Back to Basics: The Best White Tee Shirts for Women

Today, we’re talking about the best white tee shirts for women.

A white tee shirt is the most versatile piece of clothing in your wardrobe. Especially in this time of dressing casually while staying in or close to home, having a few fresh white tees to throw on can make getting dressed a whole lot easier.

When your personal style leans classic, you need to strike an important balance. The basic items that compose the foundation of your outfits need to do a lot of work. Choosing just the right piece will make or break your look.

So they should be better quality, fit well, hang nicely, and maintain their integrity wash after wash.

In many cases, I say spend a little more on these items. Buy the best you can afford.

But here’s the thing, prices in recent years have gone off the deep end.

I’m at the point in my life, and maybe you are too, where I feel like money is literally growing wings and flying out my front door.

Between mortgages, home repairs, groceries, tuition, childcare, oh, and saving for retirement, there’s not a lot left over.

So a simple white tee shirt costing $100 or $200 is downright offensive. It’s also insane because all of the expensive tee shirt brands I have tried over the years are 100% sheer. 

The bottom line? When it comes to white tee shirts, there is little correlation between price and quality. The higher the price point does not mean the better the quality. In fact, iI find t’s quiet the opposite. 

Today, I rounded up my recommendations for the best white tees for women.

Qualifications for a top spot are affordability (these are all under $20), quality, durability, and of course, none of these are see-through.

And stay tuned, because in August I’m taking many of the items I featured in June and July and showing them to you in real life pictures, to wear now and later in the early Fall. 

The Best White Tee Shirts

The Best White Tee Shirts that Won't Break the Bank

Before we get into our list, a quick note. Your bra plays a vital role in the overall sheerness of a white tee. You want to wear a nude-to-you tee shirt bra so that you won’t see an outline through the tee. This is important, no matter how opaque the tee.

Also, because shopping online is truly the future of retail, follow a few steps before ordering. 

  1. Know your measurements and compare them to the size scale the retailer provides. 
  2. Read the reviews and pay attention to feedback around quality and how it fits. 
  3. Be sure to read the return policy. Many retailers are getting better with this, knowing they have to compete with Amazon on returns. If you are in between sizes, order both and return what doesn’t work. 

The Best Tee Shirts Totally Not See-Through

Lands’ End

Lands's End White tshirt

Lands’ End, $18

It makes sense that Lands’ End would make one of the best white tees. Their focus on quality and practicality is at the heart of their brand. I like this option because it has a bit of shape, but doesn’t cling, a nice sized sleeve (I hate when the cling to your arm) and a length that let’s you half tuck, full tuck or leave out. They also wash and wear well. 

Available in regular, petite, tall and plus sizes. 

Read online reviews here. 

LL Bean

LL Bean White Tee ShirtLL Bean, $23

Similar to Land’s End, LL Bean shares their approach to quality. If you prefer a crewneck, this soft pima cotton has a lovely feel, is slightly fitted, and hits right at the hip. 

Available in regular, petite, and plus

Read online reviews here. 


Madewell White Tee Shirt

Madewell, $16

This Madewell tee has a vintage, relaxed, pre-washed feel.  The sleeves are shorter than the Lands’ End and LL Bean options. It will give you a more casual look and pairs perfectly with jeans or shorts. 

Available in all sizes including a 3X.

Read its almost all five star reviews here. 

Universal Thread

Target Universal Thread White Tshirt

Universal Thread, $8

You simply cannot beat the price of the v-neck tee from Target’s in house brand. But here’s the thing, don’t order it online. There is too much variation in their sizing to make the potential for having to ship back and forth worth.

So next time you’re at Target, roll your cart over to the Universal Thread area, and take a look yourself. I bought mine in a large to account for shrinking and I’m very please with it, especially  since it’s under $10. 

Available in XXS- XXL here, also in plus size. 


Uniqlo White Tshirt

Uniqlo, $15

Over the years readers and members in our Facebook private group have raved about the basics you can find at Uniqlo. So, of course, I gave them a try. This crew neck white tee shirt, is $15 and is really great. It’s feel super soft, hangs away from the body without being boxy, and washes well. 

Available in XXS – XXL.

It gets tons of 5 star reviews too, which you can read here

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Back to Basics: The Best White Tee Shirts for Women

15 thoughts on “Back to Basics: The Best White Tee Shirts for Women”

  1. Another recommendation if any reader needs a size larger than 3X – Universal Standard makes awesome tees which I’ve tried and loved and (to me) are worth paying duties on (I live in the UK). They run around $50 so they’re not as bargainous as this fabulous list, but still not eye-wateringly expensive and the sizes run up to the equivalent of a US 38/40. I usually wear a US 26 and I find them true to size.

  2. I always have a problem with t-shirts getting holes in the belly. I buy the correct size and it is not tight. I am an extra small or small. Any ideas to avoid this?

  3. I’ve heard speculation that this is caused by the counter in the kitchen when doing dishes. Is it about that “height”?

  4. I love my Landsend Tee Shirts. I have been buying them for years, I have them in many colors. They wash and dry like a dream. I have some that are about 10 years old, they hold up fantastic. I use a Shaklee product in my white wash loads to keep things white and the Landsend shirts stay white !

  5. I have been pretty happy with the J. Crew tshirts I bought at the beginning of summer. I end up buying a lot of white tshirts because I always end up with odd stains… usually I don’t know where they even came from 🙂

  6. I like Tasc, Zella, and Athleta tees for casual wear. They a little pricier, but the last FOREVER. Only problem is keeping the sythetique materials white.

  7. I agree with the Landsend T shirt. I buy new ones only because after multiple years I feel like I want new ones. They wear like iron and always retain their shape. A great value for the money.

  8. I also buy LL Bean, but in the men’s section. I find a better fit in the chest and and a longer sleeve more to my liking. I’m a US 36G by the way. I also love the Life is Good tees. They last me long time and still look great. Buy the 2 for $35 plain tees in crew or vee neck.

  9. Yes I agree my daughter and I had this very discussion about getting holes in our t shirts around the belly area then u have to throw them out. I finally figured it out when I wash dishes etc in the kitchen I lean against the counter and that’s what makes the holes. I find this to be true with Madewell t shirts and gap t shirts.

  10. Is the first picture (the one before Lands End) the Madewell tee? I like the sleeve length on that one. Thanks

  11. Another nasty culprit leaving those little holes in our favorite tees is (believe it or not) the seatbelt! You may be a fan of wearing a belt with your jeans & shorts, as I do, which causes the tee to rub against the buckle underneath the seatbelt.

    A little front-tuck can be helpful to prevent this. I have lost many favorite t-shirts to those darn holes!!


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