Easy Red Blazer Outfit for Work

Classic Red Blazers for Work

This time of year, updating your wardrobe can feel daunting. Theoretically, there is only a little bit of winter left, so we think, oh, I should hold off until the spring.

And, rightfully, if you need to purchase more than a handful of pieces, that’s a good move. You’ll have more options, variety in size, and seasonless fabrics to choose from.

But the final six weeks or so of winter can be painfully boring, and sometimes you need a few things to breathe some fresh life into your work clothes.

If that sounds like you, consider picking up a bold red blazer. Nothing makes more of an impact in your wardrobe and it easily coordinates with the pieces you already have in your closet.

Polished Red Blazer 

Classic Red Blazers for Work

Easy outfits are key when you’re getting dressed before the sun comes up. Last week we talked about creating a column of color. A simple strategy that elongates the line of your body and works as a neutral base to add interesting layers like better sweaters and separate blazers.

Today I took that same concept to show you how you can create a different look just by swapping out your top layer.

Here, it’s a bold, classic, wear-with-everything red blazer I picked up at Nordstrom for under $100.

Available in sizes 0 – 16, this red blazer fits true to size, and is a true red. In the picture above it looks like an orangey – red, but that’s just the lighting. This is a true, blue-based, classic red.

Before we get into the outfit elements, below are a few other red blazer options in all sizes.

Red Blazer Options for the Office



You can wear any of these so many ways. Here I’m wearing it with my go-to column. But you can layer it over a sheath, or a pencil skirt. It works with a patterned pair of bottoms, or throw it over a sweater with jeans and boots – anything.

I used my basic “column,” which consists of a pair of Theory pants and a simple black shell from Banana Republic.

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How to Wear a Red Blazer 


Classic Red Blazers for Work

Blazer, $90  |  Tank, $65  |  Pants, $285  |  Heels, $120

When we talk about how to budget for clothing, it’s important to figure out where you can spend and where you can save. Not just in terms of where to shop, but what you specifically need. I spend on dress pants because of my shape and height. I find that better quality brands fit my frame.

You also want to consider your frequency of use and the timelessness of the piece. These pants, for example, fit me well, are fantastic quality, and look new even though I’ve had them for years. (Honestly, I can’t believe they still fit.)

I have two pairs that I rotate, and even though they were an upfront cost, I haven’t purchased or thought about black pants since.

You don’t need to buy Theory or spend the equivalent, but keep an open mind and if and when you find a perfect pair, consider getting more than one so you always have it available. And stay tuned for a comprehensive post about the best black pants in all sizes, styles and price points!

This tank, from Banana Republic, is an ideal layering piece. It’s available in all sizes, including petite (which is on sale for $51) in black and white. Scoop it up if you want to create a basic column of your own. (This also washes well.)

Finally, I’m wearing a pair of tortoise heels I found at Ann Taylor early in 2019. I don’t wear them often, but when I do, I’m always happy I have them as they seem to elevate my outfit just right.

I found an almost identical pair from Sam Edelman. What’s great about them is they go with any color and add just a little bit of depth to your look Almost like a more subtle version of an animal print.

Shop this Post




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How to Dress Off a Column of Color

Must Have Boucle Jacket for Under $60

There is a trick to creating an easy work “uniform” that you are likely already using without even knowing. It’s called dressing from a “column of color” and it is the easiest way to quickly pull together a professional look. 

Start by creating a column of color with your better neutral basics. You can use any combination: tank/skirt, top/pant or dress (a solid structured sheath works best) as long as it is one color like black, navy, grey, or winter white. 

This “column” creates one continuous line and acts as a base. Then, simply add a blazer, preferably with some interest or a color that complements the column. The blazer works to add contrast which creates a visual that makes your body look longer and leaner.

Below is work wear look I pulled together combining some pieces I’ve had forever, and two updated items, including this gorgeous jacket that is under $60 and stunning flats I found on sale at J.Crew

How to Dress off a Column of Color 

Must Have Boucle Jacket for Under $60

Jacket, $60  |  Pants, $265  |  Shoes, $99  | Similar Tank, $65  | Similar Bag, $298  |  Hoops, $55 

Rarely am I this impressed with a jacket, but H&M hit it out of the park. I picked this up last week for $59 (regular price). Online the sizes are limited but at the H&M in King of Prussia (PA) there was a rack full of them. 

This beauty fits true to size, I’m wearing an 8. Feels great on, it’s substantial but not too heavy and doesn’t feel bulky even though it’s tweed. And it’s lined.  Lined – for under $60. 

Any time I find something that combines black and navy, I scoop it up, because it’s a piece that will pull so many other items together. Wear it with an all black column, swap out black for navy or throw it over a white tank and dark jeans for a super chic Friday office look.  

Despite the affordable price point, this is a quality and will live in my closet for as long as it fits!

Just take a look at the details …

Must Have Boucle Jacket for Under $60

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Extra Special Touches

In the same trip I hit J.Crew for some end of year sales and walked away with more shoes than I needed. My favorites are these slingback flats with bow stud details

Must Have Boucle Jacket for Under $60

These are the kind of shoes that make my heart sing. They are flat, so I don’t feel too tall, and I can walk in them all day. But it’s the studded ribbon bow that instantly sold me.

Tip! Look for extra little details on simple styles of shoes to elevate a basic outfit. Doing so adds visual interest, which creates overall depth. 

Here, I like how the shoes balance out the busy-ness of the jacket by creating proportion. 

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I paired my two new purchases with some serious wardrobe workhorses I’ve had forever. Theory makes my favorite suit pants. They are expensive so I try to buy them when they go on sale so I have a few to rotate through. I’ve had the ones above for at least 5 years and wear them all the time. 

Note: Theory’s sizing is all over the place, so you might have to size up more than usual. 

My tank is from Banana Republic. I linked to a similar option here. They have great sales so if you don’t need on right away, keep an eye out for a discount code. 

Finally, I’m wearing the gorjana hoop earrings I featured on Monday. They are light and comfortable – I can’t recommend the enough. 

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This outfit is a beautiful example of how to combine higher end pieces (the Theory pants) with something more affordable (the H&M Jacket) to create a look that feels sophisticated and doesn’t scream like you shopped off the mannequin of one store.

Shop all items below:

Must Have Boucle Jacket for Under $60

Jacket, $60  |  Pants, $265  |  Shoes, $99  | Similar Tank, $65  | Similar Bag, $298  |  Hoops, $55 



Our content is not sponsored or paid for by brands or retailers in any way. Recommendations are based on personal experience and my time working with women as a stylist and wardrobe consultant for over a decade. Some links are affiliate links, which means if you purchase via our site, we receive a small commission.

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Waterproof Boots for the Office

Wear to Work: Waterproof Boots
Wear to Work: Waterproof Boots

When the weather is cold and rainy, it’s not the time to pull out a delicate skirt and your favorite suede heels. You need to think practically, and often that means we start to compromise on style.

But when you have the right pieces in your closet, you can still pull together a look that feels stylish without looking ridiculous or risking showing up at work with sopping wet feet (and ruined shoes). 

Today’s look is a mix of better basics, all on sale, that you can mix and match throughout your wardrobe, and wear together on days you need to stay extra dry and warm. 

Waterproof Boots for the Office

Wear to Work: Waterproof BootsBooties, $130  |  Pants, $145  |  Coat, $210  |  Sweater, $98  |  Lipstick, $28  |   Sunglasses, $80  |   Bag, $139

While these boots are far from high fashion, they are clean, classic and best of all, waterproof. They look very similar to the Sam Edelman booties we’ve featured here dozen of times, and when paired with a straight leg pant they practically disappear on your leg.  So you can wear them for your commute and all day in the office without having to switch out your shoes.

We paired them with these stretch wool straight leg pants. Lafayette 148 is typically expensive. These pants retail at almost $300, but certain colors are on deep sale right now at Off 5th. The black option is $120 – that’s 60% savings. 

Their quality is fantastic. I used to work with them regularly when I worked with private clients, especially women with executive level roles.  The fabric travels beautifully, and the styling is timeless. 

STYLE NOTE: These pants are currently available in five colors including sizes 0 – 18. You will have to have the length altered to fit you.  A tailor would typically charge between $10 – $20.

It important to pair these boots with a straight leg pant, or a slight bootcut, they are too clunky to wear with skinny pants and are not the right cut for an ankle. 

I lean towards black staples this time of year, so a vibrant pop of color adds some personality.  Many of you have this J. Crew everyday sweater. It’s a solid basic that works as a layer or on its own. Stock up on over 20 colors in sizes XXS – 3X. 

To round out the look, I found this plaid wrap coat at Boden.  It’s actually a very dark navy, not black, which still works. It would also look chic with a dark pair of jeans and a white blouse for a causal outfit option. Alternatively, it’s available in classic red. 

Finally, nothing makes me feel more confident than wearing a dark pair of sunglasses, a structured bag (on sale!) and a red lip.  The combination instantly makes whatever else you are wearing feel sophisticated.

STYLE NOTE: Not all red lipsticks are made equal. Kosas makes a nontoxic lipstick with gorgeous pigment. The color stays put without over drying your lips, and it doesn’t feather or bleed.  I wear their red regularly, and also like their “rosewater” for a neutral everyday color.


Our content is not sponsored or paid for by brands or retailers in any way. Recommendations are based on personal experience and my time working with women as a stylist and wardrobe consultant for over a decade. Some links are affiliate links, which means if you purchase via our site, we receive a small commission.

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Affordable Earrings that are Work Appropriate

Affordable Earrings that are Work Appropriate

Finding appropriate jewelry for work that is affordable and wearable is a challenge. Many options are either so expensive they lay outside of most budgets, or they are cheap and flimsy feeling.

So I thought rounding up a few costume options at a range of prices (but under $100) would be helpful. 

I’m calling this post “office appropriate” since so many of us are in the workforce, but you can wear these whether you’re looking for a simple, classic piece for the office, something fun for the weekend or anything in between. 

Earrings for the Office1. Hoops, $55  |  2. Pearl Studs, $18  |  3. Pearl Chandelier, $34  |  4. Pearl Hoops, $12.50  |  5. Huggies, $68  |  6. Tortoise Hoops, $29.50  |  7. Bar Studs, $38  |  8. Diamonique Studs, $99 |  9. Hoops, $68 |  10. Spike, $55 


1. Hoops, $55

Right now my favorite brand for affordable yet chic costume pieces is gorjana. I love so many pieces. Each one has something a little different while staying classic and really easy to wear. 

Since I have a one year old at home who loves to grab everything, I was reluctant to pick up a hoop. I also haven’t worn hoops in ages. But I adore these. 

They are lightweight, add a bit of texture and under $60. 

Affordable Earrings that are Work Appropriate

2. Pearl Studs, $18

A simple glass “pearl” stud is a timeless classic. This one is made modern by it’s oversized shape. Shopbop is an excellent resource for budget friendly costume jewelry. Simply search within your price points and you’ll be amazed at your options. 

3. Pearl Chandelier, $34

Another Shopbop option, these pearl chandelier earrings are unexpected but work if you wear your hair down. I like an earring this style with a simple, clean lined dress, with a boat or v-neckline.

4. Pearl Hoops, $12.50 

Even when LOFT is regular price, their clothing and accessories are incredibly reasonable. So when they have a sale, I often joke that they are giving things away. These $12 pearl hoops are so sweet and a size that are easy to wear in your day to day. 

5. Huggies, $68

Like Shopbop, Anthropologie is worth the search. Pick a max price point and start scrolling because here you will find a variety of trendy, artsy pieces that work within any style. These huggie earrings have a modern twist that still comes across as subtle. I would wear them as if they were stud earrings, and let them fall into the background of your look.

6. Tortoise Hoops, $29.50 

I’ve yet to meet a tortoise accessory I didn’t like, so these J.Crew earrings (under $30) are a winner in my book. J. Crew jewelry can feel very “J.Crew Like” and no one wants to look as if they just stepped out of a catalog. I try to look for pieces here that don’t have that specific feel, and always mix them with items from other stores and brands. 

But these earrings with a black turtleneck sweater and your favorite jeans is the stuff “everyday” uniforms are made of. 

7. Bar Studs, $38 

These Bar Studs by Argento Vivo are a super cool alternative to your basic stud earring for a great price. Keep an eye out for this brand, available at Bloomingdales. They are a similar price point to gorjana, with a slightly more traditional style, and many of their pieces are available in gold and silver. 

8. Diamonique Studs, $99 

These studs by Diamonique, an in-house brand at QVC, are my everyday earrings and have been for over a decade. Here’s what I can tell you from my brief career at the “Q,” they’re commitment to quality is top-notch, and they are genuinely focused on balancing that quality with value.

They use 14K gold, which is important since I tend to have reactions to anything other than silver or gold and offer a vast variety of styles and sizes. 

9. Hoops, $68

Kendra Scott is anther brand that I love, but after a while starts to look the same. So I was delighted to come across these faceted hoops (available in multi, gold and silver) for under $70. You can easily dress them up or down, and if you like color, the multi is a fun and fresh take on the rainbow trend we’re seeing. 

10. Spike, $55 

If you want something with a little edge, these “spike” earring will elevate your look while providing movement. They might be too much for a traditional office but for something less conventional or a night out, they are perfect. 


 Our content is not sponsored or paid for by brands or retailers in any way. Recommendations are based on personal experience and my time working with women as a stylist and wardrobe consultant for over a decade. Some links are affiliate links, which means if you purchase via our site, we receive a small commission.

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The Best Tote Bags for the Office

The Best Bags for Work

If you have a hard time finding a tote bag to get you to and from the office, you’re not alone. Women are particular about them since we carry our lives (figuratively and literally) on our shoulders.

They can’t be too big or too small; they need to fit all the things just right.
And because all of our needs are so different, there is not one universally perfect option.

So today I rounded up seven tote bags to get you to work, or wherever your day may lead.

The 7 Best Tote Bags for Work


The Best Bags for Work

Top to Bottom: Everlane, $175  |  Dagne Dover, $265  |  Matt & Nat, $135  |  Gigi New York, $375  |  J. Crew, $188  |  Cuyana, $195  |  Barrington Gifts, $190

These are traditional tote bags, to use for daily life. Most fit a laptop, but double check measurements against the size of your laptop to be sure.

If you are looking for a more durable bag for work travel, I still love Lo & Sons. They have the best options out there in an array for styles, though my personal favorite is still the O.G., now called the O.G.2. 

Let’s dive in …

Everlane: The Day Market Tote $175

The Best Tote Bags for the Office

I’m having a bit of a love affair with Everlane. Their quality is top notch and I’m all about their approach to transparent pricing. This tote is made of high quality Italian leather, and comes in five gorgeous colors.
Color Pptions: Black, Cognac, Light Taupe, and Red
No Zipper
Perfect for: The Minimalist. For those who prefers clean lines, no-frills and want to buy from a company focused on transparency and high quality production. 

Dagne Dover: Signature Legend Coated Canvas Tote $265

The Best Tote Bags for the Office

Dangne Dover was a client favorite for years, and for good reason. It’s an ideal work bag. I like that it doesn’t over-compartmentalize so you can use it however you see fit. The quality is outstanding, the price is fair, and the design is timeless.

Color Options: Bleeker Blush (Light Grey), Graphite (above), Black 

Zipper Top 

Perfect for: The Commuter. If you swap out shoes, bring your work home with you and pack a lunch, this bag is for you. 

Matt & Nat: SCHLEPP $135

The Best Tote Bags for the OfficeLooking for a leather alternative? I love my Matt & Nat tote. I have an old version of this in black, but this one is a lovely update. It comfortably fits a 13″ laptop with room to spare and an inside zipper pouch for added security. We featured it in Garnet which is such a nice neutral this time of year (and 25% off). For something more year-round I’d go for the Chili or Shadow

Color Options: Black, Chili, Shadow, Cosmo, and Garnet (some colors are 25% off) 

No Zipper

Perfect for: The Eco Advocate. Matt & Nat is vegan, and sustainably and ethically sourced.

Gigi New York: Tori Tote $375

The Best Tote Bags for the OfficeMaybe you want something utilitarian, a true tote you can take anywhere. This Gigi New York tote has enough structure to help it keep it’s shape. The craftsmanship is well done, and, you can have in monogrammed – always a plus in my book. It’s strikes a nice balance of casual and professional.

Color Options: Bordeaux, Camel, Navy, Black

No Zipper

Monogram optional 

Perfect for: The Uptown Girl. If you have a closet full of classic, well made, better basics, add this to the mix. 

J.Crew: Devon Zip Top Tote $188

The Best Tote Bags for the OfficeSimilar to the Gigi New York tote, but a little more polished, this option from J.Crew is my favorite. It’s lightweight, which is great because you’ll fill it up fast. It fists a laptop and all your essentials for a long day. Also available in black and you can monogram it. 

I ordered this in black for a better, yet casual bag. Even though my office is in my home, I still have to go to meetings, etc. I love how simple and roomy this is. I am going to pop my favorite purse organizer inside to give it some extra internal structure

Color Options: Saddle (above) and Black

Zipper Top 

Monogram Optional 

Perfect for: The Old School Prep. Because it pairs with your stripped shirts, your classic trench and dark jeans perfectly. 

Cuyana, Classic Zipper Tote $195

The Best Tote Bags for the Office This classic and timeless tote comes in seven super wearable colors and can take you to the office, meetings at the kids school, grocery shopping – everywhere. It’s the biggest of the bunch, with the option to include a custom insert to keep you better organized. 

Color Options: Black (choice of gold or silver zipper), Blush, Burgundy, Carmel, Navy, Peal Grey, and Stone

Zipper Top

Monogram Optional

Perfect for: Moms. You can lug your work papers, diapers, granola bars etc. You might have to carry everybody’s everything with you all day long, but you can look chic doing it. 

Barrington Gifts, St. Ann Zipper Tote $190

The Best Tote Bags for the Office

Finally, I just bought this for myself (not sponsored). All of Barrington Gifts items are completely customizable, from the body of the bag to the handles to the stripe that runs down the front. I went with the St. Anne Tote. It’s lightweight, and slim, but fits a surprising amount of stuff. Since I work from home 90% of the time, I don’t need anything too complicated. But I like this for trips to a coffee shop to write, or a day out sourcing new content for the site. 

Below is a better look at it in real life: 

The Best Tote Bags for the Office


Our content is not sponsored or paid for by brands or retailers in any way. Recommendations are based on my experience working with women as a personal stylist and wardrobe consultant for over a decade. Some links are affiliate links, which means if you purchase via our site, we receive a small commission.

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How to Wear a Faux Leather Skirt to Work 3 Ways

How to Wear a Faux Leather Skirt to Work

If you need an affordable wardrobe kick that is easy to incorporate into your current wardrobe today’s post is for you. Last week, while running into Target, I spotted this skirt and immediately scooped it up. 

It’s a nice quality, faux leather skirt, in a classic cut that’s perfect for work, and easy to tweak to go from a day in the office to a night out. 

The best part? It is only $25.  (Actually scratch that, as I publish this it’s $18!) 

Skirt Details: Available in sizes up to an 18, limited inventory. I love the cut, since so often leather-like skirts are obscenely short. Be sure to check at your local store if your size is not available online. 

3 Ways to Wear a Faux Leather Skirt to Work

Today, I wanted to show you how easy it is to wear this in a professional setting. It feels chic while still totally appropriate. Any time you can bring a different kind of texture into a traditional piece, like faux leather, suede, velvet, even a brushed cotton, you instantly add visual interest and that creates a more complex look that makes your outfit sophisticated. 

It’s the little details that elevate a look. 

Side note: If you’re new around here, welcome! You should know that the pictures of me below are not retouched or photoshopped in anyway and I don’t have professional hair or makeup (I wish!).

This is what I look like every day, I wear between a size 6 – 10 depending on the brand and I am 5’10. In the looks below I’m wearing a size medium or an 8. 

I purchase my wardrobe with my personal money and never do reviews or make recommendations in exchange for compensation from brands or retailers. 

When available I always list inclusive size options. 

Let’s jump in. 

 Outfit 1: Simple Basics 

How to Wear a Faux Leather Skirt to Work

My goal is to help you build out a wardrobe, rather than having to reinvent the wheel every time you get dressed. A big part of that is making sure you have your basics covered, so when you find a little gem like this skirt, you can quickly pull your look together without having to buy anything else.

For the first, incredibly easy outfit, I used this hunter green cashmere crew neck sweater (similar version here). I’ve had it for a few years and wear it quite often, especially this time of year.

The cashmere, paired with the faux leather, makes it feel lux even though the pieces themselves are a basic as you get.

To stay warm, a pair of Hue opaque tights (these wash well) and my go-to Sam Edelman Hazel Heels in black

Shop: Sweater / Skirt / Tights / Heels

Outfit 2: Neutral Layers

How to Wear a Faux Leather Skirt to Work

This look is my favorite because it plays with tonal texture and includes camel, which just makes it look so expensive even though it’s not. 

I added a simple black knit I found at H&M for $12.99 (I’m wearing the medium) and these fantastic Nine West boots (featured in my Best Buys of 2019 post on Monday). 

Then, I topped it off with this camel coat, also from H&M, I bought for under $60. 

Shop: Coat / Top / Skirt / Tights / Boots

Outfit 3: Print Blouse

How to Wear a Faux Leather Skirt to Work

Finally, I found this blouse at Nordstrom last week and absolutely love it.

Isn’t it so hard to find a blouse for work that stands on it’s on? This one will go with so many things, like the faux leather skirt, or your favorite black pants. You’ll look finished without needing an additional layer. 

The blouse is available in green print and solid black in sizes xxs – xxl (about an 18 or 16W) I’m wearing a medium. 

I kept the tights and heels the same as in the first outfit – but this look is totally different. I like it for an after work holiday party, or a festive lunch, you could even wear it for one of the upcoming holidays. 

Shop: Skirt / Blouse / Tights / Heels 

Women’s High-Rise A Line Faux Leather Skirt

Faux Leather Skirt from TargetFaux Leather Skirt, $18


Knee High Boots for the Office

Knee High Boots for the Office

You would think, considering the time of year, that knee-high boots would be easy to check off our shopping lists. But, like everything in retail right now, our options are either ridiculous-looking or perfect except for the fact that they cost the same as a mortgage payment.

What I try to present on our site is a collection of ideas and recommendations that balance practicality and function with beauty and style. I use my own life as a framework: working mom, with three kids, loves fashion, enjoys feeling stylish, but any semblance of disposable income now goes to travel sports and piano lessons. 

When I recommend items and inspiration, I think about the woman wearing it: who she is, where she’s going, and how she can stretch the pieces out into her wardrobe.

Price becomes an issue because I don’t want something so expensive that it’s unrealistic for the majority of readers, but I also don’t want something so cheap that it lacks value.

Finding that sweet spot where value, function, and style intersect is key.

That’s what we have here with these boots by Sam Edelman.

Knee High Boots for the OfficeKnee High Boots for the Office

Boots, $135  |  Dress, $138  |  Belt, $7  |  Bag, $268  |  Tights, $12  |  Earrings, $21 

Sam Edelman has become a go-to for me over the years. Their shoes aren’t overly trendy, but they look current, and their price points are approachable.

Finding knee-high boots, with clean lines, for under $200 is a dream. These are on sale right now for under $150, so scoop them up if they are on your must-have list. They are available in black, tan, and a terrible snakeskin that you should never, ever wear. 

These are classic with a twist. They are some subtle details, like interesting top stitch and a few tiny studs at the toe that elevate these just a bit. 

The tan is my favorite option. It’s a rich tone that goes with absolutely everything. Above I paired it with a simple black knit fit and flare dress (sizes 0 – 20) and tights. This is another look you can take to the office or wear outside of work.

To give the outfit some depth, I would remove the tie belt and add a leather one instead. Then I kept it classic with gold hoops (only $21) and this stunning black satchel from Lauren Ralph Lauren.

Because we are all about versatility, wear these with everything. From a skirt with tights to jeans and a sweater. You’ll be able to take these from day to night to the weekend: one boot, endless possibilities.

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How to Wear Tights