Currently Crushing on Target’s Opalhouse Decor Line

Currently Crushing on Target's Opalhouse Decor Line - The Well Dressed Life

As Megan has mentioned, she is currently renovating her home to include a home office, some refreshed bathrooms, a four-seasons room, and a larger kitchen. And guess what, me too! However, I decided to buy a fixer-upper when I am 9 months pregnant. We’re basically keeping two walls and tripling the size of the house. Only Megan and I would think it’s a good idea to do home renovation while pregnant or with newborns. So naturally, in addition to talking about fashion, we talk about home improvement and decor nonstop. Our Pinterest boards swell each day with more and more ideas and inspiration. It’s fun and overwhelming, but we decided to show you some of the things that we are finding and loving in our middle-of-the-night-I-can’t-sleep Pinterest and internet scouring sessions.

Have you seen what Target is doing these days? Their home department is killing it. Their Threshold line has been around for a few years, and rarely disappoints. I happen to really like their sheets. Pillowfort is just plain adorable. I have several decor pieces from this line in my daughter’s playroom and bedroom.

But what’s really exciting me is their new Opalhouse line. I bet you thought I was going to mention Joanna Gaines’s Hearth and Hand, didn’t you? Man, do I love Joanna Gaines. I love Fixer Upper. But I need a bit of a break from her. It’s true that my new house will have a modern farmhouse look, which lends itself to the Hearth and Hand look, but I want to inject a bit more color and whimsy into my house than Joanna usually does. When I saw the Opalhouse line, I knew I had found the budget-friendly answer to my decor dreams.

Currently Crushing on Target's Opalhouse Decor Line

Opalhouse looks like Anthropologie Home, no? But it’s a fraction of the price. The last time I was in Target, I saw this Rattan Chair and I stopped dead in my tracks. I am so crazy in love with it. Our house has an existing detached garage in the rear of the property, which we are using for storage and an outdoor bar, which we refer to as the BARage. This chair is going in it, and I will be sipping wine from these adorable stemless glasses.

I want to update my family room a bit. I’m going to pick up these wonderfully detailed throw pillows to zush up my existing living room furniture so that it feels different in the new space. Check out this Cream Fringe pillow or this Blue Velvet. And I love this Pom Basket that I will use to corral odds and ends in the family room. This throw blanket is under $30 and looks so much more expensive than that. I can’t decide if I like the blue or the white better. This lamp is wonderfully textured with ceramic birds and flowers. it’s intricate without being gaudy.

A few other pieces of furniture caught my eye. I love navy blue, and this console table would make a bold statement in my entryway with its whitewashed exposed brick. This wingback chair is a classic shape updated with this rich gorgeous velvet and I can picture it next to my oatmeal colored couch. $124 for cane dining chairs? Yes please.

Wait, one last thing. The hall bathroom is going to be black and white with classic white subway tiles and a black vanity. How good would this mirror look in there? What a statement – and for just $50! We can throw in this black and white striped rug too while we’re at it.

Are you noticing the prices? I can’t get over the fact that you can have a statement chair for about $200. It makes it easy to take a risk because you won’t be shelling out big money for something that you might want to switch out in a few years, or in my case, might get destroyed by small children.

Let me know if you snap up any of this gorgeous line! Here are the pieces I discussed today:


Spring Home Decor Picks at Target

Spring Home Decor Picks at Target - The Well Dressed Life

We bought our home four years ago in a great neighborhood five minutes away from our kids’ school. It’s a rancher on about an acre of land that sits in a development that use to be an arboretum. (So. Many. Trees.) We knew the current size and layout of the house wasn’t going to work long-term, but it was updated enough that we could move in and live for a bit while we figured out what we wanted to do.

The first thing we did when we moved in was finish our basement and made it an adorable hang out for our girls.  Since then I’ve spent the last few years pouring over design options for the rest of the house. Today, we’re finally meeting with our contractor to get the ball rolling, map out the phases and come up with a plan. I am so excited to see my ideas come to life.  (And also wonder if moving would have been easier?) I’m going to oversee the project because I’m a control freak. To keep us on budget, and to ensure I get everything I want, we’re going to do a few DIY projects in addition to working with the professionals. This alone will be hilarious since my husband and I are the furthest things in the world from “handy.” But, I figure, if I can birth two kids, build multiple websites and learn the basics of coding, I can reface a fireplace. Right?

My goal is to have the final phase of the project, which includes a new patio and outdoor living space completed by next summer. Until then, I’m trying to keep the house tidy and pulled together. After the holidays it feels so bare and boring. To help me keep my patience, and satisfy my need for immediate gratification, I picked up a few things at Target this weekend to spruce up the place. I could not believe the quality, design, and price. So I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you today.

Spring Home Decor Finds at Target

 Chambray Pillow, $30  |  Medallion Pillow, $17


Spring Home Decor Picks at Target - The Well Dressed Life

String Light, $50  |  Wreath, $29  |  Wicker Chat set, $280  |  Umbrella Stand, $30  |  Napkins, $10  |  Chambray Pillow, $30  |  Medallion Pillow, $17  |  Pineapple Jar, $34  |  Mat, $13  |  Candle, $13

We have a private patio off our master bedroom that is currently covered in leaves and twigs from the multiple nor’easters that blew through the Philadelphia area.  It seemed charming when we first saw the house, but ultimately turned into an eye sore because I could never figure out what to do with it.  That was until I found this wicker “chat set.”  The scale is perfect for the space and the style is unique. It would work on a small patio, on a balcony or to create a tiny nook to enjoy a glass of wine in a garden.

I also picked up a few of these string lights.  Our patio is well lite but I like the idea of falling asleep to the soft glow of accent lights coming through our patio doors.  I’ll share some before and after pictures in the next few weeks.

For under $50 I was able to freshen up our front door.  I don’t love kitchy seasonal wreaths so this tailored, elegant boxwood is right up my alley.  It also works perfectly with this plaid welcome mat by everyones favorite, Hearth and Hand with Magnolia.

Pillows are my downfall.  I want all the pillows all the time and these are my absolute favorite (above).  I picked up two solid navy and two medallion print for either side of our sofa. They bring just the right amount of interest to a boring sofa that will be replaced once the house is complete. I also bought these pretty blue napkins and placemats to bring some blue into the dining room.

Finally, I can’t leave Target without a few random purchases.  I picked up a simple umbrella stand for next to our front door, because I’m a grown up and feel like I should have this kind of thing.  This pineapple cookie jar came home with me as well.  I imagine it tucked into a corner of our new kitchen.  And last but not least, this  $13 candle, a mix of citrus and coconut, which smells like a divine mix of spring and summer in one scent.

We’ll share some of our design projects on the blog in the coming months.  As we get started, I’d love to hear any advice you might have if you’ve lived through a remodel in the comments below!