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Graphic Tees for Women

Fashion knows no age limit, and graphic tees are a versatile wardrobe staple that women of all ages can wear. For women over 40, graphic tees offer a unique blend of style, comfort, and self-expression.

When it comes to incorporating graphic tees into your outfit, remember that you have the power to choose what works best for you. These are the guidelines that I personally follow, but feel free to adapt them to your own style and preferences.

First, I think whatever graphic you’re wearing should have some meaning. When my oldest was around 13, out of NOWHERE, she started wearing a Rolling Stones tee and had no idea who they were. We thought it was hilarious.

Along those lines, the person, place, or thing you are wearing should be authentic. So, opt for designs that align with your tastes and hobbies. A shirt with a vintage band logo or an abstract art print can be a conversation starter and reflect your individuality.

I will also spend a little more here because I don’t have a closet full of them—I have maybe two or three—so spending more usually allows me to get a better quality fit, fabric, and design.

Of course, there are exceptions, and you can find an inexpensive option with nice quality and a sophisticated graphic. I just find that spending a little more gets me something I really like.

I’m picky about graphic tees. You’ll never catch me in a shirt that says “Blessed” or “Mama,” and I don’t like ones with inspirational quotes either. This series from Old Navy is a “no” for me.

Graphic Tees for Women

I rounded up six options I love to inspire you to find your own.

You’ll wear these paired with summer jeans, shorts or skirts, and sneakers or sandals for outdoor parties, concerts, festivals, or any other casual, fun hangout you have planned this summer.

Graphic Tees for Women
Fleetwood Mac Tee, $79

Last week I shared a featured highlighting some of my favorite finds from EVEREVE. The post was a huge hit and one of the best sellers was this fun Fleetwood Mac Graphic Tee.

Graphic Tees for Women
Spice Girls Tee, $79

For my fellow elder millennials, nothing beats 90s nostalgia. You can find cute and wearable designs honoring the best decade of music, like this option featuring everyone’s favorite girl band, also at EVEREVE.

Aperol Spritz Graphic Tee
By Anthropologie Aperol Spritz Graphic Tee, $68

Anthropologie has a huge selection of graphic tees, and a lot of them are quiet bad. But I LOVE this Aperol Spritz option, with its pretty colors and designs. I like it styled with a skirt or with crisp white jeans.

Dolly Relaxed Graphic Tee | Graphic Tees for Women
Dolly Relaxed Graphic Tee, $20.99

Gap Factory has a couple very affordable options with better graphics, like this one featuring national treasure, Dolly Parton for only $20. This is extra perfect if you have trip to Nashville planned.

Nashville Cotton Graphic Tee
Nashville Cotton Graphic Tee, $29

Another Nashville-ready or country festival-worthy option is this cotton tee from Nordstrom for $29.

Etsy custom tees

Finally, use Etsy for unique, custom designs at great prices. Above is an example of what you can find.

Search for your favorite beach town or vacation destination and you’ll find tees and sweatshirts with a lot more style than what you might find in the shops. I think this one is super cute since in Philly instead of saying we’re “going to the beach” we say we’re “going down the shore.”

Pairing Graphic Tees with Wardrobe Staples

Pair these with better, casual basics in the summer.

Going into the cooler months you can play with contrast and mix some of these with your trousers, or throw on under a blazer.

Quality and Fit Matter

When selecting graphic tees, pay attention to the quality of the fabric and the fit. Look for tees made from soft, durable materials like cotton or a cotton blend. The right fit can make a huge difference; avoid overly baggy or tight tees. Aim for a relaxed fit that flatters your body shape without clinging too tightly.

Most important, have fun and show your personality!

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