Wear to Work: Hot Pink Blazer

If you’re starting to feel “blah” about your current work wardrobe situation, now is a good time to shake it up a bit. Sometimes an update is as simple adding one new, cool piece — something that adds a twist to the pieces you already own. 

I call these “novelty pieces.” A novelty piece is the opposite of a basic, but just as important. They add interest, help you look modern, and add a stylish element. They offer loads of impact, especially if most of your wardrobe is composed of simple basics.

Today we’re using a bold pink double-breasted blazer. I’m crazy about this outfit, like, I would wear it today if I had to go any place more interesting than my home office. 

All the pieces we’re featuring today have loads of mix and match potential. Think of this as a mini capsule. This is one way to wear these pieces, but you can get some dangerous life out of every piece. 


Hot Pink Blazer Outfit to Wear to Work

Blazer, $57  |  Joggers, $49  |  Blouse, $59  |  Slingbacks, $119  |  Satchel, $128  |  Earrings, $210

I started with a double-breasted blazer in a gorgeous hot pink. This one by Topshop is all sorts of cool. If you like this one be aware of their sizing. It runs a full size small, so if you wear a 10, pick up a 12.

It’s on sale for $57. Generally, you don’t want to invest much in novelty pieces. This one happens to look more sophisticated than it’s price tag. 

Other options to consider: Banana Republic did a classic one button blazer in an equally pretty hue (all sizes available).  

You can pair it with any slimmer lined black pants you already own.  Make sure you use a slim pant to balance the volume of the blazer, otherwise your outfit will look oversized.

If you opt for the BR option, you could wear an updated bootcut like the Talbots “barely bootcut” we featured last month

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Or you can up the style factor even more and use a “dressy” pair of joggers. These are different than the sweatpant version we worked with last week. They are made of a ponte stretch knit, so they are equally comfortable, but have a better, more office appropriate hand. 

I wear a version of these frequently, with various blouses and blazers. Every time I put them on, I feel like I know what I’m doing. For under $60 you can build out your outfit options. They work with everything you would wear with a classic black trouser. 

When I discover a layering piece worth sharing, I shout it from the rooftop. Why is it so hard to find a simple, basic well made shell or tank to wear under blazers and cardigans that aren’t $400? 

Buy this Gibson tank at Nordstrom immediately if you need a base layer for under suits and separate jackets. It’s $59 and comes in 11 different colors and patterns. Easy-peasy. 

For shoes, this look is screaming for an airy pump, so a slingback and ankle strap would work well. I went with these Pour La Victoire slingbacks in black velvet on sale for $112. They are a classic style with a wearable heel. Definitely a piece you’ll use a lot.

This, a tailored satchel from Ann Taylor will neatly fit all of your daily must haves and probably work with most pieces you already own. 

Finally, I used a more expensive earring. I’m trying to offer a variety of price points throughout this series. Personally, I’d rather have one cool pair of earrings I wear often than a drawer full of cheap options.  I love the modern feel of these gold and opal backward huggers.  They are subtle and add a little edge. 



Weekend Inspiration: Jeans and a Blazer

Weekend Inspiration: Just Jeans and a Blazer - The Well Dressed Life

The text chains between my girlfriends and me an hour before we’re supposed to meet for a night out are always focused on what we are wearing.

“What are you wearing?”

“I don’t know, what are you wearing?”

Then we try on a bunch of things until someone says, “Just jeans and a blazer.”

And we all wear some version of just jeans and a blazer.

Honestly, I love jeans and a blazer. Am I basic? Probably. But there’s something comfortable and classic about it. You’re not too dressed up, and not too casual. The blazer pulls you in at the waist. The jeans keep things from feeling like you’re going to work and by adding a glam shoe and accessories, you create the depth and contrast. It’s a winning formula.

How to Wear Jeans and a Blazer

Weekend Inspiration: Just Jeans and a Blazer

Blazer, $98  |  Jeans, $90 (plus option here)  |  Tank, $5  |  Heels, $120  |  Clutch  |  Necklace, $117  |  Ring, $75

You would think this is an easy look to pull together, and it is, but there are a few things to keep in mind.  The pieces you combine are important. So often, when I worked with clients, they would be frustrated because they tried to recreate a look with pieces from their closets, and it didn’t look right.

The key to pulling this look off is all in the blazer. You need to make sure you are using a separate jacket, not a jacket from a suit, or something in a set.  There is a huge difference between a standard suit jacket, and a blazer. The fabric and cuts are designed for different purposes.  So be sure as you’re building out your wardrobe that you have one or two blazers.


The Blazer

I like this white cotton blend jacket at Nordstrom (under $100). It’s available in 00 – 18 including petite in four colors. When working with a look like this, keep the jacket to only one or two buttons. It creates a better shape. Need plus? Talbots has a similar fit on sale.

You could also use this as cardigan-alternative for the office. You can roll the sleeves to show off the lining if you wear a top of the same color; otherwise I would keep them to your wrist. Want something longer? I still love this boyfriend blazer we featured a few years ago. It’s a great find at a great price. I would grab them in black and white.


You can wear your favorite jeans with this look. I happen to like a lived in light wash jean paired with other more “dressy” elements. It doesn’t feel fussy, but I would just as quickly wear these with a dark pair of straight or skinny jeans.  (Take a peek at our Denim Closet for our reader’s favorite pairs.)

For today’s look I picked these boyfriend jeans by KUT (under $100) also available in plus. They’re nice for this time of year  with a pair of high heels or simple white sneakers.

What to Wear Underneath

If you’re not taking your jacket off, and in this case you don’t have to because the blazer is so light, go with an expensive tank. You can find these anywhere you like, Old Navy, Target, or like we did today, H&M for $5.  Don’t spend on basic tanks and tees. I’ve spent $100s on what other bloggers claim or the best white tank, and guess what?  They are almost always see through. These are always in the save category.


Sometimes you need a gold heel.  I like these because the have a conservative shape and an ultra glam finish.  If you have these in your closest, you’ll wear them.  For a few other options, I like these D’Orsay pumps that are on sale, and these more subtle pumps with a lower heel from Nine West, also on sale for under $50.

Clutch, Necklace and Ring

The accessories in this outfit are important. I love this clutch. We’ve featured it before. It adds texture while bringing some gold up the look.  For the necklace, you want something with length to enhance the line of the blazer. It should fit in between the collar and end before it hits the button. The shape of the necklace is modern and adds almost an architectural element.

As for the ring, it’s just rather fabulous. I want to start wearing more fun rings. I wear the same every day, never thinking to swap something out. Am I a ring girl? I don’t know. We’ll see. I think if I had this one, I could figure it out.

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Springtime Blazers for Work

Springtime Blazers for Work - The Well Dressed Life

You would think, the longer I do this, the easier it would be to come up with content.  But it’s the opposite. After working with clients for a decade, and writing daily style tips for three years, there are times when nothing feels fresh and exciting.

So I’m always happy to receive questions and comments from readers.  If you have a question, I guarantee a few thousand other women do as well.  Focusing on your needs makes my time writing much more productive. Instead of spending time thinking about what to write about, I can focus entirely on finding solutions to any of your challenges.

That’s what we’re doing for the next few weeks as we work through the questions you’ve posted over the past month.  For today’s post, we talking lightweight springtime blazers for work.

I’m not much of a light sweater person when layering and more of a stylish jacket or blazer. I think I like the structure of the jacket/blazer. Do you have any recommendations for light jackets/blazers for the spring/summer?” – Laura


Laura, I will always pick a blazer over a cardigan.  You’re right, they add some much needed structure to an outfit and really pull together a look, which is especially important for work.  

Spring and summer appropriate blazers are tricky.  If you want the best selection of style and price points, now is the time to shop.

Springtime Blazers for Work

One, $74  |  Two, $168  |  Three, $118  |  Four $111  |  Five, $130  |  Six, $111  |  Seven, $128

For the sake of today’s post I kept the price under $200 and made sure there was not only size variety but color within each style.  I also wanted these to be extremely wearable. 

Almost all of these picks can go with jeans, classic black or white pants, patterned pants, a sheath or a straight line skirt.

One, $74:  Mural makes a nice blazer for under $100. The open, no button detail keeps it casual but you still get structure.  The elongated front detail will pull the line of the body inward, visually creating a slimming shape.  Available in black, white (above), taupe and rust in XS – XL.  Runs small.

Two, $168:  I’ve always loved J.Crew style, but for awhile their quality and size selection wasn’t great.  Over the past few seasons I’ve been pleasantly surprised by both.  Especially their sizes, which now go from 00 – 20.  This cotton linen blazer is available in white, deep water (above), red and black.  Because of the length, it will work best with any kind of trousers or jeans.

Three, $118: This chambray blazer by LOFT is so lovely and perfect for spring.  Pair with dark navy, white or denim bottoms.  Available in sizes 4-18 in regular and petite and in plus here.

Four $111: You have to search for it, but every now and then Talbots has an item that is updated, classic and doesn’t look like Talbots.  Like this notched-collar blazer that comes in blue (above) and black. It will easily be that piece you keep grabbing out of your closet. I special shout out to their commitment to inclusive sizing. This blazer is available in sizes 2 -18 in regular and petite and 14 – 24 in plus.

Five, $130:  I love a boyfriend blazer with jeans in a casual or creative office.  You can take an outfit that would look frumpy with a long cardigan, swap it for a boyfriend blazer, and instantly look effortlessly cool.  I have a similar style I picked up a few years ago and pretty much wear it to death.  This style is only available in black, in sizes 0 – 14.  

Six, $111: With this knit blazer, also by Talbots, you get the look and benefit of the structure of a blazer, but the comfort of cardigan or sweater. Because the fabric is inherently casual, you want to pair it with other casual pieces, like stretch cotton or denim.  If you wear it with more formal items, you will look disjointed. Available in cherry tomato (above), iris, black and white, in any size you need.

Seven, $128: Finally, there is nothing quite like the look of a double breasted blazer. The key to wearing this is to keep it simple, just a classic pair of jeans or black slim pants.  Because the buttons are the star of the piece, avoid prints and patterns.  LOFT is also killing it with sizes. This style is available in regular and petite in sizes 00 – 14 and in plus in sizes 20 -26.

Have a question?  Be sure to add them in the comments and we’ll feature it in an upcoming post.

Wear to Work: Halogen Raw Edge Tweed Jacket

Wear to Work: Halogen Raw Edge Jacket - The Well Dressed Life

Apparently, black and navy is a controversial color combination. A fact I didn’t know until a few years back when I tried to tell a client that she could wear her black heels with her very dark navy pants. She was aghast, and I had no idea why. I eventually convinced her that it was entirely appropriate, considering the blouse she was wearing was a black and navy pattern. I left the appointment as I did so frequently, wondering how such a silly job could be so mentally draining.

The fact is there are a lot of old-fashioned sartorial rules that we just don’t have to follow anymore, like wearing white after Labor Day and matching your bag with your shoes. What’s so interesting to me is how some style no-no’s are now considered chic options. Pairing black with navy is a sophisticated color combination and is so easy to pull together.

Today’s jacket is one my most favorite statement jackets in a long time. The price is right. I’ve seen similar styles for $350+. It’s a solid buy now, wear now and later piece. I bought it to freshen up my corporate capsule wardrobe, which makes getting dressed and packing for a trip so easy.

Wear to Work: Halogen Raw Edge JacketJacket, $129

There aren’t a ton of ways to wear this but that doesn’t mean it won’t be in constant rotation. It goes with all sorts of jeans paired with a white shell, or a black tank and skirt combination.  But I’ll probably get the most wear out of it with a simple pant and pumps.

Wear to Work: Halogen Raw Edge JacketPants, $79  | Jacket, $129|  Tank, $6  |  Heels, $75  |  Bag, $48  |  Earrings, $78

Isn’t this so good?

Because the jacket mixes navy, black and white, I strategically used those colors throughout the look.  I used a classic black tapered pant to keep the look clean.  You could wear any style pant, but I would keep it black instead of navy.  To lighten the look, a simple white tank works well.  You don’t need anything fancy here.  I like this jersey tank from H&M (it’s $6).  If you’d like something with a better drape, we’ve featured this Ann Taylor Shell for months and it’s always a reader favorite.  It comes in four colors and an array of sizes.

Where I really get excited is the bag and shoes.  The heels are by Boden ($75) and they are gorgeous.  The navy is rich, and the scallop trim on the side add a feminine detail that works well with the jacket.  They are also available in seven colors and patterns, one better than the next.  Since you’re taking this to the office, I used a tote ($48) that you can slide your computer into with plenty of room for all your daily essentials.  Finally, super simple, but dynamic stud earrings are all you need.  Too much jewelry will fight with the jacket.  Your look will still have wonderful depth because the shoes have texture, the colors work well and the jacket has so much detail.

Size Options:

I like this Talbots tweed jacket that mixes black and navy in a flattering cut.  Available in an impressive range of sizes: Missy, Petite, Woman, and Woman’s Petite.

For pants, Vince Camuto did a similar style in sizes 14W – 24W. On Sale for $53.

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