Classic Trench Coats for Spring

Over the last few weeks, many readers have requested some recommendations for classic trench coats for spring.

And if we’re talking trench coats, that means winter is almost over – hurray! So let’s dive in. 

As I was organizing this article, I realized there’s a lot to unpack.

Over the years, trench coats have been a category former clients and current readers have considered splurging on, while others have wanted something moderately priced and better quality, and then those that want something affordable yet well made.

We frequently talked about how to create a high-end style without breaking the bank. Knowing were to splurge, spend, and save is essential to creating a layered, functional, stylish wardrobe. 

In a nutshell, a splurge is a piece you wouldn’t typically purchase, with timeless, high-quality elements. Sometimes it’s a celebratory self-purchase or a gift, like a handbag, a special piece of jewelry, accessories, and in some cases an iconic piece of clothing. 

Classic Trench Coats for Spring

Classic Trench Coats for Spring

I splurged on a Burberry trench (above) almost a decade ago at a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. At the time, the coat was about $900 and the most expensive single piece of clothing I have ever bought for myself.

At the time, I had just landed my first big client and decided to treat myself to something I always wanted for my birthday.

I’m thrilled I have it, more so now, because I love the idea of passing it down to one of my girls. (Similar current style here.)

Would I buy it today? Probably not. 

Life is much different now; my priorities have changed drastically, and so has my body after having baby number three.

Splurging on fit-based items is tricky because, as women, our bodies are shifting and changing all the time. If your body tends to stay the same over the years, and it’s in your budget. Go for it.

Today, Burberry trenches start around $1700. They are truly wonderfully crafted garments. You feel like you’re wearing something special without having to be precious with it. The downside is their sizing is incredibly limited and run small.

But if you want the same look, I found a fantastic, high-quality dupe at a much better price point.

Banana Republic Essentials Trench 

Banana Republic Essentials Trench, $229 (take an additional 40% off) 

Admittedly, it’s time for me to retire my Burberry. It’s a little snug, and starting show its age. I feel good about how long I was able to enjoy it and am happily packing it up for my girls to fight over in the future.

I’m replacing it with this Banana Republic trench I featured yesterday. 

I’m always cautious of calling something affordable because that’s relative to the individual. I say “spend” when something would be a considered purchase. 

With the current 40% off sale, this trench is under $140, and incredible value.  From the double-breasted buttons to the side pocket details and cuffs on the sleeves, it share many of the elements of the Burberry – making it a timeless, ageless piece. 

And because it’s Banana Republic, you get a broader size range, from regular XXS – XXL and petite options here

What’s even better is the functionality. This is water-resistant, so it’s functional in addition to being a fashion piece.

Under $100 

Looking for something under $100? I can’t get over this one from J.Crew Factory. It’s $85, has similar details, and comes in regular sizes from a 00 – 24 and petite 00 – 16.

Shop Classic Trench Coats for Spring

J Crew Factory Classic trench coat


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18 thoughts on “Classic Trench Coats for Spring”

  1. I toyed with a Burberry last year (to the point of actually ordering one from The RealReal, which is a good way to get a used one for less money) but then found one from Everlane that was $99 instead. The Everlane trench has the same heavy weight as a Burberry, so it drapes well and holds its shape. I did order Banana Republic’s coat from last year, too, and found that it didn’t drape or fit quite as well. Maybe this year’s BR option is better! At any rate, I wanted to mention the Everlane option in case anyone has ordered many things to try like I did!

    • With how my life looks now compared to when I bought my Burberry, it would be a MUCH harder sell. Like I said, I’m glad I have it and bought it when I did, but probably would opt for something else. Love the BR option, and Everlane is always worth mentioning! Thanks!!!

  2. I purchased last year’s version of the Banana Republic trench for less than $150 during one of their amazing sales, and I have no regrets. It still looks great after a year of wear, and the elephant print lining always makes me smile. It’s not a Burberry, but it is a great piece in its own right and as a petite person who can be lazy about getting alterations done, I really appreciate the size inclusivity. Fit is so important if you want a polished, put-together look!

  3. Buying it 8 years ago and still loving it and looking forward to wearing it is a great choice I think. Very good “cost per wear” amount. I would have no regrets either.

  4. I recently purchased the BR Trench Coat to take on a recent rip to Charleston, SC at end of February when BR was having a 40% off one-day sale a few weeks back and I LOVE IT! I absolutely LOVE the cute light gray elephant print lining and the overall quality of this coat and it’s embellishments are amazing! It looks MUCH more expensive than the BR price point and I received SO many compliments wearing it 🙂 I tried it on in the store and I unknowingly purchased the Medium in a Petite (I’m 5′-6″) – oops I didn’t have my readers with me 😉 – and didn’t realize it until I was on the trip and wearing it. Luckily, it fits my frame just fine (which is small throughout my shoulders waist) so it works and it’s not too short at all. I’m so glad that I didn’t make this sizing mistake purchasing an $800 Burberry – LOL (Now – someday – I can always splurge on the Burberry in my correct non-Petitie size 😉

  5. Thank you SO much for this post! I had a London Fog that I got back from the cleaners that had some places to be repaired. (Not sure if the cleaner did the damage or not as I hadn’t used it since last year and figured it was too late to go back to them.) Anyway, I purchased at a great deal another trench version that I LOVE and is much lighter weight than the LF. (The LF was about 20 years old) I wasn’t sure if with the new purchase if I should hold onto the LF but thanks to this post and your great encouragement, I am one coat lighter. Thanks again for ALL your help. You seem to speak just when we need it.

  6. Just purchased the BR version! If you have a BR Card you get an additional 10% off (on top of the 50% for F&F) for a total of $103.05 – I wasn’t planning on this purchase but I couldn’t resist! 🙂 Also, now I can get donate the black Cole Haan one that I’ve been wearing but not loving, thanks!

  7. I bought a black Burberry Kensington five years ago. It cost close to six times what I paid for my wedding gown! But it is timeless, stylish, sturdy and warm. It is an item where the quality of workmanship really shines. Plus, I sure wear it more times than my wedding gown. 😉

  8. Megan, the Burberry trench coat has a zip-out liner. I do not see this detail mentioned with the lower priced coats. It’s a struggle to find a good trenchcoat that you can wear for three seasons, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg

  9. Thanks for the tip! It’s exciting to find a lovely classic piece in a petite. We are approaching the rainy season here in SE Texas so I’m excited it’s waterproof! It’s also on the way to me!

  10. For those of us who need a petite, the BR trench is a no brainer. London Fog is also good and Macys has many sales. I scored a single breasted petite style from BR years ago. I think going forward a trench may no longer be as essential, but good to have when you need it. I am swooning over the flowy styles at AllSaints, but alas no petites so that means alterations. And I really don’t need another trench for my current lifestyle and style.

  11. Megan,
    I am learning so much from you and the well dressed life Facebook group, and I am smiling a little more when I get dressed – thanks ! Do you remember where you got the beautiful clothing rack and shelves in your Burberry picture ?

  12. Megan!

    Hey, I bought both the petite and regular cut BR trench coat. I cut of the petite is just a tad too small across the chest. The length on both coats are too long. I am 5’1″. Finally to my question…If I need to have the coat shortened, what should the length be?



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