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I dislike most style blogs.

I find them unrelatable to the point of offense.

Do you know anyone who wears Louboutins to go to Starbucks, like it’s no big deal?

Who has never ending disposable income? Am I the only one saving for college?

Why do bloggers pose in fields out in the middle of no where?

How do they afford $4000.00 handbags?

How are they all so skinny when they are always taking pictures of donuts?  They can’t be eating them.  Which is a waste of a delicious donut.

I don’t get it. I don’t understand who they are targeting, but I know millions of women are following them.

What about the rest of us?

What about busy, high functioning, brilliant, hardworking, accomplished women? What about women looking for straightforward, digestible advice when it comes to fashion and style?  What about women who live in the very uncurated real world?

Welcome to The Well Dressed Life.

We’re not your typical fashion blog, and that may be the best news you’ve heard all day.

We focus on real women, all women, regardless of shape, size, skin tone and lifestyle. Our common ground is in our priorities. Our readers fill their days multitasking. They’re balancing career, motherhood, relationships, family and friends, and doing a pretty great job. They have no time to waste but want to look and feel their best. They are just as happy in a Target tee shirt as they are in a designer dress.  Life for our readers is all about balance.

Our goal is to be your online, truth telling girlfriend.  We like to think that we’re on your patio, with a glass of wine, sharing our expertise.  We are all in this together, and hope that this little space is a fun, thoughtful and help part of your day.

We promise to:

 Always keep it real.

Only promote what we love.

Give you fresh content that fits into your life.

Megan and Girls

Hi, I’m Megan Kristel. I’m a former fashion buyer turned personal stylist and image consultant and now, blogger. In 2007, I started an image consulting agency, Kristel Closets, Inc. Almost overnight we became one of the top firms in the country. Our team currently serves Philadelphia, South Jersey, Northern New Jersey/New York Metro, Deleware, and Washington D.C. Metro.

I created The Well Dressed Life to stay in touch with our personal style clients. Early on I realized that I had a unique advantage. Every day, our clients asked our team about fit, fashion, style and where to shop. We kept hearing the same issues over and again. I wondered if our clients had these questions and concerns, would other women around the country have them too?

So, in January of 2015, we redesigned the blog and committed to daily content. Our goal is simple. We want to create the go-to resource for women of all shapes, sizes, and lifestyles looking for straightforward, easy to use style and fashion advice.

Here, you’ll find lots of style tips, inspiration, and product recommendations. But, since we believe that living a Well Dressed Life means more than just looking pretty, we also touch on bigger topics. We cover self-care and mindfulness, career and business advice, and tips on how to stay productive and organized. We’ll cover just about anything important to the modern woman.

The Well Dressed Life Blog Post Samples

What’s my deal?

I have loved fashion for as long as I can remember but for reasons that may surprise you. As a kid, I was tall, lanky, freckled and pale as a ghost. In grade school, I was bullied, because of my appearance. The years of teasing, ridicule, and mean jokes took their toll on my confidence and self-esteem. One day, I stumbled upon an issue of Seventeen magazine that featured an article on model Niki Taylor. In it, she talked about how she hated being tall. Then one day her mom showed her pictures of other tall girls in magazines, who all happen to be models. That one little article changed my life.

I wanted to learn more about the other tall, lanky girls so I started reading fashion magazines. When I read them, I didn’t feel so alone, or freakish, which I felt almost all the time. The glamor, fantasy, and beauty of the fashion world exposed me to people, places, and cultures I never knew existed. Learning about designers, editors, photographers and models, who often mentioned who they felt like misfits growing up, made me feel like I found a community. But, what made is happiest is when I discovered that you could change who you were with fashion. In my case, as I tried new styles, I ended up discovering who I was.

Fashion was transformative for me. It helped me find myself, my voice and rebuilt my confidence.

These days, I’m a busy 36-year-old wife and mother. I have two beautiful, kindhearted and brilliant little girls. I’m an avid home cook, bookworm, and a wannabe fitness enthusiast. I am a compulsive organizer. Should you see me walking around my house with a label maker, you should run. I go to Starbucks in my yoga pants. I have Louboutins, but they make me walk like a newborn fawn, so they don’t get out much.

I don’t think your image is everything. There is more to focus on in life than clothes, but, everything doesn’t have to be so serious. Fashion is fun. Finding women who share your mindset is empowering. Discovering your style can increase your confidence, and there is nothing more powerful than a confident woman.

I hope our little blog is a helpful stop for tips, tricks, and inspiration during your busy day. Please comment, ask questions and share what works for you so we can make this a real community.

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