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Hi there!

I’m Megan Kristel, an entrepreneur, working mom, and former image consultant and personal stylist turned blogger and professional speaker. In 2006, I started Kristel Closets, Inc. (KCI) when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter. Much to my surprise, KCI quickly became one of the top personal shopping and image consulting companies in the country. I spent the last decade helping busy women like you define their styles and create wardrobes they love. KCI revolutionized the image business, and our three-step process became the gold standard in our industry.

Originally, this blog was a useful marketing tool and a way for me to connect with customers and build up our client list. Today, The Well Dressed Life is my primary focus. I wanted to create a go-to resource for women of all shapes and sizes looking for straightforward, simple advice on style and fashion. I was able to leverage my decades of experience in the industry and eventually attracted a fantastic, highly engaged audience.

Our readers spend their days multitasking. They balance their careers, relationships, families, and friends, and they are doing a pretty great job at it. They have no time to waste but want to look and feel their best. They are just as happy in a Target tee shirt as they are in a designer dress. Life for our readers is all about balance, value, and practicality without having to sacrifice style, so that’s what we try to reflect in our content.

Here, you’ll find lots of style tips, inspiration, and product recommendations. However, since we believe that living a well-dressed life means more than just looking pretty, we also touch on bigger topics. We cover self-care and mindfulness, career and business advice, and tips on how to stay productive and organized. We’ll cover just about anything relevant to the modern woman.

In addition to managing our blog and writing all the daily content, I recently opened a small online boutique featuring a curated selection of chic, well-priced casual pieces designed to help our readers fill their void of “cute weekend clothes.” I also travel the country, speaking to audiences about style and how to create a personal brand in person and online.

Thank you so much for stopping by. I’d love for you to join our community. We offer a monthly 30-day Style Challenge, where I walk you through the three-step process I have used for all of our private clients for over ten years. During this challenge, I help you define your style, edit your closet, and build a wardrobe you love – all for free. You can sign up for the next challenge here.

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Do you still work with private clients?

I am no longer taking new in-person clients. However, I do have a small group of private clients, most of whom have been with me since the beginning, that I work with on occasion. If you would like to work together virtually, please see here for how to get started.

How did you get started as a personal stylist?

My career before starting Kristel Closets, Inc. was as a buyer. I bought women’s fashion for a small boutique and worked on the floor as the GM for several years after college. It was there that I learned how to buy, and most importantly, I heard directly from women what their biggest frustrations were around shopping and getting dressed. Mostly, they felt ignored. I loved how I was able to respond almost immediately with a buy tailored to their needs. Right before I launched KCI, I was a buyer for the home shopping network QVC.


I’d like to start an image consulting business like yours; what do you recommend for me to do to get started?

My answer today is very different from the answer I gave a few years ago. I would be cautious, jumping into the traditional one-on-one client approach. Instead, I would try to focus on solving an individual problem utilizing technology. More women are shopping online than ever before, and specialized services like Trunk Club and Stitch Fix are tough competition. At the height of my business, I had three stylists working in three different states. We were successful for a long time, but the landscape changed quickly, and I was fortunate to see it coming and innovate.

Instead of doing things as they were already done, ask yourself how you can solve a problem for your potential clients using innovation.

My daughter would love to get into fashion. What do you recommend as a major?

If she were my daughter, I would highly encourage her to avoid “fashion merchandising” as a major. Instead, try to go to the best business school as much as possible. I was a marketing major, and it has served me incredibly well. I would also suggest a focus on technology. The current state of retail is a mess. Brick and mortar stores are all but dead. The future of retail will be all about branding and the digital space. Finally, the sooner she can get hands-on experience, the better.

Do you offer petite/plus size options in your posts?

Yes. A significant part of creating every post is finding product recommendations that cover as broad a range of sizes as possible. Often, a featured product will have petite, missy, and plus size options. If it doesn’t, I will offer a choice for both in the text of the post. If there is not an alternative, it simply means I could not find an item that I would recommend. Please just know that I am doing my very best to include everyone.

Who is your audience?

According to our analytics, our largest demographic is women ages 35–52 who are mostly employed full-time though some are employed part-time, are married, and are in various phases of motherhood. However, I also hear frequently from moms who are currently at home with little ones and women in their 60s and 70s who enjoy the content.

We’re all bonded by our love of classic styles with modern twists.

Do you accept sponsored posts?

No. My current thought on sponsored content is that it comes across as forced, and I think our readers are too smart for it. I also avoid them because I don’t think it’s worth losing our reader’s confidence for a couple of dollars or free products. I’d rather keep our integrity and be in this for the long run.

Do you receive free clothes?

LOL, no, but sometimes, I wish I did! Seriously, though, I don’t take anything in exchange for a post review or recommendation. I pay for my wardrobe. What you see in my outfit posts are directly from my closet.

How do you make money?

Our posts feature affiliate links, so if you click and purchase from that link, I receive a tiny commission like cents on the dollar. I also receive income from our store, speaking engagements, and consulting work.




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