VIDEO: Packing Tips for Travel

We’re back with a how-to video based on questions we received after I posted this picture of my overhead bag for a week in wine country.  If you travel a lot for work, or want to keep vacation simple and stress free, these packing tips will keep you organized and wrinkle free. 

Want to see more tips?  Post your questions below!

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10 thoughts on “VIDEO: Packing Tips for Travel”

  1. Loved the video….but where does your make up bag go? I don’t wear a ton but between the basic, my toothbrush, hairbrush, etc……my make up bag can take up significant room!

  2. This is so helpful. I just got back from a week in CA and had WAY too much stuff. Any chance you could do a follow up showing the different outfits? Also, what brand suitcase do you have?

  3. This video could not have been posted at a better time! Christine has helped me get my list and outfits organized for a last minute trip, and I’ll try to see if I can get it all in one overhead!

  4. That was a fantastic packing job! I have 2 questions semi-related to the video. What is that gorgeous lipstick shade you are wearing and where did you purchase those scarves? (Substantial scarves like that are hard to find!). Thanks so much.

  5. Your packing tips worked fabulously. I had to attend a function out of town that required several dressy outfits. When I unpacked, all of my clothes looked great without those awful packing creases. Thank you for all your clothing tips. With your advise I have been able to define my style.


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