Welcome December

All year long, I look forward to December. It is my most favorite season.  In the best of times, it’s a welcomed break from the hustle of daily life. For a few wonderful days, emails stop, deadlines move to the New Year, and the collective takes a breath.

But 2020 came in and steamrolled us all. Many of us have been treading water for nine months now, myself included. So this December, I’m planning on taking a break at the end of the month. I want to spend quiet time with my kids, clear my head, get organized, maybe bake something … we’ll see 😉 

Most of all, I want to take a minute to appreciate what I have and celebrate how we, as a family, navigated this year. 

Welcome December

This was the photo I was going to use today, me in my bright white kitchen, well manicured, sipping bubbly … but then I thought … 

Under $20 Holiday Ready Sweater

… let’s get real. Here’s what my morning really looks like:

You don’t get more 2020 then this. We’re back to virtual learning, our office is a mess, we’re all in sweats.  I’m pretty sure that’s my oldest texting her friends while she’s in class.

We are limping to the finish line. 

Today I’m finalizing our content for the month. As I start to wrap up 2020 on the blog, here’s what you can expect for the next few weeks on The Well Dressed Life:

  • Lots of holiday outfit ideas that combine comfort with a little glamour. 
  • One Comprehensive Gift Guide. 
  • Our Annual Reader Favorites of 2020 with new ways to wear them. 
  • From December 21st – December 30th, we’ll share “The Best of 2020,” a round up of the top posts of the year every morning.
  • Finally, our New Year 2021 Wardrobe Challenge will begin on Friday, January 8th. More details will be shared in the coming weeks. 

And, of course, if you have questions or requests, pop them in the comments below.

This has been one wild year, thanks for being a bright spot in it. I can’t wait for 2021, when we can get dressed up to go to work, see friends again and generally return to normal. 



15 thoughts on “Welcome December”

  1. Megan, you look lovely in your beautiful kitchen and I hope that we are all sipping bubbly very soon. But thank you for keeping it real. We will all have to grab hands and help each other across that finish line (virtually and socially distanced after a healthy dose of hand sanitizer of course)! Hope that the Holidays are Merry and Bright for all of us all.

  2. Megan, thank you and all the lovely ladies for being that breath of fresh air as we continue to pivot on a dime with daily changes in our lives. Together we will all make it through and reflect on many things in 2020 but you guys are my ray of sunshine, thank you and hoping everyone has a safe, happy holiday season.

  3. Megan, thank you for your “real life” photo! It looks very similar at my home, my husband and I working from home and my 2 teenagers are here too “going to school”. Cheers as we all stay well during this holiday season!

  4. Megan, thank you for being a bright spot in these trying times. I look forward to reading your emails and blog posts and I love how you keep it real!!

  5. Hi Megan! Your blog has been a bright spot for me this year. I was wondering if you have (or if not, you could do) a post on some basic guidelines for choosing flattering pieces based on body shape? I love your taste and always look at your recommendations then try to figure out how to adapt it for my body, sometimes I can but usually just find myself frustrated. Thanks for all you do!

  6. Megan
    Bless you for the wonderful columns you send out to us. Really has helped me a lot . Have a wonderful Holiday and I am looking forward to more of your columns!!

  7. Hello Megan,
    I am sure I am not your only Australian follower, and others like me will wish you happy, peaceful downtime with your family. We have only just opened our internal state borders after a year which has taken a huge toll. Stay strong and take care — it will end. Love your practical and cheery blog!

  8. Megan thank you so much for keeping all of us going throughout all of this unknown – whilst keeping your own home and family on track too!! You’ve been a real inspiration.

    With a vaccine just around the corner here’s to a 2021 bursting with opportunities to travel and a work-life balance where we can (if we’re lucky) choose whether we’d like to work from home 😊

    2020 has given me some time and space to think about myself and my family more and you have helped me thru it in style! Thank you so much.

  9. Thanks for your blog posts. They’ve been really something that I look forward to. I second another’s request for choosing clothes based on body type.
    Wishing you and your family the best and a wonderful holiday season….as we all truly limp across the finish line of 2020.

  10. I would also like for you to do some clothing for different shaped bodies. I’m in my fifties. My once small hour glass figure is now a H figure without a waist! Help!

  11. I loved seeing your family hard at work! We’re all right there with you: my husband working remotely in the family room, me pulling out Christmas things, and our new granddaughter directing this circus from her baby seat on the kitchen counter while her mom and dad work remotely from their condo.

  12. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I love how you’re so real Megan. Like Facebook, we can all put up the happy selfies but like you showed, that’s not most people’s reality! Thank you for being real. If I don’t get this opportunity again Megan, I wish you & your family a safe and happy Christmas Season.

  13. Megan could you pls show us how to wear the shells/tanks you are recommending? I have one or two old ones hardly worn in my wardrobe but I’ve never really known what to do with them! Thank you!


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