The Best Garment Steamer

When I was in college, I worked at a bridal store for a minute. One of our rotating tasks was steaming the gowns and veils. The steaming center was tucked away in the very back of the store, behind the break room.

No one ever wanted to do it because it meant losing a chunk of your time on the floor selling. I, however, would happily volunteer to help. Because hiding away from brides, their mothers, their 45 bridesmaids, and the rest of humanity, appealed to me even then.

So off I would go for hours, left alone with my thoughts, or to chat with whomever else was working in the back. Steaming days were the best days. 

It turns out; I find the chore rather therapeutic. I zoned out as I watched the wrinkles disappear. And I felt oddly satisfied as I hung each finished dress on the completed rack. 

To this day I still enjoy the process.

I get asked almost every day to recommend a good steamer. Over the years I’ve tried several, from travel sized to professional. But there is one that I recommend time and again. 

The Best Garment Steamer 

The Best Garment Steamer

Steamer, $70 

Our Full Review: PurSteam Elite Garment Steamer

My favorite steamer is the PurSteam Elite Garment Steamer, available on Amazon for $70.  It’s high quality, well priced and its features are useable.

Don’t you hate it when you buy something and you don’t need all its bells and whistles? 

Me too. 

Here are the other reasons why I love this steamer and use it all the time.

Long Steam Time 

This steamer heats up in under 60 seconds and provides a steady, strong stream of steam for one hour. Most only go for 20 – 30 minutes. That makes a huge difference in getting through a family of four’s clothes for the week.  My kids wear uniforms to school, and using a steamer instead of an iron to smooth out and freshen up all of their pieces saves me hours. 

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Bonus: the adjustable hanger is helpful. Sometimes I use it if I only have one or two items to steam. Other times I line up garments on my rolling rack and work down the line. Either way, the machine is easy to use. 

Save on Dry Cleaning

I used to have a terrible habit of dry cleaning anything I didn’t want to deal with or just because I didn’t want to have to iron it.

I know, don’t judge, we’re all works in progress.

So a quality steamer helps because it lets you freshen up your garments in between professional cleanings and in some cases eliminates the need all together. In either case, you save a good bit of money on your dry cleaning bill. 

You Can “Unshrink” Things

Awhile back I read that a steamer can help you unshrink certain garments depending on the fabric. I didn’t believe it until I tried it myself. 

Simply run the steamer over the garment and gently pull the fabric as you move across it.  You’ll start to see the fabric relax.

This trick works on cotton, some poly blends, and different knits. Because the steam in this particular steamer is so strong, it makes it quick and easy to bring shrunk garments back their original size and shape.  

Great for Other Household Tasks

Since our remodel and now going through the process of decorating all our new rooms, I’ve used our steamer to fresh up fabrics, steam out curtains, and bedding fresh out of its packaging. 

You can easily roll this from room to room. The cord is long enough to go where you need to within a room and the arm extends to reach high up. 

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Pursteam has almost 2,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, including praise for their warranty and customer service. I don’t have any personal experience with them, and as usual, this is not a sponsored post, but it’s nice to know if you have an issue they will take care of it. 

The Best Garment Steamer

15 thoughts on “The Best Garment Steamer”

  1. I bought this immediately when you showed me yours years ago and it’s the BEST and I also use it for duvet covers, reduces the items I send for Dry Cleaning now and I have a travel steamer permanently packed in my carry on – this is a game changer! And I feel so grown up using it 🙂

  2. I am finally getting the closet of my dreams this summer. I would like to keep the steamer in there since my laundry room is down on the first floor. Do you see any issues with steaming in a walk-in closet?

  3. A steamer was on my wish list so I am so glad you recommended one. I was laughing when you said you thought steaming was therapeutic. I feel the same way about ironing!

  4. Thank you! Ordered. Done. Needed a steamer and didn’t know which one to purchase. Your recommendations are always perfect. Looking forward to steaming my wardrobe later this week!

  5. I’m with Samantha. Ordered. Done. Thanks so much. I too have wanted to purchase a steamer but didn’t know which one to get.

  6. I bought my first steamer over 25 years ago and paid more than $250 for it. Would you believe I still use it! It was the best investment I ever made! I can’t even imagine the amount of money I have saved over the years on dry cleaning alone. And it is so much easier on the fabrics. I would advise anyone to purchase a great quality steamer, it is well worth the investment. And they have certainly gone down in price so you don’t have to pay what I did over 25 years ago.

  7. I keep hearing wonderful things about steamers and how they cut time and are AMAZING! I found a travel one with 4.5 stars on Amazon and since I’m traveling in the next week and hate hotel irons I snatched it up! I am extremely disappointed. Either I’m not doing it right or the steamer band wagon is not for me. It too me twice as long to steam a garment which basically got it ready for me to iron. Am I missing something?? Doing something wrong? Help. A steamer would definitely take up less room but I need ironed (looking) clothes.

    • It’s hard for me to comment on something like this because I don’t know what kind of steamer you bought or how you’re using it. The steamer featured above is not for travel, and likely has more features than a travel one. I think if you use it as directed it works the way it should. However, a steamer won’t make something look like it was ironed with starch.

  8. Awesome! I asked for one for Christmas last year (hi, i’m old) and the one I received was junk. Purchasing this one now. Thank you!


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