Hi Friends,

Just a quick note to let you know I am taking a little vacation this week and will not be posting new content. 

I have not had as much as a weekend off since March, so it’s time for an actual break.

We decided about a month ago to skip our regular end of summer trip to the shore. Instead, we are putting in a new patio around our house, wrapping up the second phase of our home remodel that started two years ago. Considering everything that is going on, missing out on this beach session seems like the easy choice. 

Bri and I were planning on dropping our girls off at my parents’ house and going away for a long weekend to catch up before the school year.

But, as we were about to book a place to stay, I realized I was too tired to put effort into getting us packed and out the door. 

So, we’re still sending the girls to their grandparents’ house, but we are staying home … alone .. with no kids!!!

I’ve never been in my house without the kids and a million things on the to-do list. It will be lovely to enjoy it after all the work we’ve put into making it ours over the years. 

Enjoying a quiet morning in a clean kitchen.

We are going to sleep, have coffee and wine on the new patio, head to our pool with a book, sleep, go to dinner, and did I say sleep? I can’t wait to sleep!

But more, I’m going to do something that doesn’t come easy for me. I’m going to give myself a minute to celebrate all the things I’ve accomplished this year. 

Because, ladies, we have been carrying everything for the last six months, and it’s necessary to take a step back and marvel at what we have done. 

We have shouldered this crisis while teaching our kids, and calming their fears, and supporting our partners and working full-time, and cooking and cleaning and all the things while managing our own deepest worries and anxieties. 

So I hope before the summer ends, you take a minute too and see what you have done because it’s incredible.

We were asked to do the impossible, and guess what, as usual, we did. 

I’ll be back on September 1st to kick off the new month and the new season! 





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