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What to Buy at Banana Republic FACTORY

What to Buy at Banana Republic FACTORY

File this under things I couldn’t say if this were a sponsored post, but it’s not, so here goes: Banana Republic Factory is what Banana Republic used to be, just a few years ago.

It is infinitely better, offering shockingly chic and affordable options. 

I talked earlier this month about how the original Banana Republic has gone off the rails. From their hard-to-navigate website to prices that give even the most desensitized shopper (me) pause.

They still offer classic wardrobe-building pieces, but you’ll spend hours digging through their website and waiting for a sale.

After only a minute on the Banana Republic Factory website, I had a dozen items saved.

I’ve been in retail for 20 years, starting my career as a buyer and eventually running my own businesses, so it takes a lot to get me excited.

But between their styles, size range, and price points, I am genuinely thrilled to share these options.

What to Buy at Banana Republic Factory

What to buy at Banana Republic Factory

So what’s the difference between the Banana Republic and Banana Republic Factory?

Gap Inc owns both.

Banana Republic is their mainstream brand, marketed as a low-end luxury retailer, while Factory is the less expensive version.

And their Factory store is NOT an outlet. Just like J.Crew Factory, the clothing is specifically designed and manufactured for the store.

Here’s where I think they are messing up.

In the case of J.Crew / J. Crew Factory, the merchandise is entirely different.

J.Crew is more sophisticated and elegant, while their Factory store is generally more casual. So it’s easy to shop at both because they each fill a different void. 

But with Banana Republic / Banana Republic Factory, I think they look the same.

For example, you could buy this $500 leather midi skirt at Banana Republic, OR the Factory vegan/faux option, for $55

Maybe this is just because I’m staring down the barrel of having to pay for three college tuitions sooner rather than later, but I’m tired of everything under the sun being so expensive. 

And at the end of the day, this is still a Gap brand, so they need to calm down. 

So let’s go shopping because there are SO MANY good finds at great prices, and there just so happens to be an additional 20% off promo at check out. 

Plaid Coat


Plaid Coat

Plaid Coat, $115 

If we haven’t met, Hi, my name is Megan, and I LOVE coats.

Any coat, but especially “outfit coats,” high-style outer layers that elevate your look. 

And this plaid wrap coat is gorgeous.

 It’s fully lined and available in regular, tall, and petite. 

With 20% off, it’s just under $100. 

Silky Wrap Maxi Dress


Silky Wrap Maxi Dress

Silky Wrap Maxi Dress, $65 

A wrap dress with a high low hem is one of my favorite, universally flattering, yet hard-to-find styles.

So I scooped this up to have on hand for the holidays. I ordered the black above, but I’m wondering if I should get the dusty amethyst too.

Available in regular, tall, and petite in XXS – XL, with the extra 20% off, the dress came to $53.

Pair with strappy velvet heels or slim ankle boots.

Double Breasted Blazer

Double Breasted Blazer

Double Breasted Blazer, $144 

By the time I landed on this blazer, I was overwhelmed, in a good way, by their selection. 

How beautiful!? 

A classic, double-breasted blazer with gold/brass tone buttons, also fully lined. Ugh, it makes my heart sing. 

This is excluded from the promotion but is still under $150. 

It will look great with jeans and brown pants, or if you picked up these brown-coated jeans from KUT at Nordstrom, it would look fab. 

Available in sizes 0 – 20 in regular and petite. 

Cable Sweater

Cable Sweater

Cable Sweater, $50

There are a handful of items I’m almost guaranteed to buy whenever I see them: striped shirts, black turtlenecks, white button-downs, and a new category: cable-knit sweaters.

They are lovely for working at home when I’m tired of being in a sweatsuit.

And they are so easy to wear; pair them with your favorite jeans and ankle boots, and you are dressed for the day.

With the extra 20% off, it’s $40. Old Navy has more expensive sweaters.

Available in white, camel, and black.

Long Hooded Puffer Jacket

Long Hooded Puffer Jacket

Long Hooded Puffer Jacket, $110

I don’t even know what to say. 

This is a water-resistant, fully lined, full-length parka, with details like hidden ribbed cuffs and zippers, that you see in jackets 4Xs this price, and it’s $88. 

I guess I could say I wish it came in black. But this deep purple, called midnight lily, is stunning. And it’s also available in a neutral olive green. 

In regular, tall, and petite in XXS – XXL. 

Pullover Sweater

Pullover Sweater

Pullover Sweater, $30 

This easy crewneck sweater sits away from the body but isn’t boxy or oversized, just a clean and tailored cut. 

Extra nice if you don’t like or can’t wear wool. With the extra 20% off, it’s only $23. 

Available in a fantastic range of colors, including navy, gray, white, camel, and green in regular and petite, in XXS – XL.

Vegan Suede Top

Vegan Suede Top

Vegan Suede Top, $28 

We talk a lot about using texture to create interest and depth in your outfits. And fall is a great time to play with different fabrics. 

This faux suede top is only $23 and will add that extra element of dimension without having to add layers. 

Pair with jeans or your favorite trouser and play around with tucking in or leaving out. 

Available in XXS – XL.

Herringbone Jacket

Herringbone Jacke

Herringbone Jacket, $60 

This drapey moto jacket adds structure to any look while maintaining a casual feel. 

Pair with a white under the piece and any bottom, including denim, chocolate, camel, or black. 

Available in XXS – XXL for under $50 with the 20% off promo.

Low-Rise Bootcut Jeans


Low-Rise Bootcut Jeans, $45 

Before you get scared, these are not the low-rise jeans of our youth. Goodness no. 

They are simply a lower rise jean instead of the popular high rises, that might not work on you. 

For example, often, and inverted triangle body shape will have narrow hips and a short rise, so a low rise in a boot cut will fit your waist and balance out your shoulders. 

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What to Buy at Banana Republic FACTORY

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Tuesday 11th of October 2022

I agree 100% about BRF! I've been shopping there for over 2 years now after my local BR closed in Chadds Ford, PA area. I love their Forever Sweaters - in both crew neck and V neck - great layering sweaters with or without blazers (I just bought 4 - at $35 each). I also love Wide leg pants - and I got their flannel Wide leg pants in black - dress up or down - and the Parc Wide Leg plaid pants. I can't say enough about how great BRF is! The bonus is that by being a GAP Mastercard holder, I never 'pay' for any of the items since I have so many Reward $ to spend. It is a win-win.


Monday 10th of October 2022

I agree wholeheartedly. I love BR but I also believe their prices are unrealistic for their customer base. I find BR Factory to provide a nice alternative and great for adding interesting or textured pieces for reasonable prices. That being said, I have found sizing to be really off and inconsistent. So, it means a lot more trial and error. I loved the faux suede tops this season and honestly tried them all in different styles and sizes. None of them fit me well enough to keep. And while I like the double breasted blazer in photos, in person it looked a bit cheap and the fit was also off. Because they closed my nearest BR Factory store, I am a bit more wary of ordering as returning isn't as easy. And I hate to pay for return shipping. Anyway, thanks for your recommendations! I always appreciate your recommendations.


Monday 10th of October 2022

Spot on Megan! I have noticed a decided shift toward more functional clothing at the Factory. I continue to agree with you on the “over-styling” situation that permeates both sites!


Monday 10th of October 2022

I happened to be at the Banana Republic Factory store this weekend, and I tried on that double-breasted blazer. I really wanted to like it; but the fit was a little off (tight through the shoulders; a little shorter than I wanted, and the sleeves were too long) and the buttons were distractingly nautical. With some tailoring and new buttons, I probably would like it but it was not enough to make me buy it. I did however pick up a pair of their coated jeans, which they still have in sporadic sizes in both "barn red" (which is actually brown) and black; and they were only $40. I also got some of their vintage stretch skinny jeans because yes, I still like them; which were under $40 and the dark wash is so nice and they wear well all day without the knees stretching out. I do love having this store nearby because the nearest Nordstrom from me is over an hour away and I like trying on my clothes before I buy them. I also stopped by the J Crew Factory store and got that plaid shirt you featured recently--thank you for that tip!

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