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What You Need to Know About the Nordstrom Sale

What You Need to Know About the Nordstrom Sale
The Nordstrom Sale is about to begin, and all across the blogosphere, influencers are preparing.
While other creators are scheduling spray tans and prepping to shoot their massive hauls, I resemble more of a bridge troll, locked in my office with a messy bun, multiple computer screens, and endless coffee.
I do things a little different.
So I wanted to take today to let you know what to expect, dates to remember, how our approach is strategic, and answer your questions.

What is the Nordstrom Sale?

The Nordstrom Sale is an annual sale of BRAND NEW Fall merchandise, including clothing, accessories, beauty products and home. This is not a clearance sale.

And while the inventory is heavy with seasonal sweaters, coats, etc., there are a lot of year-round pieces too. 

Is the Nordstrom Sale Worth It? 

Absolutely. Savings range from 30% to 40% off, so it’s a fantastic opportunity to stock up on better basics, especially if you have a few holes in your wardrobe. And it’s also a great way to save on a splurge. 

Looking back at the pieces in my closet that I turn to over and again; almost all of them were purchased at the sale. 

How We Approach the Sale

My approach isn’t as glamorous as other content creators you may follow.

You won’t see me taking selfies in a dressing room or sharing my “haul.”

Why? Because the sale isn’t about me. 

Think about it like this: if you are one of my petite readers, how do you benefit from seeing me, at 5’10, in a new pair of jeans? 

You don’t.

Instead, I take a very strategic approach. I spend hours analyzing every piece of data I have and my knowledge of our community, and I shop the sale for YOU.

There are 55 pages of women’s clothing alone to sort through. 

So when our round-ups go live, know that they have been curated specifically for our audience, as if you are one of our shopping clients.

It’s size-inclusive and done with the same thoughtfulness you’ve come to expect from our daily style content.

And after the sale, you’ll see the items we suggested show up in our outfit ideas, so you have ways to wear them all year long. 

When Can You Start to Shop? 

Everyone can preview the sale starting today. However, no one can purchase during preview. 

Top spending customers and card members are given early access between July 6th – 9th through the 14th. 

On July 15th, the sale opens to the public. 

The most frustrating part of the sale is how fast things sell out, but it’s designed to. 

This year, they promise better fulfillment and replenishment of popular items, so I guess we’ll see. 

How to Get Early Access

Card members get early access, so if you don’t have a card and want one, you can qualify for one here and get into the sale on the 9th. They are also giving a $60 Nordstrom Note to anyone who signs up for a card as a special promotion.

Is the card worth it? 

If Nordstrom is “your store” and you pay your bill off when it comes in, I think it is.

I don’t have store cards to anywhere except Nordstrom. There is no fee, and you get access to the sale, points on what you spend, and bonuses like free alterations depending on your spend level.

I spend more than most because of my job, but the bonus points I earned paid for several Christmas gifts last year. 

Obviously, it’s a personal decision, and you know what is best for your financial life. 

How to Shop the Sale

  1. Shop Online. Don’t go to your local store, it’s an utter waste of time. They won’t have everything and sizes are always limited, especially if you are petite or plus. Returns are easy so don’t worry about it and order more than one size, try something new, etc. 
  2. Join our Private Facebook Group. I share real time, up to date information throughout the duration of the sale here, letting you know about deals and restocks. 
  3.  Follow our calendar below

I dedicate three days of content to the sale, and break each day into three categories that cover everything. 

I start on July 6th when access opens to ICON status.

Most of us can’t shop then, but if there is something you want, add it to your wish list, and once you are able to shop, pop it in your cart and check out. 

And if you are on the hunt for anything specific, let me know in the comments as I’m already knee deep in curating this years offerings. 

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Janet Reinarz

Saturday 2nd of July 2022

I get so overwhelmed with the sale that it paralyzes me. I’d like guidance on what staples and business wardrobe building pieces are worth it. I have a courtroom job and I like classics. I’d also like a fun top or outfit for date night/weekends.


Thursday 30th of June 2022

I wear blazers a lot! I am well stocked on the basics but I am always looking for something in a fun color.


Thursday 30th of June 2022

Hi Megan! I've purchased many things based on your advice from last year's (and the year before's) Nordstrom sale. I'd love to see some dress recommendations - both for the office (knock out professional, and elevated business casual) as well as some fun sporty options for work at home and weekends. I find that I prefer dresses (with a blazer or sweater if needed) these days to trying to sort through all of my options to put together an outfit.

Also love dresses in place of shorts - much cooler and more coverage.

Thanks in advance for sifting through the sale!


Wednesday 29th of June 2022

Winter coats! I have a beautiful wool pea coat for the times I go into the office and a passed down formal coat for the rare occasions I need it. Most of my cold season is spent watching soccer, walking kids to school and I don’t love the really puffy/full of pockets and zipper ones I saw last year.


Wednesday 29th of June 2022

Hi, Megan - I have always enjoyed the pieces I’ve purchased based upon your guidance, and look forward to your Nordstrom sale guidance. This year, I have struggled with the return to office looks. I have a huge array of formal business wear, but very little that both looks a little more polished yet not formal. I wind up in jeans, not feeling like the manager I am. Any tips on Elevated business casual would be helpful.

Thanks! Julia

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