Three Ways to Wear Joggers

As we move through March and April, I’m working diligently to make sure our content matches your needs, while keeping this space light, optimistic and positive. My goal with all of our posts is to use pieces I know you have and show you how to build on them. 

If you are new to our site, today is a great example of how many of our posts our designed to build. 

Last Monday our series, “What to Buy at” featured Banana Republic. I love BR for their classic modern style and commitment to offering a wide range of sizes. They make my job easier. 

Today, I took one of the more popular pieces from that post, these knit cargo joggers, and showing you how to wear them three different ways. 

The idea here, of course, is to help you build a wardrobe through our site, much like I did when I worked with my private clients. 

Three Ways to Wear Joggers

Three Ways to Wear Joggers


Joggers, $69.50 

Joggers are what you want to wear when you don’t want to wear sweats. They are slightly better, and make all the different in that space between feeling sloppy and like you still have your life together. 

I’m featuring them in a dark army green. It’s a fantastic, updated neutral. 

And a quick note:  My community outside of Philadelphia has been under a Stay at Home Order for almost two weeks now. Week one wasn’t terrible. Week two is tough. The order has been extended by two more weeks, and what is required to survive that without completely losing our minds is discipline.

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The days I got dressed, brushed my hair, made beds, etc. were 1000% better than the days I didn’t. I say that not to give you “one more thing to do” but rather to encourage you to take care of yourself.  I’m all for anything that makes this situation marginally better. 

Let’s dive into the first outfit: 

White Tee and Denim Jacket

Three Ways to Wear JoggersJoggers, $69.50  |  Tee, $25  |  Jacket, $79  |  Sneakers, $50

You likely have these pieces already hanging in your closet. I want to call out the tee shirt because it’s what many of you are looking for.  It’s a lovely ballet neckline with a sleeve that goes to your elbow, making it ideal for layering or to wear alone.

It’s available in: white here, black teal and coral here, from a 00 (XXS) – 18 (XXL) and plus size 1X – 4X here. 

Then I added our favorite denim jacket by KUT. I just love it, I wear it all the time. It’s available in petite and missy up to an XXL.

Finally, I included these sweet tie top sneakers by Vans. I almost stopped myself from featuring them here, since my girls are obsessed with their slip on version, but these, with their contrasting sole and warm “marshmallow” color feel right for grown ups

Cozy Sweater

Three Ways to Wear Joggers

Joggers, $69.50  |  Sweater, $25  |  Necklace, $40  |  Sneaker, $48 

Temperatures are all over the place right now, at least on the east coast. One day it feels like early summer, the next it’s dark and chilly. While I’m hoping for more sunny days ahead, having something snuggly on hand helps.

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My love of H&M sweaters is well documented. So I paired the joggers with this white, slightly oversized turtleneck sweater. (It’s getting limited in sizes but is available in regular and petite.)

I added a long necklace by Kendra Scott (on sale for under $40 at Nordstrom Rack) – because why not? Jewelry makes me feel human. 

Finally, I am crazy about these shoes by Louise et Cie. They are a leather slip on sneaker in a leopard print available in lots of sizes for under $50, also a Nordstrom Rack. I was not allowing myself to buy another leopard print shoe, but will be breaking that rule with these. 

Better Than a Sweats


How to Wear JoggersJoggers, $69.50  |  Sweatshirt, $38  |  Flats, $145  |  Earrings, $36 

Wearing something different each day helps break up days that are seriously starting to running into each other.

I took the joggers and added a simple grey sweatshirt by Everlane. I find they run slightly small, so size up, or pay close attention to the measurements. 

Then I added these chic and comfortable Rothy’s in camo. I’m wearing my Rothly’s in my office almost daily. There’s something about wearing a real shoe that helps me feel grounded.

Now, keep in mind, my office is a few steps away from my house. I have to go outside to get in, so wearing shoes is required. I get it might be less important if you are currently working at your dining room table – just something to consider. 

Finally, these earrings, by our new favorite Gorjana. I’m mentioning them because they come in gold AND silver tone, and so many readers have requested more silver options. They are incredibly affordable and a simple way to raise your spirit. 

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Three Ways to Wear Joggers

6 thoughts on “Three Ways to Wear Joggers”

  1. Great look! One question…with the t-shirt/jean jacket combo, what’s the better look – leaving the t-shirt tucked in, partially tucked or untucked?

    • I’m a big fan of the partial tuck because it helps bring you in and minimizes our midsections. It seems counterintuitive but it’s actually ag great slimming trick!

  2. Gathered at the waist paints do nothing for people with bellies, other than make them look fatter. If you are shorter in stature and heavier set, you need to avoid wearing dirndle skirts or anything with a gathered waist.
    So while this look is good for skinny people that are in shape with a slender silhouette, it doesn’t do much to enhance the shape of pudgy people.

    • Do we really need negative comments right now?
      Any size can wear any style, it’s all in how that particular piece fits the individual and how you pair it with other pieces. I don’t have a flat tummy and I wear this look all the time.

  3. I agree with you about the positive comments, which we all crave and need now (and always). I wear a similar look to this and TOTALLY agree with you in that the look can work for many, it’s just piecing the right things together to feel good I am just under a plus and LOVE this type of look and feel good in it. THANK YOU

  4. Thank you for this post. During this “stay-at-home” order in the Philly suburbs, I have been trying to figure out what to wear with my joggers. And I agree with you 1000% percent that getting ready for the day “pretending” that I have somewhere to go makes it a MUCH better day.

    Thanks for continuing to post and encourage women through this crazy time. We will get through this together.


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