The Best Backpack for Work

The Best Backpack for Work - The Well Dressed Life

For years I was vehemently anti-backpack for work. I would stand in airports and see otherwise well-dressed men looking like they were about to hike Yosemite, and women in pumps with a Jansport on their back.

Most backpacks ruin a professional outfit. They are a distraction and ultimately knock out any sophistication in your look. The wrong one can make even the most seasoned executive look like a new hire.

But given the rise of more casual work environments, and diversity in how people commute to the office, be it on public transportation, or bike, being hands-free can be super helpful.

I changed my tune about backpacks because of this Tumi option. It is by far the best backpack for work. The designers must have been standing next to me in all those airports, watching the vein on my forehead throb, wondering how they can help me and decided to create a better alternative.

The Best Backpack for Work

The Best Backpack for Work

Backpack, $295

If you are a frequent traveler or commute to the office every day with your laptop, this is for you.  It has all the organization you need without going overboard (I hate when a bag has too many pockets and dividers.)  

If you are on the road, it slips over your roller bag handle and sits comfortably on top. The shoulder straps are comfortable and will fit easily over your suit jacket or heavy coat. You can wear it on your back, or carry it by its top handle.

Inside, you have room for a 12′ laptop, and plenty of room for all your essentials. I like that it slips under the seat in front of you on the airplane, and keeps all your in-flight essentials tidy and easy to access.

Because it is Tumi quality nylon, it can take a beating, and stay in great shape. Stylistically, it’s chic and streamlined. You don’t want a backpack that draws attention; you want it to blend into your look.

Need a slightly larger option?  They also make the same style that fits a 15″ laptop.

For more Tumi options, shop this post below.

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The Best Backpack for Work

5 thoughts on “The Best Backpack for Work”

  1. I love my Tumi backpack. I looked for years for a nice professional backpack and finally found the Tumi! Totally worth the money!

  2. I love this Tumi.!

    Backpacks are just so easy, even for shlepping to work. I have really enjoyed using the PacSafe CitySafe backpack too. It has few pockets (perhaps too few). It’s slash proof and holds quite a bit, yet doesnt look like a “travel” backpack with it’s chunky goldtone zippers. I fit a rolled up scarf, flats, packable vest, ipad, long wallet, passport and sunglasses into when traveling this winter. It can be, clumsily, converted into a purse but it’s much better solely as a backpack. Just this morning, I thought I probably should get another one because I haven’t stopped using it since my trip, which was over 4 months ago!

  3. You must have read my mind! Two weeks ago I was thinking about how I needed a different bag for my laptop. I am teleworking more each week and I have some upcoming travel . Half the time I look completely ridiculous going into the office w/ my current laptop bag which is not stylish at all, my purse because not everything fits, my lunch and juggling a cup of coffee while trying to redeem myself cute in a pair of heels. My only saving grace is most of the time its still dark when I stumble into work.

    My new Tumi backpack arrived this afternoon and I am in love! I ordered the larger one and their is ample space for the laptop, accessories, paperwork plus I can probably squeeze in my lunch and essentials from my purse. Its so stylish and added bonus very comfortable to carry. Thanks so much for the recommendation! I am going to look stylish and feel professional Monday morning. 🙂


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