What to Wear to a Weekend in Vegas

I would never have considered myself a fan of Vegas, but I’ve been there enough to know that if you do it a certain way you can really enjoy yourself, maybe even love it. I don’t gamble, I’m not into their shows (except Michael Jackson ONE – amazing), and I hate drunks. But I do love great food, fine wine, and being treated like a queen for a few days.

We stayed at my favorite hotel on Earth, the Mandarin Oriental. I can’t say enough about this property. There is no casino, no loud bar, no smoking, just chic, understated elegance that only an exhausted over worked woman can appreciate. It’s immaculate. The staff is superb, without a hint of pretense. I basically fly across the country just to sit at their pool for two days, and it’s worth every miserable minute at the airport. If you ever have the opportunity to stay, do it. I’m not exaggerating an ounce when I say I cry a little every time I leave.

Our plans for our quick weekend were simple: pool, nap, dinner out, repeat. No complaints from me. Since our time was limited, I didn’t need to pack much at all. Vegas, though, is a place you can have some fun. With its anything goes attitude you can care as little or as much as you want. Casinos are packed with everything from fanny packs to bandage dresses. I used our time away as an opportunity to get out of my yoga pants and into some fun fashion.

The question is: How do you dress sexy and sophisticated without looking like a try-hard? It’s easy with simple pieces, fun accessories, and comfortable heels that go with everything. Bonus: it all packs extremely well.

Keep in mind; we had triple digit heat last weekend, but the dry desert air and lack of humidity are a big help in keeping you comfortable.

The Go With Everything ShoeVince Camuto ‘Court’ Ankle Strap Sandal, On Sale, $79.90

Seriously, you just need one pair.

Rose Gold Envelope ClutchBanana Republic Rose Gold Envelope Clutch, $58

I like an envelope clutch, but you could go much smaller than this.  Just remember to keep your look elevated have your hardware match across your outfit or opt for pieces without.Women's Pendant Long Neck with HornPendant Long Necklace with Horn, $17

When I travel for fun I like to pack inexpensive pieces of jewelry like this long necklace.  It’s interesting, but not too precious that I have to worry about something happening to it.  Of course, it ends up being a piece I love and use all the time, because you never lose the $17 item.

Fraiche by J Paisley Print Long Sleeve RomperFraiche by J Paisley Print Long Sleeve Romper, $90

You’ll feel a little sexy yet pulled together in a romper.  It’s easy for a fun dinner out at a place like Yellowfin in the Bellagio.  Get the Big Eye Tuna pizza and the Popping Spicy Crab roll that has Pop Rocks in it.  I dream about it at night.


Fun Bathing SuitLa Blanca ‘Tropicali’ Halter Bikini Top, $79

There are two kinds of pools in Vegas, party pools and then the one at the Mandarin where the over-35 crowd lays out with books and magazines or stands in the pool with a glass of rosé.  Wear something in a flattering style but with accents that you may not rock at your neighborhood pool club.

Chic Cover UpLoft Beach Tasseled Caftan, $65

It’s all about the cover up, and I LOVE this open one with tassel detail trim.  It feels super glamorous at an easy price point.

A Dress That Makes you Feel GreatLeith Sleeveless Midi Dress, $48

I am all for wearing whatever you want, truly – go for it.  We all have our different comfort zones.  But there is a difference between “club” clothes, and naked.  While sitting at the bar at the Aria, there was a woman in suspenders.  That was it.  Just suspenders and underpants, seemingly unfazed by her lack of attire.  I guess it’s better than the flip side, where people go to steak houses in what looks like pajamas.  Frank Sinatra is rolling over in his grave on a nightly basis.  Instead of either extreme, get dressed up, but look like yourself. Dressing well shows manners and marks a celebration.  I like this simple, sleek yet comfy dress that works for us taller girls.  It packs well, and can be dressed up with jewelry or left alone.  Either one works.



Megan Kristel

Megan Kristel is an entrepreneur, working mom, and former personal stylist. Tired of the one-dimensional portrayal of women online, she founded The Well Dressed Life as a resource for other professional women.

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