How to Sweat Proof Your Make Up

How to Sweat Proof Your Makeup

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If you live in an area where the summer means high temperatures you know that frustrating and uncomfortable feeling of your full face of makeup dripping down your cheeks. In the Philadelphia area, we just had a few days of 90-degree weather (and of course, we all complained about it, after we complained about how wet our spring was). It was a reminder that the summer is here and it’s time to change up our products to accommodate the hot weather.

In my day to day, especially in the summer, I wear minimal makeup. My daily routine starts with light tinted moisturizer with SPF. Jane Iredale makes a fantastic product in every skin tone that’s effective and good for your skin.  Then I quickly define my eyebrows and put on mascara. I dab on blush and bronzer and finish with a swipe of lip gloss. It takes five minutes, which is all I have most mornings. By making sure your products are light, avoiding thick liquids and matte formulas you’ll avoid watching your face melt throughout the day.

But sometimes you want to add some drama, wear a little more product and make sure it lasts. The last seven days have been crazy busy. We had a small celebration the night my brother got engaged, I threw Bri his 40th surprise party, and I facilitated a full day of corporate programs. For every event, I wanted my look to last, so I spent some time testing out a few products. I ended up being thrilled with Urban Decay’s Quick Fix and All Nighter face sprays.

Here’s how I used them:

Start with a clean face, and give your moisturizer a minute to dry. I use a little serum and then moisturizer. Once my face is dry, I lightly spray on Urban Decay Quick Fix. It’s a light moisture rich spray that helps reduce the appearance of pores and evens skin tone. Let it dry for a minute.

Next, I prime my eyes with Smashbox’s Photo Finish Shadow Primer. I’ve been loyal to this product for years because it works. Put it on your eyelid, let is sit for 30 seconds and your eyeshadow will stay in place for hours. It’s perfect for weddings or other days you need to be “done” for long stretches of time. Because we tend to tug and pull at our skin while we do our eyes, I learned to start with the eyes and then focus on your skin. This way, you can cover up redness and clean up any smudges.

Some people swear by makeup primer, but I don’t like them. They feel heavy and cakey. Instead, I like how the Urban Decay Quick Fix feels on my skin, and how smoothly my makeup goes on. For special occasions, I love YSL liquid foundation. I use the tiniest bit and apply with a foundation brush (I like this one I found at Target). Then I take a beauty blender and work it over my face and neck. By using a small amount and taking the time to blend you’ll get the coverage you want without going overboard.

The trick is to use a light hand, and add if you need more. Go about finishing your face, blush, contour if you’re into that, and add your lipstick, but don’t put on your mascara yet. Once you finish, and all you have left is mascara, spray your face and neck with Urban Decay Up All Nighter.

I don’t know how this works, but your makeup won’t melt off, or settle into lines. It will look just applied all night long. Before you head out the door, put on your mascara, this way the All Nighter spray can settle, and you won’t accidentally smudge your eye makeup. On hot nights I use a waterproof mascara.  Dior Black Out Waterproof mascara is still the best there is, it’s expensive, but worth it.

Unbelievably, some people do this every day. Can you imagine? It takes a little more time, but if you have that special occasion coming up and you need to look your best for hours at a time, these few extra steps will guarantee you end the night looking as great as you did when you started.

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Megan Kristel is an entrepreneur, working mom, and former personal stylist. Tired of the one-dimensional portrayal of women online, she founded The Well Dressed Life as a resource for other professional women.

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