Soft and Feminine Trench

I’m a big fan of the trench coat. When I cinch the belt and pop the collar, I can’t help feeling a little more powerful and sophisticated. In general, coats are an essential element in an outfit. They are your first impression and can either elevate your style or distract from it. This time of year, the trench is such a great outfit “finisher.” Since we are finally able to shed our winter layers and add something light and elegant to our outfits, trench coats make it easy to up your style factor with little effort.

I’ve been on the hunt for a new trench with a few requirements: it couldn’t be Burberry (there are plenty of blogs showing off $1500 trench coats), it needed to be a little different, and under $200.

After searching for hours, I stumbled on this absolutely gorgeous Badgley Mischka Faux Leather Trim Trench, for, wait for it, $130.

Soft and Feminine TrenchTrench
, $130  |  Umbrella, $38  |  Scarf, $40

This trench comes in four soft neutral colors.  Above is “fog,” the most neutral of the options.  It’s available in XS = 0 to and XL =14.  I like that the style is unstructured, so if you are as straight as a pencil, or have curves,  it will work for your body type.  You can easily have this hemmed to hit right below your knee without the alteration affecting the line of the coat.

Because I get idyllic about this time of year, I envision walking in the city, on a rainy day, looking like I just stepped off the set of some romantic comedy.  This will never happen, but it’s good to have goals.  Why not pick up a cheeky umbrella, like this one from Kate Spade.

Finish off the look with a simple scarf.  I spent way too much time looking for one, and, for the record, I have amazing taste.  What I want is a vintage Hermes.  If you happen to have one and have no idea what to do with it, start wearing it immediately.  Mixing such a timeless piece, with modern, better priced items creates an incredibly chic look. I eventually found is this lovely black and white scarf by Ralph Lauren for $40.  It’s an entirely different look than the Hermes, but equally on point.


5 thoughts on “Soft and Feminine Trench”

  1. Have you been reading my mind??? A new trench is on my list this year to replace! I have been looking for a classic, low cost option. This is perfect! Boom….order placed! Thanks so much, Megan!

  2. Megan do you own this coat? I’m just curious what you think about it. I love all your fashion advice and definitely wanted a new trench to replace my Banana Republic which is at least 10, maybe 15 years old? It’s still in great shape, it just seems like it SHOULD be time to replace, you know? So…almost immediately after reading your post, I zipped over to and ordered this one. I was hoping for something equal to or better than my existing old trench. But sadly, I was thoroughly disappointed with the quality of the coat that showed up. The trenchcoat I have from BR is a thick, sturdy material, with a real belt, and a subtle water repellent finish, but this new one from Badgeley Mischka is absolutely not repellent or sturdy. It’s perhaps “elegant”? The material is very thin, silky, like a thin blouse. It would not take the chill off your shoulders on a misty April day. And I want a piece that adds chic to my outfit, but this trench wrinkles faster than my face after a power nap. The belt is a tie, not a true belt. And my final complaint is of the most egregious flaw of all….this trench has FAUX pockets. I admit, I’m all about practical over fashion. I appreciate polish, but would it kill the designer to have at least a small pocket for a credit card or a set of keys? For these reasons, this doesn’t feel like a good deal, despite the price. I’m happy to pay a few hundred for trench that will last, but this particular piece does not feel worth even $100 or $80 – it feels to me more like a Forever21 frivolous piece that took a machine in China two minutes to make. And as for my old trench, well, I’m pulling it out of retirement (for a staple that’s carried me through my 20s and 30s, hey, what’s a few more seasons?!) until I can find a worthy replacement. Please tell me: Do I have the wrong expectations for this trench?

    • Hey Christie, I’m so sorry you don’t love it – thank goodness for Nordstrom returns!
      I do have this and you’re right, it’s not as “sturdy” as a traditional trench – which is kinda what I wanted. I like how soft it is and how it drapes. My idea personally was to wear it as a lightweight topper over dresses for Easter and some springtime events we have on the calendar. I probably didn’t articulate that well in the post. Truth be told, I haven’t even worn it out of the house yet since it’s been snowing and is freezing, so I can’t speak to the wrinkles. And as for the “real belt” I hear you, but we actually get a ton of requests for trenches that aren’t double breasted and have a tie instead of buckle waistband.

      If you’re looking for a more classic/timeless piece you might want to try this one from Everlane, it gets great reviews online. Hope that helps!

  3. I see! That makes sense as a topper for an Easter dress. You’re right that the softer fabric probably drapes well. Perhaps I don’t think about draping as much as I should for a woman of my age. And yes, this sturdy Everlane one looks right up my alley. As always, thank you for the expert guidance!


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