Welcome August

Dear Friends,

Please join me in saying farewell to 2020!

It’s a bit premature, yes.

But, as we enter August, the last month of the weirdest summer of our lives, I’m officially crying, “Uncle!”

I don’t know about you, but if I don’t mentally pull myself together, I won’t have the emotional bandwidth to handle the second half of the year. The next six months include the threat of another round of homeschooling, a looming Northeast winter with nothing to do, and the most contentious Presidential election in our modern history.

So I’m declaring a New Year.

Looking Toward the Future

It’s now 2020.5!

Of course, I’m not suggesting we ignore all that’s happening in the world. But as women, we know we have to take care of ourselves first, or we won’t be able to take care of anyone else. And, I think, collectively, it’s time to hit the brakes and regroup.

I am a wildly optimistic person. I’m also extremely aware of my good fortune in life, which I’ve always used as fuel to maintain my stamina. So it takes an awful lot for me to feel like I’m running on empty. But I have hit a wall.

Because in addition to all the terrible current events and non-stop negative news, the pressures that come with raising a family, having aging parents, managing careers and homes, and preparing for the future – they haven’t disappeared. In fact, they feel more serious and important than ever.

I know I’m not alone. I have talked to so many of my friends who feel just like me: completely exhausted. They feel like they are loosing themselves while taking care of everyone and everything else. And on top of all of that, they feel guilty for feeling bad because in the greater scope of life, we’re are incredibly fortunate.

A Fresh Start

So let’s make August a fresh start, a new season, a chance to get reorganized. Let’s start making plans, even if they are small, reignite our dreams for the future, and regain some level of optimism.

And most important, let’s carve out some time to refuel. For so many of us, we know the Fall is going to be a mess. Let’s do our best not to go into it feeling depleted.

For encouragement, join me over on Instagram for our August Self Care Challenge. Each day, I’ll share a tip, or action you can do to help recharge your soul. You’ll be amazed how much better you feel when you honor yourself, even in the smallest way.

This month stay tuned for content based on your suggestions on last week’s post, “What Would You Like to See in August.” I’ll be helping you better understand some fundamentals of getting dressed, building out your wardrobe with some buy now, wearing now and later posts, outfit ideas based on pieces you already have, and highlighting my top picks from the big Nordstrom Sale.

And get ready, because I’m hosting our always popular FREE Four Week Wardrobe Challenge in early September!

Lots, and lots of fun and helpful things coming your way!

Thank you for helping me build this incredible community of women, and a small but mighty, positive space online where my hope and goal is for everyone to feel seen and included.



13 thoughts on “Welcome August”

  1. Megan
    First of all I love the dress you are wearing in this post!
    This has been a crazy year for sure and mentally draining as a small business owner. We have had to be there for our clients as well as our family and friends. Under normal circumstances this is a juggle but add in COVID 19 which complicates everything and there goes your sanity. We had a virtual high school graduation and now waiting to hear how college will reopen and oh by the way there was a parents passing just as this all started. This post is very timely and welcomed. We are not alone. I look forward to discussions among your followers as to how people are managing. Yes, we are very blessed given the so many out of work and businesses who are struggling, but even we need reinforcement. Thanks so much for continuing to share info and thoughts.

  2. I started my reset on May 1 when I got out my summer clothes and realized that none of them would fit if I didn’t take control of my eating habits. WW to the rescue! I am now down 25 lbs, with about 35 to go. That means I will be looking for ways to transition to fall and winter clothing in an economical and size flexible way, as I fully expect to lose the rest by early winter.

    The September wardrobe challenge will be good for me, as I am now retired and need to rethink my clothing needs when I’m not dressing for the office but want to look good, if and when I’m out and about!

  3. Meg – you look wonderful in that dress! For me September has always been a ‘restart’ ever since we were kids and it started the new school year. I love Fall and Winter fashion so much more than Spring and Summer and as I got older it was a ritual to organize the closets and consign things and aquire new things etc. I am more than willing to start a month early! Thank you for your post – stay well and be safe

  4. Meg, love that dress! I’m a middle school teacher and am overwhelmed with the prospect of remote learning until lord knows when. I worked harder than I ever had before with remote learning last Spring, and wondering if I will have the stamina to continue. Your agenda for August comes at the perfect time for all of us with the continued issues of the pandemic. Thank you so much! 💕💕💕

  5. Megan,
    Super dress! Thank you for this post; you’ve hit the nail on the head as we continue to try to establish a new “normal” in a time that is anything but normal. Grateful to have my health, family and work but stressed as well. I always appreciate reading your blog and what others have to share. Thank you!

  6. I am trying to edit my closet. I am retired age 70. I have three dresses same style in navy,black and red. They are Aline, U shaped neck and short sleeves. They are too big an too long. I feel that all three are a classic style but wonder if I should get them altered so that I can wear them again. Your thoughts?

  7. Thank you for this refreshingly honest post—a metaphorical new year is exactly whet we all need. And very cute outfit btw! Hugs and smiles to you sister, and all your readers out there. Let’s get through this together.

  8. Meg,
    Something to look forward too! I am looking forward to the Nordstrom Sale to refresh my wardrobe and mind set. I’ve been furloughed since March and now instead of an August 31 return it’s going to be November 4. I really think it will be January. I am now looking for work and it’s tough. Washington State has over 600,000 unemployed. So looking good for an interview via Zoom or in person ala mask is really important. So so I wear a disposable mask or color coordinate? Never thought I’d have to ask. But here I am.
    Janet B

  9. Megan, I love 2020.5! Let’s just declare an end to the worst year ever! Thanks for giving me a good chuckle to start off the day!

  10. What a lovely, thought provoking post. I’m retired, used to having my grandchildren regularly, going on holiday 3/4 times a year and generally enjoying life after a lifetime of hard work. Now I find myself worrying even more about people I don’t know who are in much less fortunate positions than me. So far this year I have been a volunteer shopper, marriage guidance counsellor, mother, grandmother, wife and everything else. Yes, I’m tired too!! Need a holiday 🙂

  11. I am so ready for a reset! I usually take a day in September to go away by myself and do some life planning – this year I’m ready to do it now 🙂 Now to put it on my calendar and find somewhere I can safely get away for the day!


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