Weekend Outfit Inspiration: Date Night Blouse

Last Saturday Lauren and I, along with our husbands, headed to a party in the city. Our text exchange, while trying to get ready, started with, “What do people wear to parties?”, and “What do fun people wear?” 

Sad, considering I write a style blog, for a living, and Lauren helps me, but true. 

Quick back story: I met Lauren when she was roommates with my brother, Bill. Lauren and Bill were good buds, then she got married, and her husband became friends with Bill, and my husband, and now everyone is friends.

So this group circles around my brother, who is, infinitely cooler than me.

Bill, his wife and their friends mostly live in the city, they don’t have kids yet, and every time we see them, we have the best time.

Not wanting to look like suburban moms and maybe wanting to feel like the fun-loving, carefree girls of our youth on a rare, fun, late night out, we had to think about what we were going to wear because “country club chic” was not going to cut it. 

We pulled it off with a combination of joggers, skinny jeans and moto jackets, and had a blast, but it got me thinking about the need for variety.

Most of us don’t have a few pieces hanging in our closets that make us feel youthful and modern. Something that, when you put it, on you think, ” Yeah, I still got it.” 

So I started looking for some affordable tops to keep on hand, to throw on with a great pair of jeans, that makes me feel like myself. Something I could wear to get drinks and dinner in town and hang out past my bedtime.

That’s when I stumbled on this smocked, peplum blouse by Leith on sale for under $40.  There is still inventory across all sizes including plus, so scoop it up now if you like it. 


Weekend Outfit Inspiration: Date Night Blouse

Top, $35  |  Jeans, $39  |  Clutch, $99  |   Heels, $60  |  Earrings, $50

I like it because it feels both grown up and youthful. The color is sophisticated, and waist with subtle peplum is flattering across my midsection. This cut blouse works best with slim or skinny style jeans. 

And can we talk about these jeans for a minute? Because they are also under $40 without being on sale.  They have a high waistband which complements the cut of the blouse beautifully.  When you wear a loose shirt or one that drapes over your middle, it’s important to pair that with bottoms that sit under the blouse to allow it to drape. 

The jeans, by 1822 Denim, fit true to size and go up to a 34 waist (about a size 18). 

I didn’t want to go overboard with accessories or jackets and layers. That was a big part of our back and forth on Saturday, “Are you bringing a jacket?” “Is a blazer dorky?” 

You know we love a blazer and jeans but ultimately decided that yes, a blazer to this particular party would be dorky. 

To pull the look together, you want to find ways to incorporate the blush of the blouse without going too matchy-matchy.  Blush pumps add texture and color.  I went with a kitten heel by Steve Madden, currently on sale at Nordstrom Rack for $60.  

I wanted a black earring and found these by Kendra Scott in black and gold. Finally, the clutch combines all the colors in an edgy yet totally wearable python pattern

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Weekend Outfit Inspiration: Date Night Blouse

8 thoughts on “Weekend Outfit Inspiration: Date Night Blouse”

  1. Please please please do more date night posts! I have the hardest time finding something age appropriate (42!), yet fun for a dinner or night out with husband and friends. It’s not something I get to do very often, so sadly my closet is very lacking in this space!

    • Thanks Sharon! I’m trying to figure out a way to organize the site so you can easily see different categories of outfits. But I hear you, I’m 39 and finding that balance between too young and frumpy is a challenge.

  2. For date nights / trendy occasions, I use my Rent the Runway Update subscription! It’s perfect for this so I’m not tempted to buy a bunch of trendy, one-off pieces.

    • RTR is a great option for occasion pieces! I need to get better at planning out my order. I’m always too late to get it on time.

  3. This blouse is so pretty but I’m so frustrated that all pretty tops with sleeves are poly! Don’t other people sweat, or is it just me?

    • Definitely not just you! Unfortunately for a top like and at this price point this poly is going to be the fabric most manufacturers will use.


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