a healthy glow you seriously don’t need any other product. And it lasts forever. 

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RMS Beauty Signature Set – I have two of these compacts, one lives in my bag and one lives in my bathroom. It has everything you need for a quick, natural face, and is ideal for touch ups on the go. 

Jo Malone Peony and Suede Blush – This has been my signature scent for several years. It’s just lovely and I am forever complimented on it. 

Benefit ka-Brow – Brows are EVERYTHING. They shape your face, and make you look youthful, happy and healthy.  As I’ve aged, my eyebrows have disappeared. This product helps you quickly define them, in a very natural way. I use it every single day. 

Wander Beauty Mascara – Get super natural looking, long lashes that don’t smudge or look ridiculous. 

Bobbi Brown Face Primer Moisturizer – I don’t use a primer every day, especially right now, but when you need your makeup to go on and stay in place, a layer of primer first will help.

Kosas Lipstick – I adore this non toxic, hight pigment lipstick from Kosas. “Electra” is my go to red, and “Rosewater” is a feminine pink based neutral I like for everyday. 

Other posts you may like: I broke down my nighttime skincare routine a while ago, you’ll see many of these products featured. The point, however, was to discuss the best order to apply your products – so use whatever works best for you. 

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What to Buy at Sephora\'s Spring Sale

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