The $30 Wrap Dress I’m Living In This Summer

Lately, I have not been feeling great about my body. As a creature of habit, I thrive in routine. Four months of stay at home orders took its toll on me mentally and then physically. 

Fitness-wise, the accountability I get by going to group classes and the scheduled time out of my house, free of distractions and interruptions, helps me create the boundaries I need to take care of myself.

So once gyms closed and homeschooling started, I was really at a loss for what to do. I am getting back on track and am beginning to feel better. But I’m nowhere near the weight or fitness level – more specifically, I don’t feel as strong, energized, or healthy as I was pre-COVID.

It’s frustrating, of course, but I know that if you feel like crap while you’re trying to get back to yourself, you’re never going to get there.

Doing little things, like getting a manicure, or putting on some makeup in the morning is so important. It sends a single to your brain that caring for yourself is a priority.

And finding a few things to wear that make you feel pretty is like jet fuel for motivation.

So a month or so ago, my sister-in-law came over in what looked like the perfect summer dress, from Amazon. I loved it so much I ordered one, then another, and then another. 

I feel slim, feminine and so pretty in them. 

And don’t be turned off by the model photos, you can see them on me and my very normal body below. 

The $30 Wrap Dress I’m Living In This Summer

Wrap Dress, $30

We’ve been trying to take advantage of the weather and support our local restaurants with a weekly date night. It’s lovely to sit outside and decompress for a few hours, out of the house and away from the kids, especially since there is nothing else to do. 

I am wearing these dresses on repeat. To dinners, for drinks outside, even to my daughters softball games. 


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I’m wearing the large and it fits perfectly. There are two styles available, one has flutter sleeves and a high/low hem, the other has a short sleeve and long maxi skirt (shown in red). 

Below is the blue version. I wore it to dinner last night in the city with my sister-in-law. 


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To care for them, I put them in a lingerie bag and wash on delicate. Then, I hang them to dry and use my steamer to remove any wrinkles quickly.


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The $30 Wrap Dress I\'m Living In This Summer

7 thoughts on “The $30 Wrap Dress I’m Living In This Summer”

  1. I love it when you show dresses. Always so classy and feminine. I love this dress! I might have to order myself a few! Thanks for the recommendation. 🙂

  2. Megan, the dresses are the epitome of summer femininity but what I really appreciate is your honest appraisal of your physical & mental state. I too miss my exercise classes & am struggling to feel good w/online exercise classes and time spent outside. Thanks for your vulnerability. I read all your posts and appreciate the sanity and balance you provide at a crazy time. Thanks.

  3. Love the dress unfortunately the XL was not a true XL 🙁 Maybe the truth is I’m no longer an XL and I need to drop some weight. Thanks for the recommendation. I love it and I so wanted it to work for me.

    • I’m sorry about that – Amazon’s sizes are always all over the place. I order way more than I ever keep because it.


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