Weekend Inspiration: Straw Circle Bag

Weekend Inspiration: Straw Circle Bag - The Well Dressed Life

Given a choice, I would rather have a handful of high-quality handbags than a closet full of inexpensive “disposable” ones. But now and then something novel comes along and it’s too cute to pass on. Such is the case with this straw circle bag.

If you haven’t already, you’ll see these in stores this season. They are a popular and wearable trend. This bag by Sole Society is a step above the rest. It’s small in scale, so it’s ideal for spring and summer occasions. It could get a lot of use in the warmer months.

I have multiple beach weddings and this would be ideal for at least one of them.  Going to a summer concert? Pair this with shorts and a tee shirt and enjoy your night hands free. And take it on vacation for a casual night at an outdoor bar, or even sightseeing.  Thinking about my trip to Croatia last summer, this would have been perfect.

I love the faux leather piping and tassel on the zipper. It’s subtle details like these that elevate an accessory and look. Bonus points for the crossbody strap.

Weekend Inspiration: Straw Circle Bag

Bag, $45

Of course, with all trends, designers take full advantage of what I eloquently call “stupid pricing.” So we are clear, I don’t care how much disposable income you have, there is no reason to spend $300 on a straw circle bag, even if it’s larger and doubles as a tote. Loeffler Randal thinks you should, but I think if you like that style, you can go with this $50 version at Bloomingdales.

I found a few others all under $50 that let you try the trend without spending your entire budget. This option from Nordstrom’s B.P. line has a shoulder strap, which I like for beach or pool days.  Gap did a similar bag with a top handle and removable strap.  Finally, ASOS did a sweet Nantucket style occasion bag, with similar faux leather details that feels both polished yet casual.



4 thoughts on “Weekend Inspiration: Straw Circle Bag”

  1. We’ve waved summer adieu here in Southern Hemisphere. Straw bags in endless variety were all the rage. I had purchased a largish straw tote two seasons previously so certainly enjoyed $ value. It seems such bags remain modish so should have yet another spring/summer season during our warm months.
    Thank you for your practical & enjoyable blog.

  2. Two years later and I still get excited to see that I just received an email from The Well Dressed Life. Thank you!

    Today’s awesome bag reminded me that I had been keeping a list of ideas that would help me navigate some of my unanswered questions.

    * More decor, especially breaking up large wall space

    * I finally have a green field jacket that I love! Wait, still in style and how to wear? Looking at my closet, combinations are presenting themselves for the fall, but not spring

    * Handbags: Finding versatile bags that fit only the essentials without solving a puzzle to carefully get things in and out (keys, iPhone, large glasses, lip balm)

    * I bought “thyme” colored Wit and Wisdom skinny ankle pants. What’s next?

    • Thanks for such a nice note Jamie! We’ll tackle all your requests eventually – but tune in on Friday for how to wear your skinny “thyme” ankle jeans! 🙂


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