The Best Products to Organize Your Closet

Fact: having an organized closet makes everything better. 

Well, maybe not everything, but in a year filled with nothing but insanity, the smallest sense of order can make all the difference in how we go about our day. 

Yesterday, I shared pictures in our Private Facebook Group and Instagram of my closet after I wrapped up our Fall Wardrobe Challenge. After receiving a few questions about the organization products I used, I thought it would be helpful to create resource guide for you to reference. 

So today I’m sharing the best products to organize your closet so you can get a fresh start and reap the benefit of an organized space in this new season. 

I’ve long been an advocate for a neat and tidy space to keep and store your clothing. It makes getting dressed in the morning easier, helps you see everything you have so you can create outfits you love, and protects the items you’ve spent your hard-earned money on. 

I can tell you, after working with hundreds of women and standing in their closets for hours on end, most women’s wardrobes are limited in space. 

My closet is relatively basic. It’s a “walk-in” by definition, but that’s about all I can do in it. It features a simple rod for hanging and a series of shelves. This is how it looked when we bought the house six years ago and has remained unchanged. 

Last January, I finally invested in a few simple yet game-changing products to help pull the space together. Before that, I took a use-what-you-have philosophy. But the difference these few products made has allowed me to keep the area in order (for the most part), and when it does get a little out of sorts, it only takes a few minutes to pull it back together.

The Best Products to Organize Your Closet

The Best Products to Organize Your Closet

If you only purchase one product for your closet to help create order and save you space, buy these slim flocked hangers. They are the best. I use them in every closet in our house except our front hall closet where we keep heavy coats – there, I use wooden hangers. 

The uniformity the slimline hanger creates helps your eyes settle so you can see (and therefore use!) everything you have. 

Next, I was not expecting it, but these acrylic shelf dividers make such an impact. Before I bought them I would have told you they were a waste of money, but they have transformed the space. Because my closet is almost all shelving, I needed to categorize items, so there was a place for everything. These dividers do just that. I can stack my jeans without them falling over and sort my sweaters by color, again, without them toppling down. 

I take advantage of the vertical space by using these “sweater drawers” to store scarves and bathing suits. 

The most popular question I receive about how I store my shoes. I use shoe drawers from The Container Store. They are stackable, so I’m able to take advantage of all the otherwise wasted shelve space. You can purchase a case of 4 for $50; I’m using the large size. 

Another product I’m thrilled with is this purse organizer (pictured on the top shelf). Here, I can easily slip my various clutches in so I can quickly grab whatever I need when running out. It’s practical, and it creates a fun, boutique vibe, making my old retail heart happy. They are also from The Container Store, for $40 each, above I am using two. 

Finally, let’s talk about how to store and display jewelry. If you don’t see your accessories, you won’t wear them, so I designated space on the center shelf to keep it all together. 

I’ve mentioned this jewelry box before – it’s a stackable trays system that you can customize to meet your needs. It also keeps your pieces from tarnishing. 

For bracelets, I use two of these stands I found on Amazon. They not only keep you organized, but they make the space look pretty. 

If you have room, add a few personal touches like faux flowers and a few framed pictures and that’s it! These simple products create a custom feel without the custom price tag. 


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The Best Products to Organize Your Closet
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3 thoughts on “The Best Products to Organize Your Closet”

  1. Mug trees are great for storing bracelets and necklaces too. In the kitchen department they are fairly cheap and I can see everything hanging there.

  2. I have the “wire shelving” in my closet with little hope of my husband agreeing to a redesign with solid shelves. Some of your organizers will work, but some won’t (ex: the shelf divider, which I definitely could use!). Any suggestions?

    • Hi – I have the same problem. I needed the dividers for jeans, so I bought some cheap book ends. They do the trick since the jeans are heavy enough to keep them in place. Hope that helps!


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