Gift Guide: 8 Self Purchases for Mother’s Day

If there was ever a year to celebrate moms, it would be Mother’s Day of 2020.

We have taken our jobs to another level.

We are killing it. 

And we are beyond tired. Personally, I’m operating at a new level of exhaustion. It’s like I’ve moved through exhaustion to an entirely different realm, where I’m so, so tired, but it doesn’t matter, you have to keep going. 

It feels similar to having a newborn, but worse and without the joy of snuggling a baby. 

Us mamas need a break. But without the typical plans of Mother’s Day visits, brunch, or a nice dinner out, our families are going to have to get creative. 

I’ve already set the expectations that I will be taking a nap in a quiet house and ordering take out from my favorite local restaurant for dinner. Ideally, the weather is nice and in between napping and eating I can read a book outside. No one is allowed to bicker and I already ordered myself a gift (see below).

So I thought, for this gift guide, I would put a twist on it and feature some of my favorite things you can go ahead and purchase for yourself. 

Because this year, especially, we should get whatever we want. 

Mother’s Day Self Purchase Gift Guide 2020


Mother's Day Gifts to Gift Yourself



Spin Mop


Mother's Day Gifts to Gift Yourself

Spin Mop, $120

Meet my Mother’s Day Gift to me. The Bissell Spin Mop. Housekeeping has become too much with all of us home all the time. Between 400 meals and snacks a day, the girls tracking in dirt, and a baby, my floors are a disaster. This mop, which gets rave reviews, gets them extra clean and looking new without the back-breaking exercise of managing a bucket and traditional mop.

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To put this in context, I asked for a power washer one year, and it’s still one of my favorite gifts every. 

Yeti Mug

Mother's Day Gifts to Gift Yourself

Yeti Mug, $25 

This is a more affordable alternative to my favorite Ember Mug. I use them both. The Ember is my first morning cup, but these days who knows how many cups of coffee I’m downing. I like this Yeti Mug as a more durable option, for sipping outside on a bright but chilly morning. 

Fashion Watch

Mother's Day Gifts to Gift Yourself

Watch, $495

I want a new watch at some point this year – something chic, timeless, and affordable. But I find most watches in the under $500 category are cheesy looking.

Recently, however, I discovered that Michele, a brand that usually runs in the several thousand, has a more affordable line called Deco. You get the same great styling at a fraction of the price, and the bands are interchangeable. The watch above is available in gold, silver, and rose gold, and additional bands run about $80.

Cozy Cardigan

Mother's Day Gifts to Gift Yourself

Cardigan, $114

Barefoot Dreams makes a line of luxurious loungewear absolutely perfect for our current lifestyle. Yes, they are a splurge but I can tell you the quality and comfort is outstanding. You’ll wear it all the time. I have this cardigan and wear it over leggings and a tee, often grab it instead of a robe in the morning, or have a glass of wine outside when the kids settle for the night. 

Under $100 Pearls

Mother's Day Gifts to Gift Yourself

Studs, Small: $68, Large $98

These pearl studs, by Julie Vos, are a gorgeous, everyday earring for under $100. I love the luminous pearl wrapped in gold leaves. I’m partial to the small size; they are a better size if you want a simple piece you can wear daily. The large is big and bold so it will definitely make a statement. (Be sure to look at them on the model.)

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Game Changing Serum

Mother's Day Gifts to Gift Yourself

Serum, $198

By now, you probably know my devotion to Vintner’s Daughter runs deep. I’ve been using it for years and credit it for solving almost all of my skin issues. I once said, if I was stranded on an island, this is what I would bring with me. These days are as close to that as I hope to get in my lifetime. I just placed another order.
It’s especially lovely to wear on these days when we may not be doing our make up as much. I put it on morning and night; just a little bit goes a very long way. It soaks into the skin, giving you tons of goodness and provides a beautiful, healthy glow.

Funny Book

Mother's Day Gifts to Gift Yourself

Do You Mind if I Cancel?

Do You Mind if I Cancel is a series of personal short stories by humorist and writer, Gary Janetti. If you follow him on Instagram, you know he has an irreverent and naughty sense of humor. I read this one night in bed and laughed myself stupid. I found it so funny I kept waking up my husband to read him quotes. It was the first, only, best and most cathartic laugh I’ve had since this whole mess started in March. 

Spring Vest

Mother's Day Gifts to Gift Yourself

Vest, $68

Bri and I try to go for early morning walks around the neighborhood before the kids wake up, to get some fresh air and have a minute to hear ourselves think. I ordered this pretty vest from LL Bean, which is quilted and lined in fleece, as an alternative to a coat, which is sometimes too heavy. This fits over a cotton turtleneck or long sleeve tee and gives just enough warmth to keep off the morning chill.

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Gift Guide: 8 Self Purchases for Mother\'s Day

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