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October Reader Favorites 2018

October Reader Favorites 2018
Readers Favorites - October 2018

Holy November Ladies!

We say it every year, but seriously, is 2018 going by extra fast?

Today, in addition to our monthly round-up of your favorite items I’m giving a quick update on the blog and life in general.

First and foremost a warm welcome to all of our new readers. Our readership exploded over the last few months, and I couldn’t be happier with how we are growing.

And a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has been reading since the beginning. Even I get on my own nerves, so the fact that so many take time out of your busy day to see what’s new and join in our conversation is very humbling.

I appreciate everyone commenting, and asking questions; it’s helping me organize our December and January content while I’m on “maternity leave.”

Speaking of maternity leave, we are just seven weeks away from welcoming our new baby girl. Am I ready? More than I can tell you. Is my house ready? That’s a firm no. But it WILL be because it HAS to be.

Have you seen what Chip and Joanna can do in seven weeks? I’m not worried.

Once this house remodel is done, I’m so looking forward to some time at home with all of my kids and family. When I first realized that the baby was due around Christmas, I was a little freaked out, but now I couldn’t be happier about the timing.  While I’m under no delusions of what life with a newborn is like, after the year we’ve had just being able to focus on the kids during the quiet months of winter is going to feel like a vacation.

We have a lot of new content coming in 2019; I just need not be pregnant to do most of it. As always, your thoughts and request are driving the direction of the site.  I’m excited for you to see it.

A big part of our strategy for 2019 will involve our Private, Women-Only Facebook Group. It’s grown quickly into a lovely and supportive group of women. We’ll be sharing exclusive content, sale alerts and live video Q&A in the new year. Feel free to join and invite friends.

Please note: all three prerequisite questions need to be answered to have your request approved.

Now let’s get into your October Favorites.

Last month was our most successful month since I wrote my very first post five or six years ago. So for today’s roundup, I had to limit them to your top 12.

It’s so helpful to see what you like since that information helps me find more practical and stylish items for the rest of the season. I also use these pieces to build inspiration posts, so you’ll see repeat items because that’s how we dress in real life.

Readers Favorites - October 2018

  1. Caslon Sweater Dress.  Good thing we don’t all have Thanksgiving Dinner together since we would all show up in this.  What else would we wear? It’s polished and pretty and lets you eat pie.
  2. Old Navy French Terry Tunic Sweatshirt.  Old Navy never disappoints and this tunic sweatshirt is no exception. It’s ideal for lazy mornings (I happy wear mine on Sunday morning with pajama bottoms) but can easily be “dressed up” with leggings, a scarf and a pair of boots.
  3. J. Crew Factory Wrap Coat.  So many of you emailed me about how much you like this simple and casual coat.  It’s nothing fancy, and isn’t structured, which is sometimes what you want. I especially love it in the red. (Use code TREAT and get 31% off)
  4.  Vince Camuto Ponte Legging. A ponte legging has more substance than a traditional one and also keeps you a little bit warmer. These are extra limited but a great price so stock up if you can.
  5. Halogen Ponte Pencil Skirt.  Need a new skirt for work? Look no further than this under $60 option from Halogen. It’s awesome. When I worked with clients rebuilding their work wardrobes this was one of the first pieces I put in their dressing rooms.
  6. Slouchy Turtleneck Sweater.  Tis the season for cozy sweaters.  We featured this affordable Old Navy sweater in a weekend post with leggings and boots.  It’s a simple but chic basic  I’m stocking up, so I feel pulled together while my body does the postpartum thing.
  7. Machine Washable Wool Turtleneck Sweater.  This is the kind of piece I start to miss while pregnant. Paired with slim lined trousers and a classic loafer, it’s the epitome of ladylike business casual. (Note: BR is having a Friends and Family event. Use the code BRFRIEND and get 40% off.)
  8. Treasure & Bond Baseball Tee.  An easy piece to throw on with jeans or layer under a vest for busy weekends with the kids.
  9. Halogen Crewneck Cashmere Sweater.  A cashmere sweater for under $100?  Sign me up! Are these the most luxurious sweaters ever? No. But they are lovely and easy to wear with jeans, chinos or your favorite style trouser for work.  I like the extra attention to detail with a slit bottom and longer sleeve. We’re featuring the stripe, because, well, I love stripes, but it comes in seven other very wearable colors.
  10. Kendra Scott Willow Choker.  Looking for something to jazz up your basic black? This Kendra Scott choker is perfect for crew, boat or turtlenecks, for daytime or for holiday events. It’s currently on sale for under $90, but won’t last.
  11. Sole Society Eddie Smoking Flat. A timeless smoking flat style in an even more timeless leopard print. It’s sure to zhush up any of your neutral basics.
  12. Slip-on UGG Sneakers. I live in my UGG slippers so the idea of a slip-on sneaker that doesn’t look anything like a slipper is a welcomed upgrade. It helps me look less crazy at the bus stop in the morning and a lot more appropriate for quick trips to the market.

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Saturday 3rd of November 2018

I've been meaning to thank you for your recommendations. I previously subscribed/paid for a website (I won't name) and spent an embarrassing amount on a "capsule wardrobe". The author basically told us to buy one of each item of clothing in our color palette. (I.e. one white shirt, one blue shirt, etc). At the end, yes the items mixed and matched but no thought was put into longevity or timelessness. I felt so juvenile. Anyways, I bought the sweater dress you recommended and my husband commented on it the first time I wore it. He's never done that. It fits well without clinging to my mom tummy. Ive come to the conclusion that clothes made of good materials are more than worth it. Im excited about future posts from you.


Friday 2nd of November 2018

I bought the red coat (#3) after seeing it on your blog post and I love it! It will be well-worn this winter!

Carol Bringhurst

Friday 2nd of November 2018

Hi Megan,

Congratulations on you coming baby. I am new to the well dressed life and am enjoying the content so far. I also love the style. I live in the UK it would be fantastic if we could have some UK alternatives suggestions for the clothes that you post. Clothes that are reasonable quality at a decent price are in short supply here.

Keep up the good work and best wishes


Patricia Hornbeck

Thursday 1st of November 2018

Megan, this has been a wonderful project & experience, thank you! Of your recommendations I bought the black skirt, and the beautiful Kendra Scott necklace. I had purchased the leopard print ruffled sleeve blouse but it wasn’t for me, however when I took it back to J Crew they had a lovely leopard print murino wool sweater soft and thin enough to tuck in, that inspired me to buy a heather tan cardigan which pulls the whole outfit together and gives me many other options. For me this is stepping out of my comfort zone as I’m usually very conservative but I love what I can do with them. I also discovered that the colors in the sweater look wonderful with my grey silver hair. This has been so fun and such a learning experience and while going through the project step by step have realized that us wonderful strong women have so much in common and struggle with many of the same issues when it comes to our image of ourselves and how to dress to improve our self image and overcome our insecurities. Thank you for all your hard work & support and also for making this a fun & formative project. Patricia

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