Knee High Boots for the Office

You would think, considering the time of year, that knee-high boots would be easy to check off our shopping lists. But, like everything in retail right now, our options are either ridiculous-looking or perfect except for the fact that they cost the same as a mortgage payment.

What I try to present on our site is a collection of ideas and recommendations that balance practicality and function with beauty and style. I use my own life as a framework: working mom, with three kids, loves fashion, enjoys feeling stylish, but any semblance of disposable income now goes to travel sports and piano lessons. 

When I recommend items and inspiration, I think about the woman wearing it: who she is, where she’s going, and how she can stretch the pieces out into her wardrobe.

Price becomes an issue because I don’t want something so expensive that it’s unrealistic for the majority of readers, but I also don’t want something so cheap that it lacks value.

Finding that sweet spot where value, function, and style intersect is key.

That’s what we have here with these boots by Sam Edelman.

Knee High Boots for the OfficeKnee High Boots for the Office

Boots, $135  |  Dress, $138  |  Belt, $7  |  Bag, $268  |  Tights, $12  |  Earrings, $21 

Sam Edelman has become a go-to for me over the years. Their shoes aren’t overly trendy, but they look current, and their price points are approachable.

Finding knee-high boots, with clean lines, for under $200 is a dream. These are on sale right now for under $150, so scoop them up if they are on your must-have list. They are available in black, tan, and a terrible snakeskin that you should never, ever wear. 

These are classic with a twist. They are some subtle details, like interesting top stitch and a few tiny studs at the toe that elevate these just a bit. 

The tan is my favorite option. It’s a rich tone that goes with absolutely everything. Above I paired it with a simple black knit fit and flare dress (sizes 0 – 20) and tights. This is another look you can take to the office or wear outside of work.

To give the outfit some depth, I would remove the tie belt and add a leather one instead. Then I kept it classic with gold hoops (only $21) and this stunning black satchel from Lauren Ralph Lauren.

Because we are all about versatility, wear these with everything. From a skirt with tights to jeans and a sweater. You’ll be able to take these from day to night to the weekend: one boot, endless possibilities.

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Knee High Boots for the Office

7 thoughts on “Knee High Boots for the Office”

  1. Thanks for your post. I love the classic look. And I second you on the snakeskin boots. I took a peak after you said never wear them and you are oh so right.

  2. Megan, you often include the perfect earrings in you wardrobe pairings. While I do not have pierced ears, I do love the look of earrings. The right pair is as effective as make-up, I think. Have you ever encountered tasteful looking clip or magnetic brands? Thank you.

  3. Hi Megan, thanks so much for suggesting something of value, function, and style!! I was wondering if you’ve come across a similar boot w a lower heel?


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