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10 Closet Problem Solvers You Never Knew You Needed

Welcome to our second annual Problem Solvers Week, featuring some of our favorite, easy-to-use, affordable product “hacks” to simplify your life.

And we’re starting in the closet, a place in the home that, at least for me, is a gauge of the current state of my mind. 

My closet gets out of control for a few reasons.

10 Closet Problem Solvers You Never Knew You Needed

First, because of the nature of my job, new pieces come in frequently, and if I don’t regularly edit, I run out of space.

Second, when life gets extra busy, like around the holidays or when we’ve been over-scheduled for months with school and youth sports stuff, I “drop and go.”

I literally drop things and run to do something else.

But the good news is, with a system, getting back on track is easy.

And these products are helpful regardless of how large or small your space.

Slim Hangers

We couldn’t start a list of closet helpers without starting with our favorite, these Slim Velvet Hangers.

If you can only buy one item to transform your closet, buy these. You save tons of space and keep everything at eye level so you can see what you have without anything getting lost.

Plus, matching hangers make your space look and feel more cohesive.

And up until recently my extra hangers lived in a plastic bin, but I ordered this stand that allows you to stack them and it’s great for keeping them tidy.


Slim Hangers



Simple Houseware Closet Underwear Organizer Drawer Divider 4 Set

I was tired of putting laundry away and opening one messy drawer after another.

So, I put  these drawer dividers in every underwear drawer in the house. 

These make it impossible to throw your stuff in but just as easy to use. We love forced organization.

And in our house, the easier we find things, the easier it is to start our day, the happier I am.

The set is great for underwear, bras, camis, and socks. 


Simple Houseware Closet Underwear Organizer Drawer Divider 4 Set



Shirt Folding Board

I use to think that folding boards were a waste of money, especially since my years of retail taught be how to fold perfectly.

But I brought them back on a whim and they are so helpful.

It does save time if you like your garments folded a certain way, AND everything folded the same (1) saves space,  (2) helps your space look organized and (3) helps you see exactly what you have.


Shirt Folding Board



Acrylic Shelf Dividers

Another item I thought was a waste of money and now regularly recommend are these shelf dividers.

I’ve been told these game-changers from some of new virtual style clients.

You will almost double your shelve space and be able to stack sweaters, jeans, etc., that never topple over.


Acrylic Shelf Dividers



Wall Mounted Valet

A valet is a nice little extra to have.

This gets mounted to an empty spot on your wall or any flat surface in your closet.

Use it to hang your outfit, help you pack and place dry cleaning when it comes in.


Wall Mounted Valet



Clutch Organizer

We’ve featured this acrylic handbag organizer for years.

Recently I found this less expensive alternative, that serves the same purpose.

You can use it for slim clutches, crossbody’s and wallets.

It sits nicely on a shelf or in a deep drawer.


Clutch Organizer



Hanging Purse Organizer

One of the most frequent questions I get, especially during our Wardrobe Challenge, is how to store handbags when space is limited.

If you have a little bit of hanging room, this hanging purse organizer does the job.

It has clear compartments so you can fit at least 8 larger bags or double up some smaller ones.


Hanging Purse Organizer



12 Pack 6 Inch S Hook

S Hooks are wonderfully versatile all around the house.

In your closet you can use them to hang your jeans or shorts, simply slide them through the belt loop and let them fall.

Or, use them to hang handbags.


12 Pack 6 Inch S Hook



Under the Bed Storage

Sometimes, the big challenge when getting your space together is what to do with the non-clothing related items we keep in our closets.

If you have a lot of extra “stuff” consider using the space under your bed.

These are the storage bags I use for extra sheets and blankets.

You can also use them for out of season items.

You get a set of 2 for $39.99.


Under the Bed Storage



Shoe Slot Organizers

My favorite new-to-me discovery are these shoe slots organizers.

It stacks your shoes so they not only stay together, but they save so much space.

You can pop them on any shelf to customize your space on a budget.


Adjustable Shoe Stacker



And a few honorable mentions:

If you have been following for any amount of time you’ve heard me recommend a rolling rack. They come in so handy when cleaning out your closet, putting away big dry cleaning hauls and packing.

If you don’t have the space for one, this over-the-door rack is a fabulous alternative for well under $20.

Finally, one of the worst things that can happen to clothing in storage is moisture.

So pick up a couple packs of these Arm & Hammer Moisture Absorbers and hang them in your closets, include them in garment bags with special garments or with anything you’re putting in storage.

I even use them for holiday linens (since we only use them once a year), and extra bed linens.

10 Closet Problem Solvers You Never Knew You Needed

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