The Best White Tee Shirts that Won’t Break the Bank

At my core, I am a dark jeans and white tee shirt girl, and in my quest to find the perfect tee, I have tried pretty much every option on the market. What I’ve found is that most tees are either outrageously expensive (it’s insane to spend over $100 on a cotton top) or so inexpensive they look like old pajamas after one washing. Worst, at every price, they are practically see-through.

So today’s post is short and sweet. Thanks so many readers who submitted requests (please keep them coming, they are especially helpful this time of year!) we are rounding up the best white tee shirts. 

These are my personal recommendations. Qualifications for a top spot are affordability (these are all under $20),well made, durable and, of course, not see-through

The Best White Tee Shirts

The Best White Tee Shirts that Won't Break the Bank

When we talk about where to spend and save on our clothing, tee shirts are always on our list of saves. There is just no reason in the world to spend any significant sum of money on them. So while I personally spend on jeans because they are a staple for me, the tee shirt is where I find balance in my budget. (That and I have yet to find an expensive tee shirt better than the ones on our list.) 

Before we get into our list, a quick note about “see-through – ness.” While the sheerness of the tee is essential, your bra is too, so be sure to wear a seamless, tee-shirt bra in a neutral to you tone. 

The Best Tee Shirts Totally Not See-Through

Favorite Crew Neck: Madewell Northside Vintage Tee , $16.00

Madewell makes fantastic basics. This tee has everything you might be looking for in a crew neck. It falls off the body, has a short sleeve that’s proportionate to the rest of the shirt and a length that works tucked or untucked. Comes in a ton of colors and goes up to a 3X.

Favorite V-Neck: Everlane: The Cotton V-Neck, $18.00

V-necks help extend the line of our body by creating space between our chin and chest. They are also a better alternative to a crew neck if you have a larger bust. Everlane is hands down one of our favorite brands. The quality is incredible and the prices can’t be beat. This v-neck cotton tee is only $18.00.  They are size inclusive, but run on the small side in some styles so keep that in mind when ordering.  

Favorite Pocket Front: LOFT Pocket Vintage Soft Tee, $12.00

For a casual, summery, lightweight option, LOFT offers a lived-in tee that works with skirts, shorts or jeans. For $12, the attention to detail is impressive. I appreciate the shirttail hem finish and center seaming that give the tee a lovely, flattering shape. Available in a generous size range from XXS – XXL. 


The Best White Tee Shirts that Won’t Break the Bank
Megan Kristel

Megan Kristel is an entrepreneur, working mom, and former personal stylist. Tired of the one-dimensional portrayal of women online, she founded The Well Dressed Life as a resource for other professional women.

  1. I purchased the Everlane t-shirt recommended and was very disappointed, it was very thin and see through. The fit and construction was good so instead of returning the $18 t-shirt for a $6 return fee I will wear it as a layer. Not sure what happened between when you purchased and I did.

    1. I’m so bummed to hear that! It’s my favorite ever – I wear the v-neck and crew neck all the time. I do wear it with a nude-to-me tee shirt bra and I can’t see anything, even after many, many wears.

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