What Would You Like to See in August?

Hi Friends!

In the best of circumstances, by the end of July, I feel like I’ve covered summer style, am ready for fall, and struggle with what-the-heck-to post.

This year, with the added layer of COVID, the varying levels of state restrictions, and low retail inventory, it’s even more challenging to create valuable posts for you.

I never want to take advantage of your inbox, so, as I finalize our August schedule,  I’m checking in to see what would be most helpful in the next few weeks during this lull before the start of Fall. 

My Best Tips for Shopping Online

I plan on wrapping up July with a fun roundup of affordable and pretty pajamas (tomorrow), and some more recent Amazon finds. 

The Nordstrom Sale starts on August 13th, I’ll have a variety of posts organized highlighting recommendations for replenishing basics, some wardrobe builders, a traditional must have list of fall pieces, and a post on pieces for those of us starting the fall working from home and homeschooling – insert sobbing emoji :(. 

We’ll start our Free Fall Wardrobe Challenge on Friday, September 4th. Like years past, I’ve added more to it, so if it’s your first or fifth time going through the process you’ll have many take aways. 

There are lots of helpful posts to look forward to as we get into the new season. 

So for the next few weeks, what is on your mind?

What are your most immediate style/beauty questions, or challenges? 

What posts do you find most helpful? 

What would you like to see more of?

I guarantee if you have a question, thousands of other women do too. 

Add your comment below and thank you. All of your thoughts and questions really do fuel the content you see here. 




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Recommendations are based on my experience as a personal stylist and wardrobe consultant for over a decade. I worked with busy, down-to-earth women who wanted to look chic and feel confident but were often confused by so much of retail. 

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58 thoughts on “What Would You Like to See in August?”

  1. Megan, I think it would be fun at the end of each season to see new outfit inspirations using pieces that you recommended throughout that season along with wardrobe basics. A last hurrah of “shopping our closets” before moving on to the next season.

  2. At home manicure and pedicure stuff…self care
    Sale finds from our favorite retailers
    You do organization for the closet, but maybe you can apply your method to
    the kitchen , pantry or garage or craft room/office
    I love that you are focused on the adult woman and help find pieces that aren’t for teeny boppers!

  3. I agree with Mary – some “wear one item three ways” posts with the summer clothes that are boring us silly right now would be fun! And if you have any ideas on how to make socially distant cocktails in the backyard during the heat and humidity of August a little more pleasant, I’d love to hear them – what a crazy world 2020 has become! Thank goodness our back patio gets shade in the evening – I take a fan out there to keep the air moving, but it’s still sticky and steamy.

  4. This whole summer season, the only purchase I made was a bathing suit and a pair of sandals. With my state being so locked in, Michigan, I have no need right now for my wardrobe to be updated. I love your ideas and keeps me inspired for “someday”.

  5. Megan – I just love this blog. I love the advice on what to wear (i was able to snag the white with black polka dot shirt that you featured and i love it). Can you feature transitional pieces that we can use into Fall ?

  6. Would love:
    1. Transitioning looks for Fall and Zoom appropriate make-up/accessories
    2. Wardrobe updates for Fall
    3. Make-up/Skin care in transitional seasons
    4. Trendy jewelry ideas that are lower cost that brighten basics

  7. I love your posts about how to wear something in various ways. It has helped me feel like my causal clothes can still feel put together. I previously just wore casual clothes on the weekend, so I have had a lot to learn about putting together casual outfits that work for conference calls and chasing after kids. Since a lot of us are still going to be chasing after kids for some time, I would love to hear your tips for wearing outfits that work for you as a mom.

  8. I would love to learn more about what is meant by “good fit” in a garmet. I often try things on in the fitting room and technically they fit, (the buttons are fastened or the zipper can be pulled up), but when I’m actually wearing clothes as I go about my day, I will see how the fabric doesn’t lay properly or bunches up, and maybe a skirt rides up, or neckline reveals way too much cleavage, etc. (By that time, usually I’ve cut the tags off and can’t return! ) Is there a way to know beforehand whether something really fits? I’ve heard designer clothes have better fit, but what are the specific details that I should be looking for?
    Love your blog, thanks so much for brightening my inbox!

  9. I love the idea of home mani pedi ideas. Also how about face mask fashion or maybe something on fashionable walking shoes/attire. We walk everyday so I’m always looking for new attire especially for my feet. lol.

  10. As I age, my shape is changing in ways I hate, most noticably that I really have no defined waist, and large chest so I feel like its hard to find flattering clothing. Skirts look weird. Can you address shapes and how to dress for them?

  11. Would you do a post on items to purchase while in the process of losing weight? I’d love to take advantage of the Nordstrom sale and others but don’t want to spend a lot of money on clothing that may not be worn for long. Or, do I buy fewer but better and change things up with accessories?

  12. Hi Megan-
    I love the group and all the information. I am getting a ton of ideas. I always feel like I wear the same color combinations (lots of black) and am loving the ideas you are giving us. Since I love jewelry, I would like to see some nice but affordable trendy pieces. Thanks for all you do. I appreciate it. BTW I had a cute outfit on last night for dinner. Yellow shorts, white lace top and the animal
    Sam Edelman slides. Super cute and something I would have never worn before. I forgot to take a picture. ❤️

  13. The only thing i struggle with is my “mommy pouch”. So many clothes just emphasize the stomach. I have a myriad of health issues that have caused me to go lax with my weight. Well meaning people have asked if I’m expecting and it causes me to just break down crying. So a post with clothing recommendations for those older ladies who don’t have flat tummies anymore would be great.

  14. Hi Megan!
    I love the “wear it 3 ways” posts. You post things I’d never consider until I see the pics from you.
    I love when you do an updated “wear it 3 ways” post for a most purchased / reader fave item
    I’m starting a new job in a few weeks, so after months of leggings, I’ll be getting dressed again – yay! I’ll be looking for work-appropriate pieces to add to my collection, and really appreciate the wear it 3 ways ideas when you post office wear. I can pick up a piece or 2, then mix with what I have in my closet to create multiple looks
    Love your organization tips – I recently bought a bunch of Command hooks to organize my hubby’s hat collection on unused closet walls to free up a ton of space!
    Would love more info on fit and what pieces are supposed to look like. I recently realized that the reason I wasn’t loving most of my clothes was because they’re a size too small. My more recent purchases are a size larger and look sooooo much better! Getting over the size number on the tag and focusing instead on how great I can look in proper fitting clothing has been huge for me. For me, that number on the size tag was given way too much importance, when what’s really important is feeling comfortable and looking great.
    Thanks for all you do! Truly look forward to reading your emails and picking up pieces that you suggest. I’ve never been disappointed by an item that I purchased on your recommendation.

  15. I would appreciate any and all tips on dressing with belly fat. Most fabrics are terribly thin and show every bump and bulge. Also, most tops seem to be a high-low style which is not good for covering the front pooch. Flat stylish shoes that provide cushion and cover toes needing a pedicure. I ordered the white blazer from Banana Republic. Living in So Cal, when do I wear jackets? They don’t seem to have much use. Thank you!

  16. I would LOVE to see your recommendations for vacation wardrobes for various seasons and climates for a well-dressed woman that’s versatile but doesn’t break the bank! Thanks.

  17. Very inspiring information for those of us not in our 20’s, thank you. I too am in a state, CA where 90% is done via zoom or phone, I would love some make up tips. I’ve purchased a few pieces over the last couple of months, which have been great, styling servals ways would really help.
    I’m all about keeping it simple and organized especially working from home now, so home/office organization tips would be great, as I have now converted part of my bedroom into an office.

  18. I agree with seeing fall transitional pieces and more work from home comfy yet stylish pieces. I really enjoy your posts and that they are for multi age groups and body types, very refreshing!

  19. It would really be helpful to learn more about outfits that transition into Fall . I live in NC & it is very hot here even in September & October . Some of my questions I have :
    When “ should “ we stop wearing seersucker& sandals ? Is it ok to wear linen in Fall ? Are suede shoes appropriate in September?

  20. I look forward to your emails and love your articles on complete outfits and how to wear things different ways! I think finding some comfortable and stylish shoes that are versatile would be a helpful topic to see for August. Thank you for your contribution!

  21. Pieces from summer that can be transitioned to fall would be fantastic. I have never spent a lot of money on myself, so I really need help with accessories and new ways to wear pieces. How do I add belts with different looks? Creative ways to make outfits look a little different with accessories would be great and how to style outfits. Different ways to wear tall boots for fall and winter but make it look feminine.
    I hope this helps you. I really appreciate your blog!

  22. Would like some ideas on how to transform some of my fall and winter clothes to a work from home wardrobe. Have tons of business clothes and would like to not let them sit unused in my closet until I go back to the office. Our management has said we do not have to come back in person until a vaccine is developed and readily administered!!

  23. I would love to know if you have recommendations on custom clothing. I have given up on finding jeans that actually fit* me and am tempted to try senestudio, but they are pretty pricey! Would appreciate knowing what options are out there that are worth the money. (I haven’t been super impressed with eShakti’s fabrics)

    * I am 30DDD-28-43 with solid thighs and wide calves and tall, and all jeans I’ve tried in the last 5 years just have an appalling waist gap, if I can put them on at all. I don’t even own a pair right now (all my pants are leggings style and even those can be iffy). I also need new shorts but can’t bring myself to start the quest!

  24. Hi Megan, I love your posts and focus on classic clothing.
    I’m – so far unsuccessfully – trying to lose my menopausal tummy and many of my clothes from just a few years ago look horrible! I need to buy new clothes to fit but want them to do double duty for work and play. But I still hope to lose the weight I’ve gained! My job doesn’t require suits or even jackets, everyday but as an admin in a high school, I need to look reasonably put together for working with kids, teachers and parents. I live just outside of Toronto, Canada, so our seasons range from the 95F we’ve had this month to a chilly 0 degrees F. I’ve come to realize the summer/winter close closets just aren’t really working for me and I need to get more from my clothes and my budget!

  25. I love everything that you provide for us! I believe that I am making great progress with my style, under your guidance and all of the tips I pick up from others participating in the well dressed life! One thing that I have been thinking about may be premature? I live in Northern Ontario……Autumn is glorious, however short and Winter typically comes early. I need help in how to look polished, stylish and put together while staying warm in functional hats, mitts, down-filled coats and boots with big treads! Read lots of snow and gale force winds! Thank you for everything

  26. I’m a slim, Tall, fashionable Senior and finding age appropriate clothing very difficult. Can you do a segment on This topic?

  27. I am new to your site so please forgive if the issues I ask about have already been addressed.

    1. Having foot issues, how do I dress up when I can’t wear any type of heel, flats are out unless there is a strap. So basically I wear sandals, keds, athletic shoes and my “dress” Mary Janes. So frustrating.

    2. Glad you are going to talk about choosing clothes when you are in between 2 sizes.

    3. I find shopping for clothes and shoe an unpleasant experience. Can you give some encouraging ideas or strategy (s) to help the non shoppers out there.

    Thank you

  28. Hello, first of all I would like to say how much I enjoy this newsletter. My request is for ways to go gracefully thru the grey roots to totally grey. Hair bands, scarfs and any other suggestions would be most welcome. Many thanks.

  29. I just love your blog and always look forward to reading it. Would enjoy information on transitioning clothing from summer to fall to winter. I live in the South and our fall and winters are generally mild. Plus, tips on hiding belly fat and love that your i ideas include women of all ages.

  30. Fall outfits for those of us who live in warmer areas. I live in Oklahoma and it doesn’t usually get cool here till Halloween. How to wear and options for light weight jackets. Shop your own closet and wear one item 3 ways would be great as well. Thanks for all you do…. I’m looking pretty spiffy these days with your help!!

  31. Thank you! I really enjoy this blog! It’s organized, easy to read, and full of useful ideas that I can (and do!) use. Could you show which shoe and boot styles would help to transition summer dress, specifically midi and maxi styles, to autumn? I need help for both casual and not-so-casual outfits. Thank you!

  32. Victoria and Kellie, I agree! I live in St. Louis and we still have 3 hot/ humid months to go. I’d like a list of things that we might grab while it is on sale for this summer, next summer and in the fall. I want to make some good decisions. I’ve bought a few real losers just because they were at great prices. Some I’ve been able to return but others were final sale. Somehow I did not see that noice! BTW, I did buy the blue and white striped top from Banana Republic that you suggested. Love, love love! Thanks!

  33. Here are my ideas. I’ve got a lot more, so don’t hesitate to hit me up if you need more in the future 😉
    – A series on “correct fit.” I know you’ve touched on this in previous posts, but I’d love more content around it. Especially for good basics, like blazers and jeans. Include what types of things can easily be tailored and what can’t be. Also, how to find a good tailor.
    – Where do you (personally) turn to for style inspiration when you’re in a rut? Who/what are your go-tos?
    – In addition to the “wear it three ways” posts (which I would also like to see more of, btw), I’d love to see how dress a piece up and down.
    – How to figure out your shape and then dress for it.
    – Closet organization tips, tricks, and hacks. Then take it a step beyond that and include some basics…like how high should rods be hung if you want to double hang items? Long hang? How much room should you allow for folded items? That kind of stuff.
    – Appropriate undergarments and bra fitting. When you should consider shapewear and recommendations on specific items.
    – How to wear color: go through the rainbow and offer ideas for incorporating different levels of the same shade into an outfit (i.e. a little, some, a lot). Also: color combos that are great together.
    – How to find your best neutrals: not everyone looks great in black or white. Share what works for who based on coloring.
    – A review on which retailers offer free personal styling/shopping service and how good (or bad) the service is.
    – Anything on maternity style! I know it won’t apply to everyone, but there isn’t a lot of great content out there on the subject, nor great options from a style-perspective, especially if you’re pregnant at age 35+.

  34. I would like more information on fit as well, how to tell if you are short-waisted or long-waisted. I also spent all of last winter in a black or navy fleece which I wanted to burn once spring finally arrived. I would love bright, colorful, warm fleece or sweaters or sweatshirts that don’t have a hood and zip up. I feel like color for fall and winter is essential for my mental health and so far I have not had any luck at all finding anything. I just returned a beautiful bright blue sweatshirt from J Crew because the shape was a huge square with sleeves that covered my hands and the fabric was awful.

  35. I always love seeing your emails I’m my inbox!! Can you do some detail posts? How to successfully half tuck, which necklines to wear with blazers?

    Thank you!

  36. I’m interested in warm-weather outfits that look like Fall, as here in VA it can stay toasty right up to Halloween!

  37. I’m short -5’2″ but I’m not a petite. Some styles like midi dresses look really frumpy on me. I’d love to see some tips on dressing for short women with middle age figures ( including a belly pooch.)

  38. Transitional outfits, casual dinner date outfits, workout wear, Saturday errand/ kids activity outfits that don’t include leggings, non skinny jeans, fabric care & how to avoid/ fix piling on sweaters, how to care for better clothes/ shoes…

  39. Megan,

    I’m fairly new to The Well Dressed Life and really enjoy your posts. I’m a youthful 70 and trying to find the comfortable and classy styles that will feel good and look good. So many styles right now are sleeveless and that is something I do not wear. It’s hard to know what to wear instead and maintain pleasing proportions. More ideas for coverage but still looking cool would be helpful. Also, I’m a bit taller than my husband, so wearing heels is a no-go. Idease for cute and flat sandals/shoes would be nice–especially with skirts and dresses.

  40. Suggestions for work from home outfits when you’re on Zoom all day. Sometimes it feels funny to me to have a dressy top and leggings. And some days I want to wear something other than leggings but don’t feel like jeans.

  41. I would love ideas for large arms and boots, shoes for large ankles. Straps don’t work. I’m enjoying all your style tips and learning as we go. Thank you.

  42. Thank you for your posts, always a source of inspiration.
    I would love to see your advice for buying clothes when transitioning between sizes – it is about time I take care of my post-baby belly and I know in fall I will start seeing improvements, but it will probably be the end of the year before I reach my goal.
    What is worth to invest in if I want a few new fall pieces, that might be one size too big in spring?
    Thank you so much!

  43. Hello!
    I would love to see you feature pieces you have already suggested in either a “wear three ways” or explore more of how to create summer outfits from the pieces you have suggested plus basics. I always love a post with a lot of outfit options, so even an expansion of your summer capsule would be really nice. I used to follow a blogger who would provide 15 or so outfits from the pieces she featured in a capsule, and that was really helpful. I am less interested in skin care or organization. You could also feature undergarments, work out wear, or sleep wear.

  44. I get bored with summer stuff in August and I am ready for a change of color and transition looks. I might still be wearing shorts but add a dark top and Fallish necklace. Still wearing dresses but maybe it shows up in leopard print. Thanks for asking And it looks like there have been many good suggestions. Great blog. Thanks!

  45. I enjoyed the post you did about the changes (with more expected) in the retail clothing companies. I thought there were lots of thoughtful comments and discussion on this topic. I think it’s worth exploring more with maybe an interview of someone in upper management of a large retailer.

  46. I like the “shop your closet ” suggestions! I need encouragement on what to put together. I’m so bored with what I wear to work but have plenty of clothes. Thanks So much for all you give to cheer us up and cheer us on!💗

  47. Thank you for all the guidance and inspiration. I would love to learn more about dressing for my body shape–an apple and also on proportions/balance an outfit. I also love the What to Buy at… posts as it helps me narrow in to see what’s really worth looking at (would love Ann Taylor, Banana republic, etc.) . Definitely a time saver! I’d also love a few more toss/keep parties. Perhaps one on clothing and one on accessories. The last one really pumped me up to let go of items I’ve had for years.

  48. As another mentioned, please address other choices in neutrals. I love the crispness of black and white but it isn’t flattering to me.
    I too have a the challenge of a new post menopause shape.
    I would like to see some information on choosing colors, and what type to use- soft, bright etc.
    Thank you for all of your hard work. We appreciate it!

  49. I would love a post on how to wear boyfriend jeans. All seasons. I just bought a pair. Now I’m not sure what to do.

  50. Love this blog! I’ve only been on since March but in a few short months have really appreciated the tips, suggestions, etc. It’s made online shopping a much better experience. Thank you Megan!

  51. I wouldn’t be opposed to a “wishful thinking” post, that is, IF/WHEN things return to “normal”, what would you wear to a nice restaurant? An outdoor BBQ? A fall apple picking hayride? A winter wedding? Sometimes things that keep us sane are not just practical ways to get through, but dreaming/thinking/planning ahead for a “better time.”

  52. What would you recommend to buy now at enf of the season sales that could work next year. I agree with everyone who said how to transition into fall. How to know what colors flayter you and which ones don’t. Then maybe where you can find them off season. I hardly buy clothes in the fall and winter because I don’t look good in warm colors or pastels but it’s really hard to find cool color clothes in the fall and winter. Thank you for all the research, time, and effort you spend. I know it’s not easy with 3 kids, especially when one of them is a toddler.


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