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Help Us Help Teachers

Help Us Help Teachers

I learned about clearing teachers’ wish lists on Amazon, a registry for everything an individual teacher needs for their classroom, a couple of years ago. 

At first, I set a budget and cleared a few lists privately.

But last year, I decided to reach out to our readership and collectively support some of the teachers in The Well Dressed Life community.

Within a few days, dozens of lists were cleared, and my dwindling faith in humanity resorted. 

So I’m making it a tradition. 

Teachers spend incredible time, energy, and personal money outfitting their classrooms.

I never realized how much effort and money goes into it until I saw their wish lists. 

They pay for everything from the books in their library to the staple holding up the artwork that lines their walls. 

Some are even paying for that and extras to make their classroom a safe place, like bulk packs of toothbrushes and disposable cereal bowls.

It’s incredible. 

Clear a Teacher’s List

Here’s how we can help. 

Firstif you are a teacher in our community, please follow this link and share your wish list in the comment section of the Facebook post. Please only share it on the Private Facebook Page post so we can keep track and stay organized. 


Then, any group member can go into that comment section, pick a list, and purchase directly from it. Amazon takes care of everything. The gift is delivered directly to the recipient, whose address remains private. 

You can spend whatever you like, requests range from a pack of dry erase markers, a book, or some sensory toys. Every little bit makes a difference. 

Our community, especially over in our Facebook group, is so kind and generous; I know collectively we can make a big difference for a teacher friends. 

The Well Dressed Life will clear several lists up to $1000. 

This is the what the post looks like on the page:


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Tuesday 26th of July 2022

This is terrific! I am not on Facebook but would love to help. Is there a way Ivan participate?

Deanna Debrecht

Thursday 12th of August 2021

I love this! These last 18 months have showcased how much our teachers and school staff do for our children - what a wonderful way to support them!

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