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Happy Thanksgiving!

Maybe it’s the sentimentality that comes with elevated pregnancy hormones, but I can’t help but feel overwhelmed with gratitude as we go into the long holiday weekend. This year has been a…

Photo of Megan with her family

We’re Back!

We are starting 2018 with a new look, and more importantly, a new mission. I spent most of 2017 feeling stuck, and an odd combination of overwhelmed and underwhelmed – if that makes any sense. Professionally, I felt like I was going in circles and accomplishing very little. Personally, I was furious at the lack of civility and kindness in our country and incredibly worried about sending my daughters into a world where women are still struggling to be respected and treated as equals. I wasn’t running around screaming and yelling. Instead, I felt off, tired, sad, and discontented. All telltale signs that something was WAY off with my spirit.

  • It takes a village ladies.
My amazing babysitter took this picture of Viv today. 😘Look at how happy she is!
Maybe it’s because I’m a little older  this time around but I don’t have any working mom guilt.
For a minute I felt guilty that I didn’t feel guilty.
But then I realized:
My kids are healthy and joyful buggers and they love me and they know I love them.
Plus, they are learning so many real life lessons about hustle and work ethic. 
So if you’re scrolling through Insta feeling like your not doing enough for your kids, that you’re not enough for them, or you work too much, or you’re missing too much, I think you’re probably doing a pretty spectacular job.

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