Gift Guide 2017: Great Gifts for Him

2017 Gift Guide: Great Gifts for Him 1. Watch, $89; 2. Robe, $50; 3. Cufflinks, $195; 4. Backpack, $395; 5. Scarf, $59; 6.Gloves, $89; 7. Collar Stays, $34; 8. IPA Glass, $10.95 each; 9. Book, $35; 10. Slippers, $47; 11. Pullover, $79; 12. Grooming Bag, $30; 13. Baseball Cufflinks, $180; 14. Table Top Game, $36

I love everything about the holidays except buying presents for my brothers. Each holiday season a feeling of dread starts to settle in my stomach around Thanksgiving and I spend the next few weeks trying to figure out the perfect gift.  Guys are just so difficult to shop for, especially the ones that have everything and want for nothing.  What makes it worse it that my brothers are both exceptionally thoughtful and generous with what they get for my family. Don’t they sound terrible?

Obviously I want to find things that are special, or useful or both.  Every year I eventually come up with something at the last-minute that I feel good about, and every year it gets more difficult.  But this year, I’m already done.  I decided to figure them out first and be able to enjoy the holiday.  So on my flight last week to San Francisco, instead of working, I organized most of Christmas and ordered gifts for my boys.

For this years gift guide, I rounded up a wide range of price points, so there is something for everyone.

1. Watch, $89 – A watch for under $100?  Sold.  Add in interchangeable straps and a lovely box and you have a gift winner.

2. Robe, $50 – Most guys don’t wake up on a chilly morning and think they should get a robe, but I’m here to tell you if they have one, they happily wear it.

3. Cufflinks, $195 I love these custom cufflinks that mark a special occasion in your life.  You could use the day you met, the birth of your children or any day that you both hold special.

4. Backpack, $395 Last year, my brother Billy gave my brother Danny a backpack and he uses it every single day.  You can find a range of price points but Tumi is the best, most sophisticated and will last for years with daily use.

5. Scarf, $59 and 6.Gloves, $89 – Sometimes you just have to say, “this is what you wear.”  There’s not a guy in my life that wouldn’t appreciate a handsome scarf and glove that goes with their dress coat.

7. Collar Stays, $34 – A great stocking stuffer for the well dressed man, they’re 100x better than the plastic ones you get at the dry cleaner.

8. IPA Glass, $10.95 each – Pick up for of these and add his favorite IPA for a gift just about any man would love.

9. Book, $35 – Star Wars fans are anxiously waiting for The Last Jedi to be released in a few weeks.  Pick up this new book on the franchise, and maybe add a couple of movie tickets or a theater gift card.

10. Slippers, $47 – Just like the robe, guys don’t realize they need a pair of slippers until they are rolling the trash cans down the driveway in their bare feet.  If it’s in your budget, gift them both.

11. Pullover, $79 – A half zip pull over is a fantastic, modern layer or stand alone piece.  It works with any style and is universally flattering. If I gave this to my youngest brother on Christmas Eve, he would likely wear it on Christmas day – that’s when you know you bought a great gift.

12. Grooming Bag, $30 – I like this grooming bag if you have an under $40 price limit.  It’s surprisingly useful and certainly something he would never buy himself.

13. Baseball Cufflinks, $180 – Have a baseball super fan in your life? ( I do!)  You can  have cufflinks made for him out of used game balls from the team of your choice.  So if your brother happens to be a baseball fanatic, and wears french cuffs to work you have just found the greats gift ever.

14. Table Top Game, $36 – As I’m writing this I realize we don’t have many friends without a full size bar in their house.  I thought this was a cute idea for someone like that to keep on the bar for low-key nights watching the game over a few drinks and sort of mindlessly playing.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I know I’m ready for a few days off!  We’ll be back to our regular content and schedule on Monday.

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Megan Kristel

Megan Kristel is an entrepreneur, working mom, and former personal stylist. Tired of the one-dimensional portrayal of women online, she founded The Well Dressed Life as a resource for other professional women.

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