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What to Buy at Old Navy

What to Buy at Old Navy

As a content creator committed to size-inclusivity, Old Navy is one of the few retailers that make my job a little easier by offering are range of sizes, including regular (or missy), tall, petite, and women (or plus), with incredible prices before they layer on a promotional discount.

Often, when I wear one of their pieces, it’s the one I get complimented on the most. 

My best advice is to layer these with your better-quality pieces to create a timeless, classic look. 

Wear a better shoe, carry your best bag, and incorporate your jewelry. The key to dressing well on a reasonable budget is knowing where to splurge, spend, and save, and mixing high and lower-priced pieces.

The only real challenge when shopping at Old Navy is their volume of inventory. So it’s important to know what you need and what works for you.

Otherwise, you’ll be overwhelmed. 

Of course, I’m here to help!

I focus on casual basics, lounge, and activewear. And this time of year, I like lightweight sweaters, novel tops, jeans, and the occasional dress.

Skip their accessories and shoes; they will cheapen your look. 

Let’s go shopping. 

What to Buy at Old Navy in April

Today you can take an additional 50% off at check out, so these prices are crazy good. The sale ends tonight. 

Knowing what you are looking for and the pieces you already have, here are my picks for Spring: 

Shaker Stitch Cardigan Sweater

Old Navy shaker Stitch cardigan in cream

Shaker Stitch Cardigan Sweater, $45 (plus 50% off at checkout, ends today)

Jenni Kayne is a gorgeous brand of clothes. We love her backless mules and she is known for her knitwear, specifically her boyfriend cardigan.

But they are priced at about $300 a piece, and while I would argue they are worth every penny, it’s not realistic that we have a closet full of them. 

If you like that look, ON’s Shaker Stitch Cardigan Sweater has a similar style. 

I ordered this in the cream, but it’s also available in a soft pink and yellow, in sizes XS – 4X including tall sizes. With the discount it’s only $22

Pair with jeans, shorts or throw it over a casual dress. (options below). 

High Waisted Ankle Jeans

Old Navy high waisted white jeans

High Waisted Ankle Jeans, $40 (plus 50% off at checkout, ends today)

Twenty bucks for white jeans? How do you say no? 

I wear white jeans to death this time of year, so having a few on hand helps me make outfits easily, one pair can be in the wash and another is in the closet ready to go. 

A straight leg is a versatile style, that flatters most body types and boy do I love a high waisted pant. 

I would absolutely wear these jeans with the cream sweater above and tan sandals. 

Available in 00 – 30 in regular and tall sizes. 

High Waisted Chino Pants

Old Navy High Waisted olive chinos

High Waisted Chino Pants, $40 (plus 50% off at checkout, ends today)

Another $20 pant (with the discount at checkout) are these High Waisted Chino’s available in a ton of colors. 

Earlier this season we talked about How to Wear Olive Pants Three Ways. You can use these chino’s in green if you want to recreate some of those looks. 

We also did a feature on How to Wear Classic Chino’s and NOT Look Frumpy, these come in two neutral options, and either will work in those looks as well. 

Available in regular, tall and petite in XS – 4X

Clip-Dot Midi Dress

Old Navy Clip Dot Midi Dress in Poppy

Clip-Dot Midi Dress, $45 (plus 50% off at checkout, ends today)

I don’t always love a Midi Dress, but I do appreciate the need for one, especially if you’re not a fan of shorts. 

I like the neckline, and the puckering at the waist of this one, it’s a more flattering shape then the tent shaped dresses we’re seeing everywhere. 

The top of this dress will work best on you if you are small up top, so narrow shoulders and a small bust. I would skip if you are broad and full busted. 

Wear a flat casual shoe with this, no pumps, no wedges. It’s meant to be easy and relaxed. 

I’m featuring the color “poppy” but I ordered the black because I’m me.

Conversely, I also ordered this bright pink dress, with a gorgeous neckline. It’s very outside my stye comfort zone but I think I’ll be happy I have it this summer, 

Available in sizes regular, petite and tall in sizes XS – 4X.

Printed Midi Dress

Old Navy Purple printed midi dress

Printed Midi Dress, $45 

Another dress option, very similar to the previous dress, only this one comes in two pattern options, a purple floral (above) and yellow. 

The top of this is a bit cleaner, but still better if you have narrow shoulders and a small bust. 

Available in regular and tall, in XS – 4X.

StretchTech Skort

Old Navy STretchTech skort in blue

StretchTech Skort, $30 

This skort is selling out quickly so sizes and colors are limited. 

It’s a fantastic deal at $15 (with discount at checkout). I love a skort in the summer, especially if you’re active, maybe you go for a long walk in the morning or you’re running after kids. 

Available in sizes XS – 4X.

Vintage Shorts & Sweatshirt

Old Navy Vintage Shorts and Sweatshirt

Vintage Shorts, $20 |  Sweatshirt, $30

For early summer mornings, sipping coffee outside, or to slip into at the end of a busy day, I love a short and sweatshirt set, and this one is fab.

And with the discount, BOTH pieces TOGETHER are $25. 

I stocked up and bought the panther (above) and the “mollusk” – a pretty neutral. 

Available in regular, tall and petite, in XS – 4X. Vintage Shorts here, Sweatshirt, here.

Wide Leg Linen Pants

Old Navy Wide Leg Linen Pants in Black

Wide Leg Linen Pants, $40 

I really like these Wide Leg Linen Pants, available in black, green and a fun bright blue. 

These are wonderful if you don’t like shorts, and need a bottom for warm weather. 

You can dress these up or down. Pair with a simple tee and casual flats. Or dress up with silk shell, your better sandals and some jewelry. 

Available in regular and tall in XS – 4X.

Shirred Blouse

Old Navy White Shirred Blouse

Shirred Blouse, $35 

You can pick this simple shirred blouse up in a few colors, but I think the white looks the most expensive.

When you want to wear your jeans or shorts with something better than a tee-shirt, this is what you wear.

It serves the same purpose while elevating the look. Wear a high-waisted bottom, and keep the buttons undone to create an open neckline. 

I would half tuck to create a longer line to your leg. 

Available in regular, tall and petite, in XS – 4X

Seersucker Babydoll Swing Blouse

Old Navy Red Babydoll Seersucker Swing Blouse

Seersucker Babydoll Swing Blouse, $27 

Finally for pop of color, this Seersucker Babydoll Swing Blouse is available in few colors, including red, a poppy pink, and of course white and black. 

Another top option you should wear with a high-waisted bottom.

I would add a simple necklace to contrast the crew neckline, like this chain from Madewell

The seersucker material gives the top texture and creates visual interest.

Pair with the white jeans above or a pair of clean lined shorts for a complete look. 

Available in regular, tall and petite, in XS – 4X.

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What to Buy at Old Navy

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Monday 4th of April 2022

I have been a fan of Old Navy for many years and I'm 57! Thanks to you, I have learned to mix their items with other brands to create a much more well rounded, classic style. I agree with you 85% of the time to skip their shoes but have had luck a few time thru the years with a great fake. I have a pair of "suede" heeled booties and a pair of "snake skinned" mules that I get many compliments on. I spend time with my husband in NY for work often and he even comments on how appropriate the mules look in NY.


Monday 4th of April 2022

Just ordered the black midi dress, the sweater in yellow, and the white jeans. I picked up that shirred blouse in white and black last week, as well as the pink dress! I sized down in the blouse and got a medium instead of my usual large. Stuck with the large in the dress, but I think the cute little sleeves might drive me crazy, as they seem to slip down easily. Any tips for helping them stay up? Could a tailor tighten the elastic?


Monday 31st of January 2022

This post was worth reading for this line alone: "The goal is not to look like a bear mauled you." You crack me up. :-)


Monday 31st of January 2022

I would LOVE to see some of the pieces & outfits on actual people - can we have a fashion show? I'm wearing a cardigan today & feel like I am looking VERY old-fashioned (like a school marm) instead of smart & on trend.

Megan Kristel

Monday 31st of January 2022

Are you in our Private Facebook Group? We share lots of real life pictures and everyone is happy to give kind, constructive feedback and tips.

Tracy Gray

Monday 13th of December 2021

I never think of old navy as a possible shipping site for clothes for myself. I have purchased items there before for my daughters So thank you for this!!

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