Wear to Work: 6 Easy Sheaths

Sheath Dresses

1. L.K. Bennett, $395; 2. White House Black Market, $160; 3. Eliza J, $138; 4. Eliza J, $148; 5. Calvin Klein, $90; Vince Camuto, $148

I’m a day late on this post.  I officially moved into my new office yesterday. I planned on writing while waiting for some furniture to arrive, only to realize after it was too late that I didn’t have wifi. Today I’m all set up, still waiting for some furniture, but totally operational.  It feels so great to have my own creative space.  

Dresses, specifically sheath style dresses, are my go-to when I work with our corporate clients. They make getting dressed a breeze. Zip yourself up, and you’re out the door in seconds. Because of their ease of use, they are often on the shopping list for many of our clients. You can wear them alone, or they act as the perfect base to add a sweater or separate jacket.

For today’s post, we rounded up some of our favorites available in an array of sizes.

1. L.K. Bennett, $395

L.K. Bennett does a great classic dress with a modern twist.  I would pack this for a business trip and wear it to a professional office without a jacket or blazer.  True one piece dressing.

2. White House Black Market, $160

A peachy-blush tone is idea for this time of year, especially when paired with a white cardigan or blazer.  The neckline will show off toned arms and the detail at the waist will bring you in.  Too keep the look professional and elegant, have the hem stop at the top of your knee.

3. Eliza J, $138 and 4. Eliza J, $148

When I map out a clothing budget for myself I start with the total for the year, and then break it down into season.  The fall, for obvious reasons, is always more expensive.  Not only do the fabrics cost more, but I find I’m always replacing a number of basics.  Because of that, I try to spend significantly less in the spring and summer.  Once I get into the season I look at the price of an item and then the total outfit.  So, I might spend a lot on a pair of jeans, but I balance it by spending less on a tee or sandals.  The dress for me is the best value for your money in the warmer weather.  This dress and this dress from the always well priced and high quality brand, Eliza J are fantastic.  Add a necklace or scarf, pretty pumps and you’re done.  Looking for a plus size option?  Check out this dress by London Times and this navy dress by Nordstrom private label, Sejour. 

5. Calvin Klein, $90

Even though I can’t wear yellow, I love it so much on others, especially this dress that looks like a starburst. Any time you can work in side-ruching you get a figure flattering dress that works for many body types.  Want a different color?  It also comes in a gorgeous deep blue. 

6. Vince Camuto, $148

I would wear this dress to a daytime work function, like a networking event or luncheon. The layered illusion looks polished and feels finished.  A pair of neutral to you strappy heels and a small clutch finishes it without a lot of fuss.

Megan Kristel

Megan Kristel is an entrepreneur, working mom, and former personal stylist. Tired of the one-dimensional portrayal of women online, she founded The Well Dressed Life as a resource for other professional women.

  1. Great ideas, how about undergarments for making that sheath look great? Also how about sheath lengths depending on how your legs look? My knees aren’t so lovely…

    1. It really depends on the individual fit of each dress. Generally a high waisted, Spanx-like shape wear would work. As for the length, I’ve never met a woman who loved her knees 😉 so keeping the hem at the top or middle of your knee might help you feel more confident. Hope that helps!

  2. I love these options! I am definitely going to pick up one of the Eliza J dresses. If it’s as versatile as the green Tahari you blogged about earlier in the season then I know I will wear on repeat!

    What about options for more casual spring/summer events like showers, graduation parties, etc? Could these work with the right accessories/shoes?

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