What to Buy at: Banana Republic

What to Buy at Banana Republic

Our What to Buy at series continues with a roundup of some incredibly wearable, size-inclusive pieces from one of our favorite retailers, Banana Republic.

I’m posting this today because it’s the last day of their Friends and Family Sale. Use code BRFAMILY and get 50% off the prices below. Sale ends tonight at midnight. 

But first, a quick note. The world looks different this morning than it did last Monday. I’m taking an optimistic view that, even though the next few weeks will feel unusual, we’ll get back to normal quickly, hopefully with a gentler attitude towards each other, a better appreciation for hand washing, and, for some, more toilet paper than they will ever need in their lifetime. 

Our content is not going to change much. The Wardrobe Challenge (see Week 1 here) was long planned for this month, and I can’t think of a better way to spend unplanned time at home than getting organized. I’ll be active in our Facebook group, posting videos and chatting with members daily.

Stay tuned for daily posts designed to help you feel your best, casual and work-from-home outfit ideas, a few extra beauty posts, all with a balanced mix of price points. 

My county outside of Philadelphia is locked down for the next two weeks. My kids are doing their school work virtually, everything is closed and canceled.

I want this site to be a daily break for all of us, myself included, because we need self-care and distraction now more than ever. This will remain a positive, news-free outlet. 

And now, back to Banana Republic 

What to Buy at Banana Republic 

What to Buy at Banana RepublicShorts, $69.50  |  Sheer Sleeve Top, $44.50  |  Button Sweater, $98.50  |  Floral Dress, $129  |  Floral Top, $74.50  |  Cargo Pants, $69.50  |  Ruched Top, $59.50  |  Utility Jacket, $129  |  Earrings, $38  |  Utility Shirt, $79.50  |  Boxy T-Shirt, $49.50

Banana Republic has long been a favorite. Their mix of easy to wear pieces, for work and weekend, along with their full size range (including petite and plus) is hard not to love. In many ways, they are one of the rare retailers that grew up with their target market, always evolving but never steering too far away from what makes them work. 

Earlier this month, during my regular trip to the mall to check out options, I strolled through BR and realized, it’s not the easiest store to shop. I’m finding, more and more, that I can see things so much better online. 

That said, their staff was friendly and helpful, without being overwhelming – always a plus. 

So let’s talk what to focus on. There’s no category I would tell you to avoid. Right now there are some awesome options for the season ahead. 

Shorts, $69.50 (on sale $35)

These are “fashion” shorts, meaning, you’re not wearing these to your kids soccer game. Instead, I’d take them on vacation. They are high-waisted with a self belt, so you should tuck your top in. They may not be fore everyone, but if you can pull them off, they are chic and at a great price. I pick up a pair for my birthday trip to Greece! 

Available in regular and petite from a 0 – 20. 

Sheer Sleeve Top, $44.50 

I love this top, available in black, white, navy and what they are calling “Tuscan Sun.” The sleeves are sheer but not see-through, so it’s perfect for a date night or vacation top. Available in XXS – XXL 

Button Sweater, $98.50 (on sale $50)

This button sleeve sweater is adorable, and just the thing to wear with a pair of casual shorts or ankle length pants. They are calling it “cropped” but it’s not, it just sits at your hip. Perfect to pair with a higher-waisted bottom. 

Available in regular and petite from a XXS – XXL 

Floral Dress, $129 (on sale $65)

This floral dress is so sweet. My favorite print is the blue and white (above). Wear it to a bridal or baby shower, graduation party, or keep it as a date night option with a pair of wedges for those times you don’t want to wear your jeans … again. 

Floral Top, $74.50 (on sale $38)

If you need a few extra tops to pair with pants or skirts for work consider this one. You don’t need to add anything to finish it. It’s great for those hot, mid-summer days when you have to get dressed for work, but don’t want to add layers. 

Available in regular and tall, XXS – XXL 

Cargo Pants, $69.50 (on sale $35)

I’m going to do a post this week on work-from-home outfits, and cargo joggers are part of it. They are better than leggings, feel a little more elevated, but still super comfortable. I like them with a white tee and denim jacket. These are marked down to $35 with the discount code, and come in XXS – XXL.

Ruched Top, $59.50 (on sale $30)

I use to have many clients who worked in hospitals in various capacities. So they needed to be dressed everyday, but often had to add some kind of lab coat over their outfit. Tops like this were perfect for them because it is simple, with enough detail that make it professional, and you could still top it with a coat.  This one comes in black and coral in XXS – XXL and is under $30 with the discount. 

Utility Jacket, $129 (on sale $65)

A utility jacket is an absolute timeless classic for a casual wardrobe. I’m featuring it in “peach” above because it’s fresh and cheerful, but I would buy the olive green. You can wear it with jeans, throw it over a pair of sweats, or a simple cotton dress. This one comes in at $65, available in regular and petite, from an XXS – XXL. 

Earrings, $38 (on sale $20)

For something different, yet practical, these are gorgeous, easy to wear and under $20.  They were the first things I added to my cart. 

Utility Shirt, $79.50 (on sale $40)

Another wear-with-anything top, this beauty works for the office, weekends and anything in between. It’s available in three colors, and comes in regular, petite and tall in XXS – XXL. 

Boxy T-Shirt, $49.50 (on sale $25) 

Finally, I scooped this cozy top up in black and white for these work-at-home days. Just wear it with jeans and a crisp pair of sneakers. It’s also great for travel, so once we’re all back out and about, you can wear this on a travel day, and arrive at your destination still looking pulled together. Available in five colors, in regular and petite, XXS – XXL. 

Handkerchief-Hem Wrap Dress, $159 (on sale $80)

Dress, $159

I picked this wrap dress up for myself for a warmer weather date night. It’s too easy for me to wear jeans, so having a handful of dresses I can throw on allows me to quickly get out of the house, and feel like I’m wearing something than my usual go-tos. 

This looks great with a denim jacket and the faux leather moto we featured last month. 

It’s available in regular, tall, petite from a size 0 – 20. 


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Our readership inspires all of our posts and is not sponsored or paid for by brands or retailers. 

Recommendations are based on my experience as a personal stylist View Postand wardrobe consultant for over a decade. I worked with busy, down-to-earth women who wanted to look chic and feel confident but were often confused by so much of retail. 

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What to Buy at Talbots

What to Buy at Talbots

Inspired by a conversation in our Private Facebook Group, we’re continuing our What to Buy at series with a roundup from Talbots.

Talbots is tricky. It has a very specific look, so the advice holds here as it does for other retailers we feature: avoid mannequin shopping.

Mannequin shopping: walking into a store and buying an entire outfit off the display.

So why is mannequin shopping a no-no? Stores like Talbot’s, Ann Taylor, LOFT, J.Crew, etc. all adhere to a certain look. It’s what makes them popular, and reliable. But you run the risk of looking like the BRAND and not YOURSELF when you wear them head-to-toe. 

Since our goal is to help you create a chic and modern wardrobe, on a regular person budget, these posts are designed to highlight the best options that will add value to your closet. 

Basically, it’s what I would put in your fitting room if we were shopping together. 


A lot of what you’ll see at Talbots online and in stores could be considered frumpy. 

The majority of their prints and color selections lack sophistication, so avoid them. Also, some of their cuts are a bit dated. 

That said, they offer a solid selection of basics, like bottoms, dresses, or button-downs. And, as you’ll see below, a few gems that will elevate your style.

Below are my top picks of Talbots new arrivals, a combination of classic pieces with a little bit of a twist. 

Sizing and Fit

Where Talbots doesn’t get credit is in their long standing commitment to size inclusiveness. They have been offering full size scales for years. So almost every item is available in missy, petite, plus and plus petite. 

Regarding fit, they run full depending on where you typically shop. For example, if you wear an 8 in J.Crew, you are probably a 6 in Talbots. 

What to Buy a Talbots

What to Buy at Talbots


Barbour Jacket, $380  |  Leopard Dress, $129  |  Eyelet Top, $109  |  Gingham Top, $70  |  Strap Sandals, $149  |  Plaid Blazer, $189  |  Tweed Jacket, $189  |  Suit Jacket, $239 and Pants, $159  |  Cover Up, $104 

Barbour Jacket

If you have followed me for any length of time you know I love a Barbour. Whether it’s a lightweight barn jacket or a quilted vest they are the epitome of high quality, casual chic outerwear. 

They created a line of jackets exclusively for Talbots and they are gorgeous. This classic trench has a pretty plaid lining, a detachable hood and is waterproof.

Leopard Dress

For leopard print to work in a dress it has to be less in your face and more subtle.  Otherwise, you’ll look like Janice from Friends. 

This dress hits all the right notes. It has an elegant yet modern cut, and perfect pattern. What’s great about it is you can wear it to work with a simple pair of pumps, or pack it for a trip with a flat sandal or a dressed up sneaker. 

Eyelet Top

I bought this white eyelet top for myself to pair with slim navy ankle pants. It’s an ideal occasion top, something you can throw on to grab a drink with friends mid-week, or go to any social event when you don’t want to wear what you wore all day in the office. 

It’s available in missy, petite, plus and plus petite. 

Gingham Top

I follow Reese Witherspoon on Instagram (she’s delightful) and is forever in crisp gingham shirts. If button downs are in your wheel house, Talbots has nice ones for under $100. 

Pair it with your favorite jeans. It looks great with dark denim and provides a preppy contrast with a distressed pair. Of course, it’s perfect with a pair of white jeans too. 

Twist Strap Sandals

Block heel sandals are the best. They are comfortable, and give a casual vibe, which most of us want in the warmer months. They work with everything from shorts to dresses, and the real beauty of them is their comfort. 

I’m featuring them in “rattan” but they are also available in black, pale blue, yellow and a gorgeous navy. 

Plaid Blazer


I LOVE this blazer so, so much! Spring usually means pastels and florals, so this navy plaid is a breath of fresh air. The length will be too long for skirts, so stick with pants. Keep it fresh and not frumpy by pairing it with straight or slim fitting bottoms. 

Available in missy, petite, plus and plus petite. 


Tweed Jacket

Need a fresh jacket for the office? This blue tweed may be it. Another size inclusive option, that will work with black and navy, or denim, it’s a classic you’ll wear season after season. 

Suit Jacket and Pants

We have a suit guide scheduled in March, but I had to share this gorgeous, designer looking blue suit. It’s modern, slimming and updated.

I just don’t like that the model is wearing it with loafers. I would pair it with a sleeker shoe, whether it’s a high pump or a kitten heel, they would be more elegant options. 

Related: The Most Comfortable Heels for Work 

Cover Up

If you are headed out for spring break or any warm-weather vacation, you might need to freshen up your cover-ups. Maybe it’s me, but all the cover-ups I find show an astonishing amount of skin. Like, what’s the point?

I like one in a pretty pattern, in a tunic style so I can comfortably walk through a hotel lobby or have a quick lunch and feel like I’m appropriate. 

An exception to their dated prints is this fresh pink embroidered option that is perfect for poolside lounging. 


Our readership inspires all of our posts and is not sponsored or paid for by brands or retailers. 

Recommendations are based on my experience as a personal stylist and wardrobe consultant for over a decade. I worked with busy, down-to-earth women who wanted to look chic and feel confident but were often confused by so much of retail. 

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What to Buy At: Ann Taylor

What to Buy at Ann Taylor

What to Buy At is a bi-monthly series, where I stop by a popular, mainstream retailer and round up the pieces worth picking up. Today, I’m focusing on Ann Taylor.

Many of us grew up with Ann Taylor. For me, after college, it was aspirational, and except for a few sale pieces, I couldn’t afford anything. A few years later, I found the bridesmaids dresses for my wedding hanging in their window. They were a gorgeous black strapless gown with a white lace overlay on the bodice that my friends to this day swear they wore more than once.

But after that, they got a little boring, matronly even. Everything was too matchy-matchy, the fit was off for a while and nothing seemed special.

When I was a stylist they were never on my go-to list. It’s only been over the last few years that I’ve noticed a defenite shift in their styling.

The challenge with Ann Taylor (and stores like Talbots, J.Crew, Banana Republic etc) is that you don’t want to wear them head to toe. Instead, you want to find the hidden gems, the pieces that look like you picked them up at a small boutique, and then incorporate them with other better basics in your wardrobe to create a more layered look with personality. 

So that’s what we’re going to do today, highlight the must haves and since it’s Presidents Day weekend – most of these are on sale. Use the code WEARIT for 40% off the marked price. 

Before we jump in, a note on sizing.  All of the items below are available in Missy and Petite. AT is a fantastic petite resource. They also have a solid collection of Tall sizes. For plus, they go up to a XXL or an 18 in most of these categories. 

What to Buy At: Ann Taylor 


What to Buy at Ann TaylorTrench, $198  |  Pencil Skirt, $98  |  Tweed Jacket, $178  |  Dress, $149  |  Scarf, $60  |  Top, $60  |  Pumps, $128

There is a lot to pick from right now, but I narrowed it down to my top seven pieces. 

First up, this two-toned trench – good LORD do I love this. It’s the definition of classic with a twist, I really can’t justify another coat, but someone needs this. 

Keeping with the trench coat theme, this high waisted pencil skirt is utterly adorable. It comes in a classic khaki or the cayenne color above in missy, petite and tall. The trick to wearing it is to pair it with a top you can comfortably tuck in, like this simple bubble sleeve blouse (above in white). 

This is a fantastic everyday work blouse, that goes with skirts, trousers and jeans, tucked in or out, layer under a long cardigan or add a long necklace and wear on its own. Also available in black, in missy and petite. With the discount code it’s around $35 so grab both if it works for your budget. 

Related: What to Buy at H&M

Also making my heart sing is this double breasted tweed jacket. It’s limited in sizes, probably because the length is longer that usual, so you can wear it comfortably with a slim lined pant – maybe even your faux leather leggings?! 

Next up, this sweet dress, available in missy, petite and tall. With spring holidays around the corner, this is a modest, yet modern option. I would wear it with black tights and boots, either ankle or knee high depending on your proportions. 

I added this scarf at the last minute. It combines so many fresh colors but is grounded in black, so it’s super versatile. You could wear a black column, throw on your new trench and tie the scarf around your neck for an instantly polished, easy to run around town outfit. 

The Most Comfortable Heels for Work

Last, but not least, these tortoiseshell heels are heels are the slingback version of my pumps (above). They are surprisingly comfortable and work with virtually everything, especially if you have a wardrobe full of neutrals. 

Be sure to let me know what you pick up and any other stores you want to see featured in this series!


Our content is not sponsored or paid for by brands or retailers in any way. 

Recommendations are based on personal experience and my time working with women as a stylist and wardrobe consultant for over a decade. Some links are affiliate links, which means if you purchase via our site, we receive a small commission.

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What to Buy at H&M

What to Buy at H&M

Last week, I talked about my recent, less-then-inspired trip to the mall. I live about 15 minutes away from King of Prussia Mall, one of the biggest malls in the country with every brand and store imaginable at my fingertips. 

I went with an agenda: one outfit for my casual birthday party in the city, and a few pieces to build outfits for December holiday events. 

About an hour into my trip, I stood in the middle of Nordstrom dumbfounded. There was nothing to buy. I spent a decade bringing clients to Nordstrom; I dressed hundreds of women every year when I had my personal shopping business. Now I was standing in the store as a consumer, bored and frustrated. 

I eventually found a few things, but it (1) was harder than it needed to be, (2) took too much time, and (3) wasn’t fun. 

A Fresh Take 

It was, however, a much-needed experience and reminder of how hard shopping and getting dressed is for most women. When I worked with clients, they would tell me how overwhelming it was to navigate a store. So I get it, you don’t have hours to spend searching for the right piece, and, when you do find the right piece, you might not know how to wear it and work it into your wardrobe. 

That’s where I come in and why I’m introducing “What to Buy at” as a monthly series. 

I’ll go to a store, sift through the mess and find all the hidden gems. And because I’ve learned over the last year that the overwhelming majority of our readers are my age (40) and over, the advice will focus on pieces that are modern, youthful, but “age-appropriate.” 

And by age-appropriate, I simply mean something like these shorts that are actually hanging on the floor at Nordstrom next to the denim department, won’t make the cut. <Insert an eye-roll so hard it hurts.>

Today, I’m starting with H&M because we have talked a lot about them lately both here and on Instagram. While I find some great pieces there, it’s not an easy store to shop simply because of the sheer volume of merchandise.

If there is a store you’d like me to feature, drop a comment below. And get ready for more fashion focused content in the new year, specifically for us grown ups who want to look chic and stylish but don’t want to dress like a kid. 

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Best Tips for Shopping at H&M

For H&M specifically, there are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Their inventory online and in stores are not always the same. For example, the grey and black sweaters I’m wearing below are not online, but they are in stores. Frustrating, I know. 

2. I stick to sweaters, dresses, and coats. I avoid skirts, pants, and blouses. The blouses, for the most part, feel tight and short. Hopefully they work that out because many of them are adorable.

I also skip bottoms because the fit isn’t always on point. If you are in the store and can try on, of course, go for it, but I spend a bit more on bottoms so the fit is perfect. 

3. Novelty pieces, like beaded and embellished sweaters, are great this time of year. At H&M, you can pick them up at a price point that won’t break the bank.

For sizing purposes, I am 5’10 and wear a 6- 8 in most brands. Here I buy mediums and 8/10s that fit comfortably

Go Neutral

What to Buy at H&M
H&M grey sweater with puff sleeve detail, DL 1961 jeans, J. Crew necklace.

The number one tip when shopping at a store like H&M is to focus on neutrals and texture. You’ll instantly elevate your look.  Their prints, generally, lack sophistication. So if you want to look more expensive, keep your outfit tonal. 

Grey goes with everything, so while you can wear it with a simple pair of dark jeans (above) you can also dress it up with black ankle pants and heels, or a navy, or make it monochromatic with a darker pair of grey bottoms. 

Below are some of my favorite grey sweater options:


Small Details 

What to Buy at H&M
H&M sweater with gold button detail, Theory pants, Sam Edelman pumps.

Look for small, subtle, elevated details, like buttons, beads, and trim accents. Because H&M’s price point is approachable, you can wear these without feeling like you have to be too precious with them. Garments with embellishments are always in my “save” column. Again, keep the look neutral, and you’ll look like you are wearing a unique piece from a little boutique.

What to Buy at H&M

I featured this white beaded sweater a few weeks back. It’s under $20 and ideal for entertaining at home. It’s limited in size online, but there were plenty at my local store just a few days ago.

I also really love this sweet beaded collar sweater in white.  


What to Buy at H&M

I picked this camel coat up on Black Friday and wore it hours later to the theater. Here I paired it with an ivory turtleneck, black “skinny” pants and black suede knee boots

It’s definitely a style-over-function coat, though it was ideal for the mild weather. It’s what I call an “outfit finisher.” 

Other toppers I love:


Other must haves:

I need to do a better job of logging my outfits because I wore this mock neck sweater all weekend. Seriously, all weekend long: to pick out our Christmas tree on Saturday, I threw it on to decorate it on Sunday with leggings,  and then I wore it to dinner last night.  

I also picked up this red dress for a holiday brunch, this to wear to a friend’s annual Christmas party at a local bar, and this simple sequin top to have on hand for still-to-be determined New Years Eve plans. 

Remember, at less expensive stores, it is so easy to get distracted and discourage. Often the music is blaring, there is little sales assistance, and it’s hard to look away from the ridiculous options in front of you. So keep it simple. and go in with an open mind and a plan, you’ll be surprised what you can find. 

What to Buy at LOFT for the Holidays

What to Buy at LOFT

The holidays are pretty much here, which means our calendars are locked and loaded with events and get togethers planned from now until the new year. Except for one or two more formal gatherings, my world is casual, but I still want to feel festive, and I don’t want to spend a small fortune.

So LOFT (this is not sponsored in any way) is a smart go-to. They are almost always having a sale, and their pieces are updated without being overly trendy.

The trick with LOFT, as with any store, is to mix their pieces with your better basics. This will help make you look less “branded” and more reflective of your personal style.

Whether you are looking for a few holiday-specific outfits, or you’d like a handful of sweaters in seasonal colors, I rounded up my favorite picks below. 

* Be sure to click through the links as LOFT offers sizing in petite, missy, plus and tall. 

What to Buy at LOFT for the Holidays

What to Buy at LOFT

Outfit: LOFT Sweater (JUST SOLD OUT), Jeans: $178, Flats (Old), Bag Henri Bendel (Old) 

I’ve talked before about my LOFT shopping strategy. First, if I know I’m going into the store, I always try to look online first. I find the store to be underwhelming, but the website merchandises the items a bit better, so you can see how you could wear it in real. 

Second, I try to stick to only buying neutrals.  So I look for black grey, ivory, navy etc.  This time of year I’ll add a rich tone, like this burgundy sweater (above) or something with a seasonal pattern. 

Below are my absolute favorites currently available. 

Special Sweaters 

Embellished: $69.50 | Sheer: $69.50 | Cropped: $59.50 | Patterned: $59.50

(take an additional 30 – 40% off)


Embellished: Christmas Eve is my favorite day of the year. I love this embellished sweater paired with these velvet ankle pants. It’s ideal for being able to move about while still looking appropriate. 

Sheer: Another dressy-yet-functional piece is this lovely sheer sleeved sweater with a little shimmer. I’d wear it with a simple black skirt, black tights and boots and let the details of the top stand out. 

Cropped: Don’t be scared of this being called “cropped.” It’s a far cry from the mid-drift baring tops my oldest is dying to wear. Instead, this sweater is perfect if shorter sweaters work better for your body type, or anyone can pair it with a high waisted pant or skirt.

Patterned: Longtime readers know patterns are not my jam. But I make an exception for a few, like animal prints, and this time of year: Fair Isle. Pair this sweet sweater with your favorite jeans and ankle boots.

Dresses and Skirts 

Pleated: $98 | Velvet: $59.50 | Wrapped: $89.50 | Plaid: $89.50

Pleated: I can’t tell you how much I love this skirt. Pair it with a simple, lightweight crew or v-neck sweater, half tucked, and a classic pump.  Done. 

Velvet: Looking for something more fitted? This velvet pencil skirt is classic and a little sexy. I appreciate that they kept it on the long side, but you can always have it hemmed so it hits you at your best length. I like it with a fitted turtleneck, suede heels and a statement earring. 

Wrapped: Of course we have a wrap dress pick. This one hits all the right notes with it’s crimson color, and feminine details, like the puff sleeve and ruffle bottom.  But the best part: it’s available in petite, regular and tall. 

Plaid: For a change of silhouette, this swing dress in holiday plaid is adorable. Wear it with opaque tights and sleek ankle boots. 

What to Buy at The Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale

What to Buy at The Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale

The Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale has been the only sale I note on my calendar every year for the past decade. Unlike other retailers that have a new sale or coupon every week, Nordstrom is the only higher-end department store that offers both a better range of merchandise and price points and maintains some level of price integrity. 

Shop Online

Retail over the last several years has changed significantly. I used to think I didn’t like going to the mall or shopping in stores because I spent so many years doing it for other people. I figured I was a little burned out and bored by it all.

But, the customer experience, no matter where you go, isn’t the same. I think it all started back when stores stopped having gift boxes available around the holidays. Then I noticed not long ago even Nordstrom stopped wrapping your purchase in tissue paper. It’s little things that all start to add up. 

I can’t help but feel like the stores think they are doing us a favor, yet prices continue to rise, and service continues to drop. 

Merchants seem to have stopped taking care of their in-store customers, so no wonder why more and more consumers are turning to online shopping. You can get everything you need from the comfort of home and avoid the drama of the mall. It’s a more pleasant experience all around. 

What to Buy at The Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale

A Few Online Shopping Tips

At Nordstrom I use a combination of online ordering shipped to my house and in store pick up. If there is a Nordstrom close to you, you simply order online, select in-store pick up in your cart, and your merchandise will be ready in about two hours. 

Order as much as you want, order multiple sizes and return whatever doesn’t work. 

It’s so helpful to try options on at home since you can grab a pair of your favorite shoes, or see how you can wear an item with other pieces in your closet. Just be sure to keep alterations in mind when you are trying items on at home since a store employee won’t be around to remind you. 

This Year’s Sale is “Meh”

Unfortunately, this year’s sale and their selection of styles, has left me underwhelmed. Typically, I’ll enthusiastically add things to my cart as I go and then have to review and delete items to stay in the budget before I check out.

In the past I’ve scored a gorgeous and classic Tory Burch bag, a Burberry trench, and I’ve stocked up on Zella Live-in leggings, Hanky Panky underwear, bathing suit cover-ups and sunglasses.

This year, I was ready to order quite a bit. I was pregnant all last spring and summer, so I hadn’t bought anything new in a while. There I was, with a glass of wine and an actual decent budget, I spent hours online, and couldn’t find many things I loved. 

So I decided to turn my efforts into a post. I went through every single category they offer, searching for a deal on something we’ve recently featured, or a splurge worthy find.

Save yourself the trouble of searching, because I did it for all of us. If it’s not on this list, you either don’t need it, it’s not on sale, or the sizes are too limited to offer our readership. 

In the process I did find a few things for myself and pieces you may like too. I organized our picks by category.

Keep in mind sizes will become more limited as the sale progresses (sale ends June 2) so if sizing, especially extended sizes are either limited or not available, I didn’t exclude them on purpose. 

Loungewear and Pajamas 

Need a new robe for the summer? This terry cloth option is the perfect length and under $40.  You could even pick it up as a gift for the holidays.  I picked up a few pairs of these joggers, for casual days at home with the baby. And a pair of pajama shorts for mornings at the beach. 

Need a proper pair of jammies? I love a menswear pair, like this short sleeve option by Ugg that is beyond soft and comfortable. Again, a great gift idea. 


We talk a lot about jeans here, and the Nordstrom Sale historically is a great place to pick up a pair of better jeans at a discount. We love Paige Denim and their Skinny “Skyline” jeans have an incredible fit. On sale right now they are under $90.00

KUT from the Kloth is another go-to brand around here. I picked up these light wash ankle jeans with an unfinished hem. I wore them out last this past weekend and received a ton of compliments on how they fit. We’re also big fans of their Diana Skinny Jean on sale for $53

Looking for a white jean? These DL1961’s are incredible. And these NYDJ cuffed ankle pants are sweet and casual at a great price. 


There’s little in terms of suit options on sale, but if you are plus sized, Louben makes an incredible suit and all the pieces are currently on sale: jacket, pant, skirt and dress. Seriously, if you can’t use it, forward to a friend who might because it’s a quality suit at a fabulous price and unfortunately, we don’t see that often in plus size clothing. 


I love a dress in the spring and summer. 

This belted midi dress comes in missy and plus. Pair with a simple wedge and you could go anywhere all season. 

You could wear this lovely sheath to work with classic pumps, no jacket required. Same goes for this perfect black faux wrap dress. Also in plus size.

Need something for an occasion? I would scoop up this high/low maxi dress in a heartbeat. 

Or maybe you want to try a jumpsuit … I ordered this one for myself. If you are plus size, I would try this one.

Tops and Tees

Pick up a few tops so you have something to go out in that doesn’t feel like a shirt you would wear to work. 

I grabbed a few lightweight options for the heat of the summer. I wore this illusion cami on it’s own with jeans this weekend since it was extra hot in the city,  but you can just as easily wear it under a blazer. I also picked a similar but more casual cami, and this tee shirt in purple to wear with white bottoms. 

For something with more substance you might like this short sleeve wrap top, this bow neck top is perfect for a night out, so is this detailed halter neck tank

We’ve featured many pretty tops by CeCe in the last few months, here are a few that are currently marked down: this floral trimmed tee, this tie sleeve blouse, and this summery, yellow off the shoulder blouse is lovely


For shoes, I finally pulled the trigger on these Tory Burch sandals in tan/gold at 40% off. I’ve been eyeing them up for weeks. I like that they don’t have a logo and look extra sophisticated.  

These Via Spiga block heel sandals are another can’t beat price option. Buy them in the tan, you’ll wear them to death. 

Honorable Mentions

There are two extra pieces worth mentioning.  I live in this Patagonia half zip in Birch White (it looks grey) when it’s chilly and it’s on sale for $69.  Finally, this Clare V. Croc Clutch is stunning at 40% off it’s original price. 



What to Buy at the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale

What to Buy at the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale

A million thanks for filling out our Reader Survey yesterday.  I’m overwhelmed by the responses, and your kind words will carry me for a long time.  I so appreciate your new ideas and was thrilled to hear how much you are enjoying all of the new content.  You gave me so many new ideas, including bringing in different contributors and expanding into more dynamic content to cover an array of topics relevant to modern women of all ages and all seasons in life.

We have a lot of exciting things to work on this summer!

Today, we’re interrupting our regular Wear to Work post to round up some “must have” pieces from the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale.  When I used to work with clients, I practically lived at the King of Prussia Nordstrom this week. For years, Nordstrom was my number one go-to store.  But lately, I’ve found them to be somewhat lackluster. The merchandise is SO YOUNG and trendy, and the prices seem only to be getting higher. Maybe I’m turning into a fuddy-duddy, but Lauren and I spend more time sending each other links to ridiculous items than we do cute options.

The good news is if you know the brands and styles you like, you can search the sale quickly(ish).  That’s just what I did for today’s post.  If you like something, act fast, sizes and styles become limited quickly, and the sale ends on June 3rd (also, how is it almost June???)

What to Buy At the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale


What to Buy at the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale

Raincoat: was $200, on sale for $129.90 | Slide: was $59.95, on sale for $35.90 | Jeans: was $89, on sale for $59.63 |  Gingham Shirt: was $49, on sale for $29.40 | Crossbody: was $56.95, on sale for $34.17 |   White Jeans: was $109, on sale for $72.90) |  Tweed Jacket: was $698, on sale for $418.80 |

Traveling abroad this summer?  Depending on where you are heading you may want to pick up a packable rain coat.  This one by Cole Haan is lovely and practical.  I like the red, since it adds some color to your basics, but it comes in six other highly wearable colors.  (Was $200, on sale for $129.90.)

Speaking of traveling abroad, I spent two weeks in Europe last summer, with a week in Croatia.  (You can read about it here, it was incredible, and I want to go back.)  It was hot, and we walked an unbelievable amount of miles a day. I brought along a slide similar to these and wore them every day with shorts and cotton sundresses. They were just the thing to keep me comfortable, help my feet “breath” but kept the look polished.  Available in four other colors including metallic gold and silver. (Was $59.95, on sale for $35.90.)

In the warmer months, life gets a bit more laid back, so a pair of relaxed jeans is a nice addition to your weekend wardrobe.  These KUT ankle jeans can be dressed up or down.  You can make them sporty with updated sneakers and a simple tee or, create contrast by adding a silk blouse and feminine heel for a date night out.  (Was $89, on sale for $59.63.)

Being unapologetically preppy is back in a big way.  Just look at the success of Reese Witherspoon’s Draper James.  If you like a little prep in your look (I sure do) but don’t want to spend $200 on a button down (I sure don’t) pick up this gingham button down from the BP department. It’s available in navy and pink, wear it with white jeans or roll your sleeves and pair with your favorite shorts.  (Was $49, on sale for $29.40.) Size note: Nordstrom’s site says this runs true, but my experience is everything in BP runs small, especially in the cut of the arms.

Navy as a neutral is often overlooked, but it can serve the same purpose as your go-to black bag while softening the look for the warm weather.  While I tend to spend on handbags, there is something about a summer bag that makes it hard for me to justify a high price tag.  Plus, I like to use the summer to take a break from shopping or at least limit the amount I spend.  That’s why brands like Sole Society are so great.  You can get an updated, or trendy piece without blowing your budget.  This navy crossbody bag is roomy and streamlined.  It works as an everyday, casual bag and looks best with neutral to you tones, rich tans or any metallic.  (Was $56.95, on sale for $34.17.)

Ready to jump into the world of white jeans?  Go with the under $100 option with these NYDJ ankle jeans. They have a subtle slit at the hem giving them a casual vibe that can work with anything from a block heel sandal to a slide on sneaker.  Available in seven other colors.  (Was $109, on sale for $72.90.)

If you have the budget and wardrobe need, consider picking up a statement jacket for the office.  Lafayette 148 is expensive, even on sale, but the quality is on point.  The pieces are lined, the details are well done, and they are cut in a way that they feel good on your body. I have a similar version to this navy tweed jacket from years ago and wear it all the time.  You can pair it with a navy skirt, sheath or pants, or, if you work in a traditional office with casual Fridays, wear it with your dark jeans and a heel.  (Was $698, on sale for $418.80.)

Updated: Varsity Tee SOLD OUT.